Amazon returns 7 new devices market charge: from a mini drone to a cloud gaming service: Amazon has done it again. With 7 new updated products announced at its fall event last Thursday, it aims to revolutionize the Echo, Alexa, Fire TV and Ring lines.

It's about software and hardware renovations of the company's most popular products, but this time it has also decided to take a step further and launch itself into the gaming world with its new cloud gaming service called Moon, which will be available on all platforms soon.

This way, Amazon will have enough power to compete against Microsoft or Google, which already have services like this.

The idea is to create products capable of positively impacting everyday life, so that innovation, privacy, sustainability and economic price are fully compatible with each other.

In addition, Amazon is also making an effort to contribute to environmental protection, so the new Echo and Fire TV devices will have 100% post-consumer recycled fabric. The fibre in the packaging of all the company's devices will also come from recycled material from responsibly managed forests.

Amazon returns 7 new devices market charge

Below you'll see new updates for Amazon devices.

Amazon has decided to redesign its Echo line, which includes the Echo and Echo Dot, in an attempt to leave behind these cylinder-shaped or hockey disc speakers. Now the idea is to have a more aesthetic and uniform design.

In addition, as for the Echo device, it will have the integrated hub to be able to synchronize it with other smart devices, typical of the Echo Plus.

Its price will be about 99.99 euros, while Echo Dot will be a cheaper version around 60 euros.

Echo Show has also been updated with a much larger model, with a 10-inch rotating screen able to follow you. Yes, as you hear it.

Its 13 megapixel camera is able to follow you during a video call so you can stay framed and well focused, with very subtle movements.

Also, if you have Amazon's Alexa Guard and sync it, if you're in absent mode, Echo Show can scroll around the room for interruptions.

It is not yet on the market, but is expected to go on sale for 250 euros by the end of 2020.

Amazon's crown jewel, Alexa, has also experienced improvements, with new features that allow you to have more fluid and natural conversations.

It is now able to intervene in a conversation in case of being called and even ask for information when not sure what the user has meant.

In the demo, you could see how Alexa could offer special pizza deals from her favorite place after telling her she wanted to order a pizza.

Another of the most anticipated releases has been the security camera for the car ring Car Cam. With it you will be able to monitor what happens inside the car you are standing or in transit, for example to be able to detect if they are trying to steal you.

You can get it for 200 euros and it has a function called Traffic Stop, which allows you to record an interaction with the police and alert the contacts dialed after the user says "Alexa, they are arresting me".

This has caused a lot of controversy in police departments in the United States, as many argue that this device represents a breach in the privacy and civil liberties of agents.

For lovers of control inside their homes, Amazon has launched Ring Always home Cam. It's a mini drone that automatically flies all over the house so you can monitor what's going on inside while you're on the street.

First of all you have to set a specific route, like a kind of path to where you want it to go and so Always home Cam will record it all.

This will allow you to know if you left your oven on or if your dog really ruined your shoes.

One of the keys to Amazon is its simple interface that allows the user to search the contents quickly and easily.

That is why he has decided to implement a much more personalized software for Fire TV, which will be able to couple new functions of Alexa.

In addition, with regard to hardware, it has also taken a step further with Fire TV Stick, which will offer 50% more speed compared to its ancestors for only 40 euros.

For those looking for a more economical model can buy the Fire TV Stick Lite with Full HD streaming for about 30 euros.

Amazon has decided that it was time to launch the world of games. That's why he created Luna, the long-awaited cloud gaming service that will be available on operating systems such as iOS, Android, Mac, Windows and Fire TV.

After presenting it last Thursday, for the moment it is known that it will have several channels, such as Ubisoft and Luna Plus and its prices will fluctuate about 6 euros per month during an Early Access period.

In addition, the company wants this design to achieve success and be at the level of Microsoft or Google, so it has taken care of every detail such as, for example, with its own remote for Moon, able to connect to the Moon and thus avoid problems of pairing and latency.

Amazon returns 7 new devices market charge

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