Airbnb plans going public December 2020 and will seek to raise some 2.560 million euros - Airbnb plans to raise about $ 3 billion (about 2.56 billion euros at current exchange rate) in a public offer to sell scheduled for December, Reuters news agency reported on Friday.

The multi-million dollar target states that the housing rental platform will conduct one of the biggest IPO of the year, joining Snowflake and Palantir as companies that have also made a public offering to sell amid the coronavirus pandemic. The exact date of the offer remains subject to change, sources told Reuters.

The agreement could set Airbnb's valuation at more than $ 30 billion (about 25.6 billion euros), well above the private market valuation of $ 18 billion (16.0 billion euros) that the company received in April.

Airbnb plans going public December 2020

Airbnb confidentially submitted IPO documentation to U.S. regulators in August and plans to release it in November, according to the report.

In early 2020, Airbnb was expected to go public throughout the year. But that was before his business was affected by the coronavirus crisis. With countries around the world closing their economies and limiting the movement of their citizens, the travel industry collapsed and the company's revenues fell with it. In May, CEO Brian Chesky said revenue this year would be less than half of what he earned last year.

End of Airbnb plans going public December 2020

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VIVO is preparing to enter Europe and 5G will be key in its strategy, according to a senior executive of the multinational

The European mobile market seems to be packed with no room for new players.

However, Seon II Hwang, vice president of VIVO in Europe, says in an interview for Computer today that the company is committed to this sector with 2 ranges of devices, a balanced and functional and a more premium line.

VIVO was launched in 2011 in China, where it is now the second mobile company, and since then has been gaining market share. Currently, it has more than 370 million users.

Hwang admits that it has taken them time to reach this position, but believes that now is the time to take the next step. Therefore, technology now decides to open up to a market very different from the Asian and in which they have no experience.

"The important thing is to arrive patiently by publicizing our brand and creating confidence in the end consumer and user," says Hwang.

"According to our culture and values, we must not be in a hurry, we must make the right decision at the right time. We have been waiting patiently until we have been prepared and we have come to succeed in China," he says.

The pandemic has given VIVO a margin of time (expected to arrive on the continent in February) to develop new products and update its existing line. When they arrive in Spain, they intend to have a mobile catalog that will range between 150 and 300 euros, in addition to a line of accessories, among which a series of wireless headphones will stand out.

VIVO is the third largest manufacturer in China with sales of 5G devices and, although currently the market share of 5G devices in Spain does not reach 6% in the second quarter of 2020, see fifth generation networks as an opportunity. "The switch to a 5G mobile will be an important motivation for the customer," he says.

With their arrival in Spain, they set as their main objective to be able to differentiate themselves from the rest. "We would like to be able to say that we intend to reach 50% or 80% market share. More is better, of course. But right now it is difficult to predict, although it would be important to leave the 'other' category in studies of GFK or Canalys", stresses.

Hwang insists that for VIVO it is more important to increase the trust of its customers and partners, than increase sales figures. "We are very convinced of the quality of our product and hope that it will please our users," he says.

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