Amazon Echo Dot 2020 sphere-shaped smart speaker that enhances all the good of the previous generation: Alexa, Google Assistant or Siri? That is the point, my dear Watson-I would say Sherlock Holmes?.

When it comes to turning your home into a smart home, one of the first gadgets you have to buy is a smart speaker and, for this, it is essential to opt for one of his personal assistants.

A few weeks ago, Amazon renewed the teams that have their 'virtual butler', Alexa, and on this occasion, I have been able to try one of them: the Echo Dot of 4th generation.

It is the best-selling smart speaker of the company, so expectations were not few.

But is it a real renewal of the third-generation Amazon Echo Dot? What news does it bring with it? Is the change worth it? Why do you respect the environment? These are some of the issues that to solve, you just have to keep reading...

If there is any change that really jumps out between the previous and the current generation is the aesthetic section. In addition to being very remarkable, it has seemed a complete success. Jeff Bezos ' company has decided to say goodbye to the cylindrical to welcome the Spheres—which aesthetically attract much more attention -.
At the top are the 4 buttons typical of Amazon speakers — with the exception of the Amazon Echo Flex—, with which you can raise and lower the volume, mute Alexa electronically and invoke it without having to call it.

Amazon Echo Dot 2020 sphere-shaped smart speaker

The buttons offer a good press and are finished in rubber, which to the touch are very nice and useful if you want to use them in the dark.
On the back is housed a connector to the current to which it must be continuously connected (since it does not integrate any type of battery inside), and a jack output of 3,5 mm to be able to convert into smart a traditional speaker.

The base is surrounded by a circular LED through which you can know if Alexa is active (which will light up in blue), if the microphone is off (whose light will be shown in red), and even in Orange (if some of your Amazon orders have changed status or are about to be delivered), a factor that you must take into account if you live with someone you want to make a gift, which would not be the first time that Alexa bothers some surprise.

The unit I had the opportunity to try includes a clock on the front with which you can make some interactions in a much more visual way and that is ideal to have it on the bedside table or on the work table. The brightness is adapted depending on the light of the environment.

As in previous generations, the Dot still has a fabric coating available in several colors —all of them quite elegant-and that offer a good touch. Although it is a device that you will not take, it does not weigh too much and the construction is good.

A note that I would like to make is that it integrates as a decorative element in the room, something that really seems to me a very good idea.

The Amazon virtual assistant is one of the most complete that exist today, no longer only in terms of buying compatible devices, but also when it comes to offering answers.

Another thing that I also like about the Amazon Echo are the skills, a kind of applications with which you can interact with the voice, and that allow you to play with your assistant to listen to The 'Express Morning Report' of Ánggel Martín, which is so successful on Twitter, without having to go to the social network.

I also found it really interesting to be able to order some songs if you're an Amazon Prime subscriber, as I haven't had to independently pay for Amazon Music Unlimited. Also, I have not had to endure any kind of advertising or interruption between lists.

Of course, during the last few days, what has happened to me is that if you do not interact with the assistant for a while —because you like the songs that are playing—, the music will automatically stop. This seems a good thing if you're clueless, but a little cumbersome to have to summon the assistant again to play music.

You should also know that, although the music stops, the playlist that you are going to put again randomly or of a particular artist, will be different, or at least will play it in a different order — so that you do not have to listen to the same songs so often— which I thought was quite a detail.

Beyond that, I would like to emphasize that it is a very complete speaker, since it is able to detect compatible devices around it, which will save you a lot of money when mounting your smarthome, and in this way, you can control several devices that integrate this technology without having to buy a Bridge or switchboard with which to coordinate the devices.

You might think that it doesn't sound good or that there isn't much change from the previous generation. Well, the truth is that technically speaking there is a difference, since it integrates two tweeters instead of one, which means that the Treble will be much more akin to reality.

The sound has surprised me, and that, as I try more audio devices, more music lover I have become. It is a sound with many nuances, with a very correct volume and that sounds loud at maximum volume — despite slightly distorting, like the rest of the speakers—, but that gives rise to enjoy.

As an anecdote, I will tell you that if you put your hand near the device when it is at a considerable volume, you will notice the air coming out of the sphere.

It is a speaker that does not disappoint and that is the best you can find for quality/price. The 3rd generation of the Echo Dot was already a bestseller, and this one has many elements that prepare it to follow its legacy.

The 4th generation Amazon Echo Dot with clock is the perfect substitute for a traditional alarm clock, although I would say that it is even better, since setting routines to tell you certain information or certain things happen in your home by pronouncing certain words, makes the experience really good and customizable.

Honestly, if you have the 3rd generation of the Dot I do not think it is worth the change, except for specific cases in which it is cheaper to buy this new version to a Bridge to handle different bulbs compatible with this wizard. You could also value it to take Alexa to more rooms in your home.

In addition, it is the first 'Climate Pledge Friendly' device, a certification that Amazon has applied to many of its products thus demonstrating that they are sustainable manufacturing and that they decrease the carbon footprint.

The sound quality is somewhat better, it has more connectivity and its design is totally different, but I think they are features that few will notice to make the change.

It is available in different colors: anthracite, grayish blue and white.

Although the price of the clock version is 10 euros more expensive, they probably make a difference, as it could replace your current wall clock or alarm clock, and there are many promotions. You could find this device from 29,99 euros, a really competitive figure, although officially it is sold from 59,99 euros.

Amazon Echo Dot 2020 sphere-shaped smart speaker

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