10 years Instagram anniversary future social network goals: Instagram, the famous social network of postureo, has turned 10 years and in that time the photos and videos have been left behind, giving way to Real works of art.

Vintage filters, dream destinations, Super-palatable meals and perfect relationships have taken over our lives and its creators, Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, never imagined that they would achieve this success.

Instagram was created in 2010 with the idea that people had a platform to edit their iPhone photos, but in just one year it managed to have more than 10 million users.

Facebook's Instagram boom was 2013, however, thanks to its arrival on Android and its purchase by Facebook, surpassing 100 million consumers.

Since then, the social network has undergone many changes, such as including stories, live videos, augmented reality filters, iGTV or Reels, to compete with large applications such as TikTok or Snapchat.

In addition, the most loyal followers have been able to see how a photo of an egg managed to proclaim itself as the image with the most likes in the history of the platform or as David Attenborough, reached the million followers in just 4 hours and 44 minutes.

On the other hand, the Instagram account itself remains the account with the most followers and the hashtag #love is the one that has triumphed most during these 10 years, along with its gingham, Clarendon and Juno filters.

10 years Instagram anniversary future social network goals

Its constant innovations have made it the sixth most used social network in the world and the fourth in Spain, with no more and no less than 16 million Spanish users daily.

However, its top executive Mark Zuckerberg wants the platform to leave behind its philosophy of the public and become a more private social network in the coming years, allowing a safer activity.

To do this, it will promote artificial intelligence tools that allow to reduce online harassment by hiding potentially offensive comments automatically and increasing notices of the existence of these.

As far as their videos and ads are concerned, they will be longer, because after the success of IGTV advertisers have discovered that they can connect with their customers more effectively with longer-lasting content.

From what it seems, Instagram is far from disappearing due to the constant need to relate to other people and Share our lives on networks. However, a more mature and responsible use of them is expected.

Will Instagram survive another 10 years or does the world of posturing have its days numbered?

10 years Instagram anniversary future social network goals

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Spain to buy 21 million coronavirus vaccines from Johnson & Johnson

The Ministry of Health has joined the centralized acquisition by the European Commission (EC) of 200 million vaccines from the Johnson & Johnson Group, for which 21 million doses of the pharmaceutical candidate would belong, as reported five days.

The agreement is part of the European strategy that the European Commission presented on August 14 to expedite the development, manufacture and deployment of effective and safe covid-19 vaccines through the Covid-19 vaccine Advance Purchase Agreement.

"In exchange for the right to purchase a certain number of doses of vaccines in a given period, the commission would finance part of the initial costs of vaccine producers through an advance market commitment. The funding provided would be considered a payment on behalf of the vaccines that the member states actually buy," explains the agency itself.

"As the high cost and high failure rate make investing in a COVID-19 vaccine a high-risk decision for vaccine developers, these commitments will allow for investments that would otherwise probably not occur," he adds.

The agreements being acquired by the European Commission offer member countries the possibility of acquiring the vaccine and, in some cases, also the possibility of making donations to middle and low income countries or redirecting it to European countries.

The agreement for this vaccine is made through Janssen, the pharmaceutical division of the Johnson & Johnson Group and provides for the possibility of expanding acquisitions so that Spain could add another 21 million vials in the future.

"On July 13, the European Commission held talks with pharmaceutical company Johnson & Johnson to acquire a possible coronavirus vaccine. Where there is a vaccine that has proven safe and effective, the Commission will establish a contractual framework for the initial acquisition of 200 million doses and the possible acquisition of another 200 million more, on behalf of all EU member states," the European Commission explained at the time.

The planned contract would provide all member states with the possibility to purchase the vaccine, as well as to donate or transfer vaccines to low-and middle-income countries.

- Type of vaccine: based on an adenovirus.
- When approval is expected: the manufacturer is now testing the vaccine on 60, 000 volunteers, making it one of the largest clinical trials carried out so far to test the vaccine against coronavirus. It is expected to have results in the first months of 2021 if no contingencies arise.
- Results known so far: the results of the initial phases ensure that the vaccine induces an immune response based on neutralizing antibodies and is well tolerated by volunteers. In October it made headlines after having to stop trials by detecting adverse reactions in a participant, but these have already been resumed.
- Price of doses: the company has not yet determined the price of its injection, although its executives suggest that it will be offered at cost price while the pandemic lasts and the figure of the agreement with the EC has not been made public.

The great advantage of this pharmaceutical vaccine, if it succeeds, is that it does not need a second dose, like many other candidates. This reduces manufacturing and distribution costs and vaccinates many more people.

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