Apple created unique style store employees masks, designed by teams of engineers working on the iPhone and iPad. Mac. iPod. iPhone. The iPad. The Apple Watch. The AirPods. And now, so is the Apple mask.

The teams of engineers responsible for the iPhone and iPad have designed a mask for their employees, according to Bloomberg.

Although the new masks have yet to be released, Bloomberg has published that the engineering and design departments have created a "unique" mask, which offers extensive coverage for the nose and chin and can be regulated thanks to its adjustable gums. It has 3 layers and can be washed up to 5 times.

Apple created unique style store employees masks

Apple has told Bloomberg that they have designed the mask taking into account existing personal protective equipment supply chains and careful not to interrupt existing flows.

Unfortunately for Apple fans, the masks have been made only for Apple employees in stores and not for the general public. They will be sent to employees in the next 2 weeks. At the moment, it is not known whether Apple will distribute it more widely.

In addition to its custom face mask, the company will also give its employees a fully transparent face mask, so that customers with hearing problems can see the mouths of employees and understand them better. It is the first of its kind approved by U.S. health authorities, according to Bloomberg.

This is not the company's first foray into protective gear. Apple CEO Tim Cook announced in April that the company would donate 20 million masks to health workers across the United States. In addition, they have also designed facial screens, with the goal of distributing a million a week.

End of Apple created unique style store employees masks

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iPhone 12: this would be the possible release date and price of each model

More and more rumors are circulating about the specifics and features of the iPhone 12, as well as its possible release date and the price at which customers can buy it.

The first leaks already pointed out that the new iPhone would have 5G connectivity, would have an innovative camera and a design to attract the attention of nostalgic. Rumors that have gradually become more important and gaining weight.

Until a few days ago there was speculation about the possibility that on September 15 Apple officially presented its new iPhone 12, since the company has called a big event and usually it is in the middle of this month when it presents the new iPhone.

However, Apple has already confirmed that the date on which this phone will be marketed will be delayed, so its presentation and release could be finally in October, according to the latest rumors.

In fact, the September 15 event will focus on the upcoming Apple Watch and iPads.

A leak posted on Twitter by US mobile blogger Evan Blass collects the possible release dates of the iPhone 12.

Leaked emails mention the standard iPhone 12 model, but not the iPhone 12 Pro Series. Possibly these models will arrive later in stores, in November according to rumors, due to delays caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

This is one of the most recurring questions over the past few weeks among Apple followers.

The reality is that there is no clear information on this. Most of the rumors point to a cheaper compared to the iPhone 11, since the new model would cost around 649 dollars (about 749 euros), that is, 50 dollars cheaper than the starting price of the previous version. It should be borne in mind that with Apple devices, currency exchange is not equivalent and when the models arrive in Europe they have an extra cost.

The iPhone 12 Pro would go at $ 999 (1,099 euros) and the iPhone 12 Pro Max would have a price of $ 1,099 (1,199 euros).

However, other speculation points to a possible price increase, so the standard iPhone 12 model would cost 749 dollars (849 euros). This is because 5G connectivity can cause the price to be higher, although Apple would be trying to cheaper other components, such as the battery.

If Apple doesn't surprise by anticipating new information, we will have to wait for the iPhone 12 presentation event to confirm all these details. What seems already evidence is that throughout the month of October much more will be known about this new device.

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