Animal Crossing increased Nintendo Switch online subscriptions - Nintendo reported Wednesday an increase in the number of users of its Nintendo Switch Online subscription service, driven by successful titles such as 'Animal Crossing: New Horizons'.

The Nintendo Switch Online service gives users the option to play online with friends, save game progress in the cloud, and access a library of classic titles. This grew rapidly in 2020 with more than 26 million users in September, compared to 15 million in January, according to Nintendo.

The increase is due to the popularity of successful titles, such as 'Animal Crossing', which has sold more than 22 million copies, ' Super Smash Bros. Ultimate 'and the latest 'Pokémon' games, as Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa detailed at a press conference.

The Nintendo Switch has had a good run this year thanks to consumers locked in by the covid-19 pandemic. The console has even become a difficult product to acquire.

Confined gamers helped drive digital downloads to more than half of Switch game sales in the quarter ended June.

Nintendo's digital sales accounted for 55.6% of its total revenue in the first quarter of fiscal year 21. This means that, for the first time in its history, the Japanese firm generated more money through digital offerings than physical copies.

Animal Crossing increased Nintendo Switch online subscriptions

That trend is being mitigated by the reopening of retailers, Furukawa explained.

Both Sony and Microsoft (which on Tuesday announced the launch of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, a cloud gaming service to play Xbox titles on Android devices), have targeted subscription services to extend the life of their consoles.

Furukawa reiterated Nintendo's commitment to hardware and software development. This month it will launch a collection of classic Super Mario titles with 'Super Mario All-Stars 3D' , and in October it will launch a 'Mario Kart' toy that can be controlled by the Nintendo Switch.

End of Animal Crossing increased Nintendo Switch online subscriptions


The 4 keys to the arrival of 5G in Spain: everything you need to know

It is neither related to coronavirus, nor is it a health problem, as some have claimed.

The 5G connection arrived in Spain in June last year from Vodafone. However, it was not until this month of September that it began to settle in our country, with its implementation in companies such as Telefónica, Orange and Moremobile.

This technology comes at a time when the tools that enable quick and effective communication have become indispensable. That's why the operators have jumped into the pool.

This new wireless broadband standard is synonymous with ultra-speed and aims to revolutionize communication as we know it today, with many more features and more coverage than the current 3G or 4G.

It allows a connection 100 times faster than you have right now. To give you an idea, while with the 4G you could download 800 Mb videos in about 22 seconds, with the 5G you could get to download a Full HD movie of 2 Gb in just 1 second.

In addition, you can have many devices connected at once in the same area or watch football games from home and make it look like you are in the same stadium.

If you enjoy playing video games for its realism and high definition, with the 5G you can play from your mobile device with the same fluidity and quality as if you did on the console.

Industry, financial systems, work and even medicine will be some of the many sectors that will see considerable progress with the advent of 5G.

In the workplace, this connection will foster collaborative Cloud environments and improve video calls with Full HD quality, leaving behind cuts and audio or video lag.

Robotics, as well as virtual and augmented reality, will also be optimized, as Will the transaction security of financial systems.

If you think about the immediate future and the latest developments that require advances in medicine and research, this technology will improve remote medical care and make it possible to use Big Data as an alert method for possible viral outbreaks.

At the moment, only major cities, such as Madrid, Barcelona, Seville or Malaga, among others, can access this connection, but with a coverage of less than 30%.

This will change when the 700 MHz frequency band goes up for auction in early 2021, but it will probably not be until 2022 when the 5G connection can be enjoyed to its full potential.

But until then, Movistar intends to go ahead with its large commercial launch that will reach 75% of the population in late October or early November, covering 150 cities with more than 50,000 inhabitants.

On an economic level, while Spanish operators will have to disburse amounts of up to 5,000 million euros to be able to use this connection, for the rest of the population it is expected to be free.

However, it is very likely that you will have to buy a new mobile device that is compatible, as well as contract an unlimited plan, or many gigas, as the 5G consumes more than you think.

And if you're wondering what'S going to happen with the 4G and 3G connection, they'll still have to live with 5G for a few years, until it's finished consolidating globally.

The 3G specifically already has a shutdown date, and will be before 2025, but as for 4G, from Telefónica point out that "it still has a lot of life”.

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