Amazon Prime Day 2020 takes place October 13 to 14 and will feature more than one million offers - There is already a date for Amazon Prime Day 2020: October 13 and 14 will be held this event in which you can find more than one million products on offer and at a good price, as reported by the company in a statement.

Prime Day will begin at midnight from Monday 12 to Tuesday 13 October, and will end late on Wednesday 14. However, as usual this event will only be available to Prime customers, and if you are not, you will not have access to discounts.

There will be offers and significant price discounts on toys, televisions, electronics, fashion, beauty, home and Amazon devices, among others.

In addition, the company also announces that this time it has wanted to focus especially on small and medium-sized enterprises, those most affected by the coronavirus pandemic. From today until October 12, Prime customers will have an extra balance of 10 euros for every purchase of 10 euros or more they make on these dates in small and medium businesses selected in the Amazon store.

Amazon Prime Day 2020 takes place October 13

To carry out this initiative, the company will invest more than 85 million euros in promotions that help these SMEs around the world to increase their turnover and reach a greater number of customers.

“In an unprecedented year, we intend to do everything we can to make this year's Prime Day the best ever for small and medium-sized businesses. We look forward to our customers from all over the world discovering new ways to support local entrepreneurs and enjoy great discounts on everything they want and need,” says Mariangela Marseglia, vice president and general manager of and

Subscribing to Amazon Prime costs 36 euros a year or 3.99 euros a month, plus there is a free trial period of 30 days. This service can compensate you not only for Prime Day, as you will enjoy unlimited free shipments included in the subscription, as well as deliveries on the same day of purchase from Monday to Friday.

End of "Amazon Prime Day 2020 takes place October 13"

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A tablet and eye monitoring give voice to ALS patients: they can now speak thanks to an app from Samsung and Irisbond

With the movement of the eyes, a tablet and download the tally app is enough for patients with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) to write and put voice to their thoughts.

Samsung, the tech startup Irisbond and the Luzon Foundation, which works to improve the lives of people with ALS, have developed and launched an application for people with this pathology can communicate, as announced this Monday the 3 corporations.

Tack works by monitoring the movement of patients ' eyes, which with their gaze can handle and write on a keyboard. Then a tablet plays the words or phrases with Samsung's assistant, Bixby.

In addition, this system allows to create a Bank of phrases so that patients have stored the ones they use most in their day to day and a predictive method will help them to be more agile in their communication.

This new development is part of the initiative 'Technology purpose' of the multinational south Korean: "We have been incorporating projects that make tangible with facts, not with words, how through our technology and always working with partners, we can improve the lives of these people," he started by saying the director of marketing, corporate communication and Institutional relations of the signature in Iberia, Alfonso Fernández.

There are already 35 patients who are using this innovation. For the time being, they will be able to voice their words, although the project envisages incorporating new possibilities and developments. One of them is the possibility that the virtual keyboard that is operated with the view is connected to third-party applications. In this way, you could write on WhatsApp or Instagram and expand the communicative possibilities of patients.

However, the current configuration does allow "a fluid communication by the user", as has celebrated the founder of Irisbond, Eduardo Jáuregui, who has explained that this system works through the camera embedded in the tablet.

"We have developed a series of algorithms based on artificial intelligence and neural networks that, using Samsung cameras allow, monitor the look," he summed up.

Downloading the app is free. At the moment, it is in Spanish and available in Spain. It is compatible with 15 Samsung tablet models. The company plans to expand the countries to which to carry tack, as well as the devices approved to use it.

"To give them a voice is to insert them back into life, hence the paramount importance that this project has in the sick of ALS, in their family and social environment," said the vice president of the Luzon Foundation, Maria José Arregui.

From now on, people with ALS will be able to transfer their basic needs and, in addition, transmit their emotions and feelings, Arregui stressed.

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