Apple M1 first processor post Intel breakup revealed, and it will arrive with the new MacBook Air, MacBook Pro and Mac Mini: "Mac had never taken such a leap."

Apple has presented this Tuesday afternoon the M1, the new chip that those of Cupertino have developed exclusively for their upcoming Mac and MacBook devices. One of the first laptops to assemble it will be the newly announced MacBook Air, the new Mac Mini and the new MacBook Pro.

The iPhone manufacturer announced this summer that it was breaking its historic agreement with Intel and leaving behind chips with x86 architecture: they were going to bet on ARM architecture.

The story continues now. M1 is a SoC —chip of a single system— that assembles in a lithography of 5 nanometers with 16,000 millions of transistors —"the largest number that Apple has integrated in a chip"- the elements indispensable for a computer, like the computer processor (CPU), graphics processor (GPU), or the Neural Engine, the Apple technology for artificial intelligence.

"M1 combines several powerful technologies on a single chip and works with a unified memory architecture that significantly improves its performance and efficiency," the technology said in a statement.

Apple M1 first processor post Intel breakup revealed

M1 is the first in a new family of chips that Apple is developing for its devices, such as the ax Bionic series that is assembled on their iPhones or iPads. Similarly, the possibility of developing the hardware as well as the software —the new version of MacOS, Big Sur— allows Apple to go further by squeezing the technology.

In the CPU field, Apple assures that the M1 offers twice the performance of the latest CPUs that are mounted on conventional laptops. Similarly, on GPU, performance is also doubled. In addition, consumption efficiency will be a feature of the new Apple devices that assemble this M1: it will consume between a third and a quarter less than its competitors.

Here are the prices of the new Macs from Apple and there are them for every pocket

Apple'S new SoC with arm is a leap that "Mac had never taken". The firm has also allowed to take a first look at Big Sur, the new version of MacOS, and has also introduced new protocols, such as the automatic encryption of files using this operating system, with the aim of making Mac a computer as secure as possible.

The new chip is built " after a decade designing leading chips in their markets for iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch, and puts these accommodations in a new era for Mac." "M1 has the world's fastest processor core, the world's fastest integrated graphics in a personal computer, and the impressive machine learning capability of Apple Neural Engine," said Johny Srouji, vice president of hardware at Apple.

To avoid compatibility issues between Macs that still have Intel chips and those that already wear this new M1, Apple has also announced Universal App. It is a technology that will allow developers to offer fully functional versions between systems that use the old Intel chips or those that already enjoy Apple's new semiconductor.

Apple M1 first processor post Intel breakup revealed

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Here are the prices of the new Macs from Apple and there are them for every pocket

This year has been strange for Apple, since they have divided their main conferences into small pieces and after the presentation of the iPhone 12, their iPads or the Apple Watch Series 6 has finally turned to computers and there are for all tastes and pockets: a MacBook Pro, a MacBook Mini and a Mac Mini.

Three computers that will have inside the new M1 chip, Apple's first processor after the end of the historic alliance with Intel that, on paper, promises performance at the height of what was expected or so demonstrated by its main data.

If you're thinking about getting one of Apple's new computers, you're sure to want to know the prices of the new MacBook Pro, MacBook Air and Mac Mini, as well as what kind of audience it is aimed at.

This computer is configured as the cheapest option, since the price of the new Mac Mini starts from 799 euros.

Inside you will find the new Apple chip that promises to completely change the experience, especially by improving the speed of the CPU, making everything go much faster.

It is a very versatile computer that although it behaves like a desktop computer is very easy to transport, so you can take it anywhere.

In the end, the prices of the Mac Mini are left as follows:

  • Apple Mac mini: M1 chip, 8 GB, 256 GB: from 799 euros.
  • Apple Mac mini: M1 chip, 8 GB, 512 GB: from 1, 029 euros.

Like the other two new computers from Apple, the MacBook Air is built under the new M1 processor and is clearly aimed at those users who are always with the computer from side to side and want something that does not weigh much, but that has good performance.

Without a doubt, the MacBook Air is set up as the perfect choice for students.

As a more relevant fact, without a doubt, is its compact and lightweight design and that can reach up to 18 hours of autonomy.

As for the prices of the new MacBook Air, there are two options:

  • MacBook Air: A1 chip, 8GB, 256GB: 1.129 euros.
  • MacBook Air: A1 chip, 8GB, 512GB: 1.129 euros.

As for its star version, the MacBook Pro is presented as the perfect choice for professionals thanks to the 8-core CPU or the 8-core GPU that makes everything go up to 5 times faster.

In addition, it promises a battery life of up to 20 hours, so you can completely forget about going through the charger all day, as well as an even more powerful display.

As for the prices of the MacBook Pro, it stays as follows:

  • MacBook Pro 13 inches: A1 chip, 8GB, 256GB: 1, 449 euros.
  • MacBook Pro 13 inches: A1 chip, 8GB, 512GB: 1.6799 euros.

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