Apple Beats 2020 third-quarter revenue expectations without iPhone 12 boost: Apple closed the third quarter of the year, its fourth fiscal quarter, with sales of 54,454 million euros (64,700 million dollars), a result that improves expectations even without counting on the usual boost in September of the new iPhones.

The company grew in units such as wearables and services, despite which Apple shares fell after the market close, as sales of iPhones fell.

These are the numbers reported by Apple and those expected by analysts, the latter taken from Bloomberg.

- Revenues for the fourth quarter of 2020: 64,700 million dollars (54,454 million euros). Analysts expected dólares 63.48 billion. Apple invoiced 64.000 million dollars in the same quarter of 2019.
- Earnings per share for the fourth quarter: dólares 0.73 (0.62 euros). Analysts expected dólares 0.70 and a year ago Apple got Apple 0.71 per share(adjusted after its August split in which it gave four shares for each).
- Revenue from the sale of iPhones: 26,400 million dollars (22,614 million euros). Analysts expected 27.060 million. In the same quarter of 2019 iPhones reported 33.360 million dollars.
- Revenue from services: dólares 14,500 million (€12,420 million). Analysts expected 13.870 million dollars and last year in the same quarter Apple invoiced 12.500 million for this segment.
- Revenues from wearables: 7.800 million dollars (6.680 million euros). Analysts expected 7.350 million. Wearable and home accessories generated dólares 6.5 billion in the same quarter of 2019.

Apple's smartphone revenue usually gets a boost from the sale of the new iPhone model, which usually comes out at the end of September, but the iPhone 12's exit delay due to the pandemic indicates that phone sales data are not an indicator of interest in the Tim Cook-led company's new phone.

Apple Beats 2020 third-quarter revenue expectations

IPhone sales were below expectations this quarter, but other business segments such as services or wearables continued to show solid growth. The results show that Apple's strategy of improving on those businesses to boost its results in periods of lower iPhone sales is working.

Mac sales also hit record highs on the back of telework's push by the pandemic. Revenues from this division reached dólares 9,000 million (7,700 million euros) compared to dólares 6,900 million in the same period of the previous year.

However, Wall Street remains more concerned about how the iPhone 12 will behave. Apple offered just a few loose ideas on how they think their new device will behave, but not an estimate of revenue.

Apple's Chief Financial Officer Luca Maestri said the iPhone 12 and its pro version are set to have "a great start" after being unveiled on October 23.

The company expects sales of its most recognized device to grow in December, assuming the impact of the pandemic is maintained.

"Despite the impacts of COVID-19, Apple is in the midst of introducing our main product, and the first response to all of our new products, including our first iPhones with 5G coverage, has been tremendously positive," said Apple CEO Tim Cook in the statement announcing the results

IPhone launches usually generate a lot of expectation, but this year's has been particularly important for the expectations generated around its new device, the first with 5G coverage.

Analysts expect the iPhone 12 to bring significant improvements to Apple for its 5G coverage, a new design and the assumption that many iPhone owners are using older models, so expect increased sales.

Other recent releases such as the iPhone SE or the iPhone 11 boosted Apple's business, but the company has worked in other segments, such as wearables or services to offset its revenue, which has occurred in this quarter.

However, the launch of the iPhone 12 is expected to kick off a cycle of phone updates by users that could last for years.

"We expect this year's launches to drive a significant replacement cycle, which we believe could be multi-year, as new applications become available," RBC Capital Markets analysts Robert Muller and Michael Murray said in a study following the launch of Apple's new device.

Apple Beats 2020 third-quarter revenue expectations

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