11 Mind-Blowing Facts Tesla CEO Elon Musk rich is really how: Elon Musk (South Africa, 1971) is one of the most well-known men on the internet. At 49 years old, Tesla'S CEO amasses about 107 billion dollars (about 91 billion euros) fruit of long years at the head of large companies, but also of a year 2020 in which he has been one of the big (and few) beneficiaries of the coronavirus pandemic.

But staying there is little to say. Musk has founded many other projects of great relevance such as PayPal, which sold almost 20 years ago for more than 1.500 million dollars (about 1.400 million euros at the current rate), or SpaceX itself, which manufactures NASA space vehicles. But his crown jewel is Tesla.

The electric car firm of which Musk is the visible face is one of the companies with the best future in the future. Pioneer in a buoyant technology business and looking to grow even more, the company is currently preparing for Battery Day this Tuesday, a macro event that is called to revolutionize the automotive battery industry.

11 Mind-Blowing Facts Tesla CEO Elon Musk rich

After learning to program at the age of 10 in his native South Africa, Musk focused all his efforts on getting ahead and being an important person. He emigrated to Canada and the United States, where he graduated in Economics and physics and began a business career —currently runs 6 firms— that has led him to enter as third in the list of richest millionaires in the world, according to Bloomberg.

Here are 11 facts that show your impressive fortune:

1. In the last year has earned 79.100 million dollars (670.700 million euros), which means about 25.082 dollars (21.267 euros) per second

As of September 21, 2019, Musk was a stockholder of about $ 28 billion, according to Bloomberg. Today, a year later, his fortune already exceeds 107 billion.

2. This is 10 times more than the richest man in the world, Jeff Bezos, has generated...

3. ... and 10,000 times more than the annual budget of the Spanish royal family

In Spain, the head of state receives an annual public allowance of 7,887,150 euros for the support of the Royal Family, according to its data last year. In the same period, Musk has earned $ 79 billion.

4. His fortune would allow him to buy 54 million tons of gold and 2,470 million barrels of oil.

5. When Amancio Ortega proclaimed himself the richest man in the World (2015) he had about the same money that Musk has earned in the past year alone (79.6 billion versus 79.1 billion)

Ortega's fortune peaked in March 2017 ($85.9 billion), when Arteixo's was 81 years old. Elon Musk, by contrast, still has 49, making him even younger than Jeff Bezos( 56), number one on the list of big fortunes.

6. If an average Spaniard spent a euro, it would be the equivalent of Musk disbursing more than a million

The average net wealth of Spanish households is 245,600 euros, according to the Bank of Spain, but the median net wealth, which avoids the interference of the extremes of poverty and wealth, is 119,400 euros.

7. In fact, he could give 1,000 euros to each Spaniard and still have more than half of his fortune (about 60,000 million)

8. Musk would have to donate $ 2.3 million a day for 40 years to fulfill his promise to give half of his fortune to charity.

9. If you spent a million euros on your current profits, you would still make money. Without them, it would take 249 years to run out of funds

10. He founded his own school, Ad Astra, to educate his children and those of more than 40 SpaceX employees

In 2014 he decided that conventional schools did not offer the education he wanted for his children, so he founded the Ad Astra School (towards the stars in Latin), in the offices of SpaceX.

In Ad Astra they study their children and 40 other students, most of them children of SpaceX employees. Their organization has always been a secret (their website is a gray image with a login for parents), but in 2018 an investigation by Ars Technica brought to light the eccentric teaching methods.

There are no courses: the children, aged between 7 and 14, are all in the same class together. There are no conventional subjects either. There is no physical education, no music, no languages, because Elon Musk believes that learning languages is a waste of time, since there are already real-time translators.

Thus, in Ad Astra mainly teach programming, engineering, ethics, and concepts to form your own company and be an entrepreneur. Do not constrain children's initiatives, so they can do things like using flamethrowers or creating combat robots. The only rule is " you can do whatever you want as long as you don't destroy the school."..

11. This week alone has won $ 13 billion in anticipation generated by Tesla's battery Day

In just one day he lost nothing less than 16.300 million dollars, but it did not take long to recover them by winning this week more than 13.000 million in the countdown to battery Day, the great event of Tesla batteries.

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Experts doubt Tesla will be able to manufacture its new batteries so quickly to offer cheap electric in three years

The revolutionary battery design that Tesla presented this Tuesday on its battery Day, with the larger '4680' cells with which it expects to store five times more energy and give 16% more autonomy to its vehicles to manufacture an electric for $ 25,000 in three years, excites while generating doubts among experts. While this approach by Elon Musk's company is applauded, experts warn: he may not be able to manufacture them on a large scale so quickly.

"The most difficult thing is not to manufacture a cell, the complicated thing is to manufacture them on a scale," says CEO of battery company Sila Nanotechnologies, Gene Berdichevsky, who previously worked at Tesla, in a statement to Reuters.

In his view, Musk's company proposal is "really a very good design" and could take battery manufacturing costs "to the next level", but he has to pass the test of large-scale production.

"Changing aspects like form can make a big difference. Making processes easier and faster and even getting a larger battery with thinner electrodes can cause relatively large improvements, " University of Virginia associate professor Gary Koenig adds to Reuters.

Elon Musk's announcements did not convince investors during Tuesday, as the company's shares fell almost 7%, as after the close of the market fell from $ 424.3 the share to 395.08. That downward trend continued on Wednesday, when it fell to $ 380.36 at close, a discount of more than 10%.

The new battery design is key to Tesla's other big battery Day announcement: that $ 25,000 electric car that aims to take electric mobility beyond the high end. But will it be possible to achieve it in three years? "Probably not," notes the co-founder of the battery company Novonis, Chris Burns, in statements to the Driven.

"I think if they manage to create a new vehicle for 2023 probably what we will see will be a higher cost version of that model they announced yesterday, and a year later or so we will have options at a lower cost. This is how Tesla has historically operated," continued This battery specialist, who is confident that the American company "will reach that point, but perhaps not in 2023."

For University of Queensland (Australia) researcher Jake Whitehead, Tesla cannot be trusted exclusively with the solution to the energy transition of transport. "Achieving zero emissions by 2050 means there is a concerted effort between the transport and energy sectors to significantly increase battery manufacturing over the next decade to support the development of electric vehicles," he said in the Driven.

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