The 7 Best mobile document scan applications - There are many who wonder if it is possible to scan a document with the mobile phone and how to do it.

In many cases it is necessary to digitize a file, for example an official document to present to the administration, an invoice, a photograph, the ID or a registration for a course.

Having to attach scanned files is common in online procedures and procedures. If you have a printer this process becomes much easier and will not take much time, but fewer and fewer people have these tools at home, so they end up going to a copy shop or asking a friend for help.

However, thanks to mobile phones and their applications this process is made much easier. It is no longer necessary to look for a printer or go to a copy shop. The result is more than optimal and you will solve the procedure or management quickly.

7 best mobile document scan applications

Use any of these 7 applications to scan documents with your mobile, without leaving home.

1 Google Drive

Yes, Google Drive can scan documents.

In the application interface itself you will find the option of 'ADD', and when you click on it the option of scanning will appear.

So you won't have to install any extra apps, since Google Drive is used for many aspects of everyday life, especially during work.

2 CamScanner

This app can be used on iOS and Android devices, and allows users to scan any type of document to store it on the mobile phone. For example, photos to save as JPG or PDF files.

You can find it for free on Google Play and App Store.

3 Tiny Scanner

Another application that can be very useful to digitize any paper or image you need. You have the option to scan in color, black and white or grayscale. In addition, it automatically detects the edges of pages.

Tiny Scanner has a free version with the essential functionalities, but with ads and some restrictions. If you opt for the paid version you will have no ads, you can add signatures or batch scan. The price is 4.99 euros per month.

You can find it on Google Play and App Store.

4 Simple Scan

The interface of this app is quite simple, since it offers the different functionalities in an intuitive and Direct format. It also automatically detects the edges of pages, and offers the ability to protect documents under a password.

You can find it on Google Play and App Store.

5 Genius Scan

Genius Scan has the ability to recognize the text of any document and pull it out of the scan. In addition, you can identify tickets and invoices, so you make the result in these cases more correct.

An interesting aspect of this app is that it can remove the background behind the document, so scanning will be much cleaner. It is also possible to protect files by password or fingerprint.

You can find it for free on Google Play and App Store.

6 Notebloc Scanner

This application is really useful for scanning text documents and converting them into PDF, so it is usually quite used in the educational community, for example for sharing notes.

It also offers the option of extracting text and sharing or syncing files. Notebloc Scanner is developed in Spain and is completely free, there are no paid functionalities.

You can find it on Google Play and App Store.

7 Adobe Scan

If you are one of those who often use Adobe programs constantly, this application will come in handy. Just place the document to be scanned on a surface and follow the instructions given by the tool itself.

In addition, Adobe Scan allows you to correct possible stains and creases that dirty the correct scanning.

You can find it on Google Play and App Store.

7 best mobile document scan applications

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So says Matthew in an interview with Business Insider Spain has insisted that, in this scenario, "all help is short" and favored means of transport less polluting and the abandonment of old vehicles.

"It is a very good opportunity for those cars that have been stopped for many months, that make very few kilometers and that are a burden for citizens, to eliminate highly polluting vehicles and opt for this type of services", says the manager of Zity, a service driven by Ferrovial and Renault.

The community of Madrid announced a few days ago that it will grant bonds of 1.250 euros for the rental of electric vehicles in exchange for flattening another more polluting. The president of the region, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, said they want to reduce polluting and greenhouse gases and noise pollution, as well as favor energy efficiency and a more rational use of urban space.

The aid is intended for owners of vehicles more than 10 years old or without an environmental badge and that have been flattened since January 1, 2020. Details can be found on the website of the community of Madrid.

The region has not specified the total amount of resources it will devote to this type of aid. This media has consulted this figure but, at the close of this edition, had not received a response.

At Zity they calculate that these 1.250 euros solve the mobility needs of one year for an average active user, that is, the one who usually spends about 100 euros per month on carsharing services.

"At the maximum of our tickets, which are 10 euros, we are talking about 10 trips throughout the month. If you use the service every day to go to work, you will obviously exceed those figures, but the average user solves all the needs of mobility, leisure and transport to the workplace for a whole year," says Mateos.

The manager also applauded the gesture because with it, he believes, it is evident that the administration "sees in carsharing a sector that helps the mobility of cities efficiently and that does not pollute, thus contributing to all the objectives that the entire community of Madrid has".

The company operates in Madrid and Paris, where it has about 360,000 users and about 30,000, respectively. In Madrid it has a fleet of about 800 cars. Zity started at the end of 2017 and plans to reach profitability by the end of 2021, a target planned for this year but has delayed the impact of the pandemic —although in May they thought the new scenario could pose an opportunity—.

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