Apple presents wireless iPhone 12 charger MagSafe for 45 euros: Apple is betting again on wireless charging with a product called MagSafe, a nod to the beloved charging port that was part of all Apple laptops for years.

The new device, which has a price of 45 euros, allows you to wirelessly charge the iPhone 12, the new flagship of the Cupertino company. The device is simply placed on top of the surface and thanks to the magnets inside it, transmits battery to the smartphone.

In addition, Apple has also shown a wide range of accessories such as cases or holders, both manufactured by Apple, as well as by third-party brands such as Belkin.

But that's not all: the multinational has unveiled MagSafe Duo, a device capable of charging two devices at once.

Apple presents wireless iPhone 12 charger MagSafe

It should be noted that this MagSafe is not Apple's first attempt to address wireless charging.

In 2017, Apple announced a device called AirPower that was destined to fulfill the same purpose, but two years later, even though the product was announced and its name even appeared in related products, Apple removed the device.

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A Valencian company sells the first saliva PCR that you can do at home

Valencian biotechnologist Igenomix has put on the market "the first PCR saliva test for the detection of COVID-19", according to the company itself in a statement.

“This test is intended for the qualitative detection of SARS-CoV-2 nucleic acid in upper respiratory tract samples. It is a PCR test that can be easily collected by the patient himself, depositing a little saliva in a container that we provide when he receives the box with the test at home” " explains Gonzalo Echavarría, marketing director of Igenomix.

The objective of the test, in addition to facilitating the removal of the sample, is to allow the patient himself to take his own sample and send it to the laboratory to avoid the risks associated with travel.

Igenomix assures that the test is received within a few hours of being ordered online and that, once the sample arrives in the laboratory, the results are ready "in 24 hours".

The box that arrives to the client contains the instructions for collection and a small container where the patient can deposit the saliva, after having kept a micro fast of 30 minutes. The kit has a cost of 120 euros.

PCR is the most reliable test to diagnose COVID-19, but the process is complex and costly, requiring specialized equipment and professionals.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, ways have been sought to simplify the way the test is performed, both to reduce costs and to protect patients and professionals by avoiding unnecessary exposure. Igenomix assures that its test has a reliability of 99.4%.

Igenomix is not the first to bet on saliva samples to try to make the diagnosis easier. In fact, Galicia is testing a new system with which it would be possible to perform 100,000 tests per month.

According to statements obtained by "it's about using saliva that the user collects at home thanks to a kit that the health authorities are going to distribute to health workers, residential and, subsequently, professionals from other productive sectors."

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