8 hidden iOS 14 features new Apple operating system: Apple's new operating system, iOS 14, is now available for all compatible terminals and brings with it countless features that make the user experience much richer and more enjoyable.

It is possible to use widgets to customize the iPhone to your liking, offers more security for user privacy, brings many changes regarding the interface and many other things.

However, as is usual in these cases, the new operating system brings with it several hidden functions within the update that you need to know to get the most out of iOS 14.

Among the highlights, you can change the default browser or email app, prevent new apps from appearing on your home screen, or even keep eye contact through FaceTime without looking at the camera.

These are 8 hidden functions of iOS 14 with which you can get the most out of Apple's new operating system.

Apple has always been linked to Safari or its default email server as a rule, but with iOS 14 it has allowed you to change this setting and choose your favorite app as the default.

However, for the moment it is a feature that has been launched in the browser and in the email application, so you only have to be patient if your application you wanted to configure is not in the list.

8 hidden iOS 14 features new Apple operating system

The process is really simple:

- Go to Settings and go to the app you want to change.
- In this case, we change the default browser, so give it to the App option. default browser.
- Select your favorite option and you'll get it.

Delete entire pages with apps in seconds

I'm sure that when you're cleaning your phone, one of the worst things you face is that you have to delete one by one all the apps. Well with this hidden feature of iOS 14, that's over.

It's as simple as keeping your finger on the screen until you get the Delete icons, but instead of one by one, tap the bottom icon to see a view of all your pages, select which ones you want to delete by removing the tick, and then just tap Ok.

You'll see how that page automatically disappears and goes to the new iOS 14 app drawer.

Prevent apps you download from appearing on your home screen

Even this is a bit counterproductive, because if you download something you may want to have it within reach as soon as you unlock the iPhone, but if you prefer to go directly to the app drawer and not land on your home screen you can do it in a very easy way thanks to this hidden function of iOS 14.

Simply go to Settings > Home screen > app library only to activate this setting and everything you download will go directly here without having to do anything else.

Find the emoji you want with the custom search engine

You may not have noticed but now iOS 14 brings with it a built-in emoji finder on the keyboard. You don't even have to activate it anywhere, but when you open the emojis keyboard, you'll see the search engine at the top of it.

Now the hidden photos can really be hidden

Apple has always had the option to hide specific photos or videos so that they do not appear in the gallery, but that category was in view as soon as you enter this app.

Now, with iOS 14, it has added an option for this category not to show and so that album that you do not want to show is safer from possible prying eyes.

It's as simple as going to Settings > Photos > and making sure Hidden album is off so it doesn't show up in the gallery. If you leave it active you will see it when you enter the app.

Use YouTube with the Picture in Picture feature

One of the most interesting new features of iOS 14 is the ability to have an on-screen video as a pop-up window while you're doing something else.

The only problem is that with YouTube it can not be done because it does not support this functionality in its version of app. Fortunately, it is possible to activate it using the desktop version of YouTube from the mobile browser.

When you have the video in full screen mode and exit by sliding your finger up, you'll see how the video thumbnail appears on your home screen and you can move it and make it big while it's still playing and you can do more in the meantime.

Simulate eye contact with FaceTime

A classic: Where do you look when you have a video call? If you put your eyes on the camera you know that you are looking at the other person, but you do not see them and if you look at the screen, your view does not pay attention to the important thing and it seems that you are watching other things.

Thanks to a hidden feature in iOS 14, you can simulate false eye contact with the other side even without looking at the camera. It's as simple as going to Settings > FaceTime > eye contact.

Give orders to your iPhone with touches on the back of the device

One of the most useful features of iOS 14 is the ability to use the back of the iPhone as a quick access to certain actions. You can, for example, have two taps launch Siri or three take a screenshot, for example.

Activating it is really simple. Simply go to Settings > Accessibility > tap back and set your favorite options among those in the list.

These are several hidden features of iOS 14, but surely there are many others that will be discovered over time. What is certain is that for now, all these options will make your day to day with your iPhone even better.

8 hidden iOS 14 features new Apple operating system

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