Apple 2020 demonstrated achievements: Far beyond the iPhone 12 - Everything Apple has to demonstrate at its big event of the year!

The day came. This Tuesday, October 13, Apple is expected to present, in its Special Event, the new family of mobile iPhone 12, and it is likely to also appear for the first time several products that have been rumored for months.

The new iPhones, in principle, will not arrive alone. Devices such as the expected AirTags, small pocket gadgets to help you not lose your car keys or wallet, or a new headband AirPods-the Studio-could accompany the launch of the new terminals.

At least that was assured a few days ago Jon Prosser, one of the most reputed news filterers of the Cupertino company. In recent tweets he warned that production of the new AirPods Studio, for example, would not end until October 20. Similarly, he was referring to the distribution of the new iPhone 12 which, he claims, would already be in stores. However, in the last few hours he has backed down: he claims that Apple will not present this Tuesday neither AirPods Studio nor AirTags, so doubts have multiplied hours before Tim Cook speaks.

Be that as it may, below you can see everything that this year's Big Apple event can expect:

Last year, Apple re-numbered its iPhones. The iPhone 11, the iPhone 11 Pro and the iPhone 11 Pro Max arrived at the same time. As maintained filters like Prosser himself, we will be able to see these same ranges with the iPhone 12, with the novelty also of an iPhone 12 Mini 5.4 inch.

The coronavirus had upset Apple's plans. The pandemic has delayed the production times of many of its devices and has forced Cupertino to split its traditional annual event in two. The first, which took place last month, served to present the new Apple Watch Series 6, The New Apple Watch SE, as well as the iPad 8 and a new iPad Air.

Precisely this last iPad Air wore the new chip A14 Bionic, which is expected to be one of the fundamental components in the new family of iPhone. According to analyses that have been carried out on this processor, it is already assumed that the iPhone 12 will be one of the most powerful mobile phones in the world.

Apple 2020 demonstrated achievements

Other products that were not finally seen at the September event are the famous AirTags. It has been talking about them for months: they will be chapitas able to fit the keys of the car or house, or the purse. The idea is that they serve as sensors with which you can find your things in case you lose sight of them: the iPhone will be able to detect them spatially even in a room.

These AirTags are not an occurrence of Apple and Tile, a manufacturer of similar devices, has been aware for a while. The new devices of Cupertino will use an alkaline battery like that of a watch to work —according to Prosser-and, although apparently its functionality is limited, it is part of a very serious strategy of Apple to bet on a technology that still hides a lot of potential.

It is the ultra-wide band or UWB-by ultra wide band -. In the short term, the answer is yes: this technology will help you find your keys if they are under a cushion or have fallen to the ground.

In the long run, it could even change how we conceive the use of the mobile phone: we would go from having to configure one by one the connected devices of home to being able to use them with aim. The car can be opened with its use. You can even make certain gestures by moving the mobile to be able to perform actions with them without having to depend on your screen.

There has been talk of them for some time, but last week it became known that Apple was withdrawing from its stores and its own website the sale of third-party audio products. That has already triggered all the rumour and it seems likely that the new diadema AirPods will be a reality. They would be headphones like those of Beats —Apple's division of audio—.

X in fact, Prosser has already advanced that they are in production and could arrive shortly after October. They would also be announced with a new HomePod Mini, according to Forbes.

AirPods Studio wouldn't be the only surprise. There is talk of a new Apple TV that would also carry the chip A14, according to 9to5Mac, and even some ideas a little more absurd talk that Apple would present a controller to play video games. However, the idea of a command has been ringing for more than a year. Since before the company introduced Apple Arcade.

If anything made the Apple Company fans cold in September it was that virtually everything announced had been leaked beforehand. No wonder: the iPhone manufacturer is one of the most scrutinized technology in the world. However, Apple has a chance a second chance to once again surprise its followers, who follow with great anticipation such events.

The firm became the most valuable company in the world in early August, after surpassing Saudi Aramco. Three weeks later, he broke the barrier of the 2 trillion market capitalization and showed that his strategy of betting on services is working.

In the third quarter of 2015, Apple's services division accounted for 10.14% of total revenue. In the third quarter of this year, service revenues would account for 22.04% of total technological turnover, according to Statista.

Apple makes money for every device it sells, of course. But their main attraction right now is the loyalty their customers have to their brand. The company already has a discount program if you buy a new iPhone by delivering an old one. It is now known that Apple will launch a program called iPhone for Life to promote replacements and updates of this style, as details CNET.

It's not enough to sell gadgets: Apple wants to keep users in their ecosystems.

This is the only way to understand movements such as that Apple is gaining more and more access to the health industry —the new Apple Watch Series 6 includes the ability to measure blood oxygen saturation and the firm has patented a system of 3 lasers to measure environmental pollution—.

Or Apple one moves. At the September event, Apple introduced new subscriptions, such as a model for training called Apple Fitness+, which adds to its catalog of movies and series on Apple TV+, iPhone video games, Apple Arcade, Music, Apple Music, or news —Apple News, which is not currently in Spain—.

Apple one integrates all these subscriptions in a single fee which, of course, is more profitable than independently contracting other services like Spotify or Netflix. Apple is now at war against several technologies - precisely Spotify, Epic or Tinder-for its 30% commissions on payments made in applications within the iOS environment.

Tim Cook's company continues to make enemies. The last to appear has been the US Congress, which has made it clear after a 16-month investigation by its Judicial commission that Apple benefits from monopolizing the distribution of apps on iOS.

However, as long as no one stops it, Apple will continue to deepen its strategy of keeping its users loyal in its ecosystem. The real value of the company is put by its customers.

Apple 2020 demonstrated achievements


Where and how to watch the iPhone 12 presentation online: follow Apple's keynote live

October 13 is a very important date for Apple followers, as the Cupertino company has put on the calendar a new event in which presumably will be displayed the new iPhone 12.

If you are interested in knowing in depth the brand's new device, you should know that watching the Apple keynote online is really simple.

And is that the iPhone 12 promises new weight: the first and most important, the incorporation of networks 5G, being the first device from Cupertino in having this technology; second, it is speculated that it could be the most powerful smartphone in the world with a new processor; and third and most important: could have a starting price lower than the iPhone 11.

You just have to connect to their website on October 13 at 19 pm Spanish time to see their new device and unlike the last years where it was restricted to the Safari browser, now you can do it from anywhere you want.

These are the schedules for different Spanish-speaking countries and cities.

The best thing is that for a few years, he abandoned his Hermeticism regarding his presentations and watch the Apple online event is much easier than usual and you can enjoy it on many different channels.

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