Almost 1000 million euros fortune gathered first drug store of the dark web mysteriously changes hands for the first time in 7 years: Silk Road was one of the first sales websites to appear on the dark web. His specialization was drugs, although in this well of the network you can buy and sell almost everything.

The web gathered a fortune of 1,000 million dollars —more than 850 million euros at the current change -. In fact, you could see: everything was visible in a bitcoin wallet. So far.

Since Ross Ulbricht, the founder of Silk Road, was arrested in 2013, the billion-dollar fortune had remained dormant in the aforementioned wallet. A total of 70,000 of these bitcoins remained paralyzed for years. Now, they've changed hands.

"Thanks to blockchain analysis we can think that this fortune is what Silk Road generated," Tom Robinson, chief scientist at a cryptocurrency analysis firm, Elliptic, tells The Guardian. At first, Silk Road had its own wallet in which they received payments —as if it were a bank current account—. Robinson details that in May 2012 the 70,000 bitcoins from Silk Road were transferred to another.

"Then they were valued at dólares 350,000 and stood there for about a year, before being transferred... in April 2013".

Almost 1000 million euros fortune gathered first drug store

It was in that month and that year that the U.S. Justice arrested and imprisoned Ross Ulbricht, a 36-year-old San Francisco citizen who was sentenced to more than 40 years in prison without the possibility of pardon. So, the FBI managed to confiscate 174,000 bitcoins, but it is estimated that the market may have accumulated more than 450,000.
Who has moved the 70,000 bitcoins from Silk Road

Of these possible more than 450,000 bitcoins are known, for the moment, these 70,000 that have just been moved. A move that may be "from a seller on Silk Road or from Ulbricht himself withdrawing his funds". However, "it seems unlikely that Ulbricht will be able to make a transaction from prison," Robinson tells The Guardian.

Therefore, the other option that experts value is that the security of the cryptocurrency has been managed to burst. Over the past few months, an encrypted file has been circulating on crypto mining forums that claimed to be the passwords to access Ullbricht's wallet and Silk Road. However, trying to guess a wallet's password is impossible and using a supercomputer to try to bust the key could take millions of years.

The key to the file itself that contains the keys to the cryptocurrency wallet could be something else. But, without paying in the field of speculation, the only thing that is known is that a real fortune of the dark web has just changed hands. It is not yet known to whom.

Almost 1000 million euros fortune gathered first drug store

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Jeff Bezos has received more than 8.4 billion for the sale of Amazon shares so far this year, more than double what all the fortune of the owner of Mercadona adds

The price of Amazon shares that Jeff Bezos has sold in the last year double the assets of Mercadona owner Juan Roig, the third richest Spaniard according to the Forbes 2020 list. The last sale of securities of the founder of the giant of e-commerce, 3,000 million (2,500 million euros), completes a series of divestments for which has received more than 10,000 million dollars ($8.460 million euros), more than double the 4,100 million account in their heritage, the owner of Mercadona, according to Forbes.

Bezos ' latest sale, according to Bloomberg, was a package of one million Amazon shares sold between Monday and Tuesday. U.S. e-commerce empire securities are trading above dólares 3,200 each, and Bezos continues to hold more than 10% of the company's shareholding.

In the first 15 years since Amazon was a listed company in 1997, Bezos sold about a fifth of the company's shareholding for about 2,000 million dollars (1,700 million euros), but the unstoppable growth of its listing has caused that now, selling smaller packages is getting a much larger counterpart.

In this year alone, the listing of the digital commerce company has been revalued by 70%, from the 1,898 dollars per title with which it started this year to the current 3,241. The boost that the confinement against the coronavirus pandemic has given to internet purchases has caused the capitalization of the US company to exceed one and a half trillion dollars. Together with Apple and Microsoft, the value of their titles together is higher than the domestic product Brugo Spanish, according to IG.

As a result of the pandemic's push to e-commerce, Bezos ' wealth has doubled since March, when his fortune has catapulted from the 97,000 million dollars (82,000 million euros) he had before the pandemic to the current 191,000 million (161,700 million euros), according to Bloomberg's list of millionaires.

No one has been as rich as Bezos is now, even adjusting his wealth to inflation.

The co-founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates, the second richest person in the world with a wealth of 124.000 million dollars (104.000 million euros) came to have a wealth at the time of the dotcom bubble at the beginning of the Twenty — First Century, equivalent to about 158.000 million dollars (133.000 million euros) today-still below what Bezos has now.

After having long been quite cautious in his expenses, the owner of Amazon bought a few years ago the main newspaper of the US capital, The Washington Post, launched a fund against climate change —the Bezos Earth Fund, endowed with 10.000 million dollars— and has also invested 1.000 million dollars annually in the aerospace company Blue Origin since the IPO of Amazon.

"I'm in the process of turning my Amazon lottery winnings into an admission ticket so we can explore the Solar System," Bezos went on to say in 2018 when he received the Buzz Aldrin Space Exploration Award.

The biggest financial blow to Bezos ' fortune was his divorce, which was formalized through an agreement in which his ex-wife MacKenzie Bezos received shares of Amazon worth more than 3 35 billion.

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