Apple lost 450000 million dollars missed new iPhone 12 sales in recent weeks because sales  have not met the estimates of analysts: Apple has again recorded sharp falls on the stock market this Friday, according to the latest data collected by Bloomberg.

The iPhone manufacturer has lost 450,000 million dollars (385,000 million euros) in recent weeks, continuing a downward trend that was already beginning to be seen in September.

Specifically, this Friday has lost 5.6% of its share price, which means just over 120,000 million dollars (102,000 million euros). It should be borne in mind that in recent weeks its share price has plummeted by 19%.

The bad results are brought about by sales of the new iPhone 12, which have been less than analysts estimated.

In addition, the company has reported that its revenue in China has suffered a significant reduction, and this has generated a climate of uncertainty around the tech giant, since the Asian market is key for Apple.

Another aspect that analysts have not liked and that partly explains this data is that Apple has not offered forecasts for the next quarter, so there is no clear guidance on what can happen.

Apple lost 450000 million dollars missed new iPhone 12 sales

The Nasdaq 100 index of the U.S. stock exchange plummeted 2.6% this Friday, being the worst week since March, when the coronavirus pandemic broke out.

The company hardest hit has been Twitter, with an 18.3% reduction in the value of its shares, while Facebook has lost a 6% share price. These results are already beginning to generate some concern, and analysts believe that growth after the health crisis could be slower than expected.

However, despite these falls, Apple remains the most valuable American company, and one of the best valued in the world. Exceeding, for example, the entire value of the Thai stock exchange.

Apple lost 450000 million dollars missed new iPhone 12 sales

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Here's how Huawei aims to overcome severe US sanctions: the Chinese company plans to build a chip plant in Shanghai without using American technology

Huawei Technologies Co. it plans to build a chip plant in Shanghai, China, without using American technology, as it seeks a new strategy to overcome severe US sanctions, according to Bloomberg.

In this regard, the new facility is expected to start with the manufacture of low-cost 45nm chips, as people familiar with the project have commented to the Financial Times.

Huawei aims to manufacture 28nm chips for "Internet of Things" devices by the end of 2021. It also plans to produce 20Nm chips for 5G telecommunications equipment by the end of 2022.

While it is true that the Chinese company has no experience in manufacturing chips, the plant would be run by the Shanghai IC R&D Center, a research company backed by the city government.

China has charted a path to greater economic self-sufficiency in its new five-year plans and has promised to build its own basic technology, arguing that it cannot rely on buying it from elsewhere.

And it is that, in Huawei Technologies Co. pressure is mounting as growth slows in the face of tightening U.S. restrictions on its chip supplies. Also, an increasing number of countries are avoiding their 5G technology.

The Chinese company enjoys, until November 19, a postponement of the veto approved against it by the United States Department of Commerce to prevent it from acquiring American technology.

However, according to Xataka, many analysts consider that such a postponement, rather than being a gesture towards China and, specifically, towards Huawei, seeks to give room for American suppliers to prepare for a future without Huawei.

In fact, Xu Zhijun himself, vice president and rotating president of Huawei Technologies Co. he has assured that he does not have the hopes set for a final lifting of the veto.

"We have already become accustomed to working with the restrictions of the list of entities" and commented that they are willing to "work and live under this situation for a long time".

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