5 Simple Tips Amazon products succees Black Friday, according to a sales expert on the platform: Black Friday is just around the corner. Next November 27 is celebrated the famous Black Friday, the period of striking discounts that arouses consumer interest prior to the Christmas campaign.

And this year the hopes placed on him may be even higher. At a time when the coronavirus outbreak has put numerous companies in check, the Big Black Friday sales can be an oxygen balloon for many companies, in terms of numbers.

According to data from Think With Google, 40% of consumers recognize that they plan to buy during this day or Cyber Monday.

And it is to be expected that in the current context of pandemic a considerable volume of these purchases will be taken to the digital field. This is what the price comparator Idealo considers, which states that 73% of consumers will buy online during Black Friday.

While this event of great discounts is given in all types of sectors and stores, among the most popular campaigns stands out without a doubt the Amazon Black Friday.

This event is positioned, year after year, as one of the moments of greatest benefits for the company led by Jeff Bezos. But also for sellers who decide to market their products on their platform.

5 Simple Tips Amazon products succees Black Friday

As a sign of this another great sales phenomenon, Prime Day, left a record turnover of more than 3.5 billion dollars only through commercial partners worldwide.

Although selling on Amazon is not as simple as opening an account and starting to succeed.

This is what Alvaro Sánchez, CEO of Azzgency, an international consultancy dedicated to positioning companies on Amazon, with presence in Europe, the US and Mexico.

From your company they offer a 360º service based on technology.

"We develop our own technology for all aspects that have to do with Amazon: from advertising, catalog, data analysis, measurement of competition, how the market is, what performance your products have, monitoring reputation... in short, we analyze all the factors that can impact the sale on Amazon", explains to Business Insider Spain Sánchez.

With the aim of being able to make the most of Black Friday, the CEO of Azzgency has revealed some of the key aspects to know how to sell on Amazon and succeed in Black Friday.

"This week customers are in a hurry but if you want to do well you have to prepare this with a little time", advises Sanchez.

"It seems obvious but in the end it is one of the biggest problems of sellers," he acknowledges.

Keep in mind that at Amazon The Times for anything "are not too fast" and facing this event without foresight can do, among other things, that your offers do not arrive on time and therefore your products are left out of Black Friday.

"It happens to both small and large, who let it pass and when they put on they do not arrive" says the CEO.

As for the recommended deadline, Sánchez assures that with one month is enough, - as long as you do not have to manufacture special stock for that day—.

Use those 4 weeks to ensure that you have the necessary stock and that your promotions are approved by Amazon.

To succeed on Black Friday is not about putting all your products on sale and see what happens. It is best, as always, to draw up a clear plan of what you want to do for Black Friday.

"It is better to focus efforts on fewer products that are more competitive than to upload the entire catalog" he points out.

The manager advises to make a preliminary analysis of the catalog with the aim of detecting "which products may be more successful". Look at looks like those whose margin allows you to make very striking discounts or that offer some functionality that does not abound in the sector.

To be able to successfully sell your products during Black Friday you must ensure that you have the necessary amount of items —taking into account the considerable increase in sales that occurs this day—. It seems something obvious, but in reality it is not so much.

"Another of the usual mistakes is not to make replenishments or send a stock less than the required amount, because you can sell and run out of stock with which you lose everything linked to that promotion", points out the manager.

Amazon has several types of logistics to welcome you as a seller. On the one hand, you can be the one who is in charge of sending the shipments.

"But it is less advisable because the products are positioned worse and you can have shipping problems," says Sanchez.

Another option is to send the products to Amazon and that it does the logistics. "It is when they are with Prime delivery and everything that has to do with this service is recommended," he explains.

Here you should also note that the deadlines may be modified in relation to this event.

"As now everyone is making replenishments for Black Friday, Amazon Logistics times are lengthened and in some cases your merchandise does not arrive and can not be put on sale. It seems very obvious but in the end it is a problem that happens."

Although Black Friday and Cyber Monday are two specific days in which sales skyrocket, in reality it has long been possible to start finding tiemo offers earlier. Amazon itself this year has advanced some promotions even to October.

Which can be an advantage to increase sales if you do not have crazy discounts with which to impact customers this November 27.

"In the end on the day of Black Friday, although it has a lot of traffic, everyone is making discounts. If you do not have a very striking discount, let's put for example an iPhone to 60%, if you start a little earlier you can take advantage of impacting those people who prefer to buy in the previous days because they know that there are already discounts, they have more products available and you do not have the madness of that day", comments the CEO of Azzgency.

The way to sell on Black Friday starts by attracting customers to your products. And with the number of items that exist on Amazon that can be quite a challenge.

To make it easier, Sanchez encourages sellers to pre-create a small marketing campaign to give more visibility to your offers.

The ultimate goal of this, bring traffic to those products that you have chosen to promote on Black Friday.

5 Simple Tips Amazon products succees Black Friday

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