Apple reportedly exploring search engine development now that the U.S. antitrust lawsuit may jeopardize its multibillion-dollar deal with Google as Apple can loosen ties.

Google pays billions of dollars a year to the iPhone manufacturer for being the default search engine on its devices. Therefore, in the antitrust lawsuit filed by the US Department of Justice against the search engine, it is granted that Google would enter a state of alarm, "code red", if it loses this revenue path.

The Wall Street Journal estimated in a recent article that, under that agreement, Google would pay Apple about 11.000 million dollars - 9.000 million in euros-a year, which would represent almost a third of the turnover of the search engine. In return, Google gets back all the revenue generated by advertising on searches performed on devices such as iPhone.

But now this agreement is in serious danger precisely because of the antitrust lawsuit that became known a few days ago. And Apple has moved tab: it is exploring developing its own search engine, as advanced this Wednesday the Financial Times.

The British media emphasizes that a small change in the operating system of the iPhone, the iOS 14, is that now the device first shows own search results instead of offering them through the Google engine. Although the historical search engine is still the default in Apple's web browser, Safari, this small change in the system says a lot.

Apple reportedly exploring search engine development

The Financial Times notes that Apple is very discreet with its internal projects, but deduces that this move "is further proof of the growing evidence that they are working on a search engine that rivals Google." In fact, remember that two and a half years ago, the Cupertino firm signed the head of Google searches, John Giannandrea, which was initially interpreted as a formula to enhance the development of Apple's Assistant app, Siri, and its capabilities in artificial intelligence.

While it is not the first time it has been raised that a rival of Google is working on its own search engine, this time it could be feasible. Not only because of this new detail in iOS 14-they are still 'bottled' results-but because, as the British newspaper points out, creating a real rival for Google could take years.

But Apple expects profits of more than dólares 55 billion this year, and has a cash flow of more than caja 81 billion: it can afford long-term investments.

In addition, several experts consulted by the Financial Times point out that one of the consequences of the antitrust lawsuit against Google could be the order to end the agreement between these two tech giants.

Apple reportedly exploring search engine development

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I have tried the realme 7 and I am clear that it is the perfect ally for gamers with a very fair price

For a few years now, finding a mobile that has good performance, but also has an acceptable price is becoming easier and easier. It is a strategy that brands such as OPPO, Xiaomi or realme follow, a company that year after year manages to surpass itself with increasingly interesting devices.

A few weeks ago, they presented their new series 7 family with which, again, they wanted to put the difficult things to the mid-range and the truth is that they do it with very interesting credentials.

Usually, they offer two versions of their devices: one that they call Pro and another that comes without that appellation that has lower performance — and obviously is Cheaper -. On this occasion it has been something very similar, but it should be noted that both devices are quite different and are aimed at a very different audience.

The realme 7 Pro that I analyzed already at the time bet on photography and an absolutely amazing fast load and this realme 7 that I now have in my hands is intended for the gamer public and those users who are looking for fluidity on the screen.

That does not mean that you do not bet on a very interesting design, a photo section that meets, a fantastic battery and a very remarkable fast charge.

The best? Its price: 179 euros for its most basic version, something that I consider a real gift for lovers of playing on the mobile, since frankly, few defend themselves so well for a similar cost.

Having devices with a personality as strong as the X50 or as original as the realme 6 Pro, it has left me a little cold the design of the 7 series. I already commented on the 7 Pro and this time the feeling is the same: it is original and beautiful, but it has not completely fallen in love with me as if it has happened to other devices of the firm.

The realme 7 opts for a split into two parts that leaves a small strip that cuts the rear camera module in two and offers a matte look and a really original glossy one. Of course, it leaves quite a few traces.

In addition, like his older brother, he bets on a module for the rear camera in frame, leaving the classic in-line design of his previous models and the truth is that it suits him very well.

The pushbutton is located in an area of easy access, with the volume control on the left side and the on and off button, as well as the fingerprint sensor on the right, something that for me is somewhat inferior to the 7 Pro that integrates all the security on the screen and seems to me much better option.

At the bottom is the speaker that offers enough power to enjoy any content even if it only has this audio output, USB-C connection to allow fast charging— which is a highlight of the terminal-and mini-jack connection for headphones something that, personally, I always consider quite a success.

In addition, the feeling in the hand is very positive, with a very suitable grip and weight that does not make anything difficult to handle with the device in any situation.

This realme 7 comes with a 6.5-inch panel with a FullHD + resolution of 2.400x1080 pixels that looks frankly good thanks to that refresh rate of 90hz, which makes the experience when scrolling through menus, opening apps or surfing the Internet much more fluid.

Of course, there is one point that I did not like so much and is the feeling that the screen has a poor brightness, especially in low light conditions. Not that you have to squint or put your hand to cover the light, but I did feel that it lacked some power —it offers 480 nits of billo according to realme.

Of course, personally, I stay with the panel of this realme 7 in front of its pro version simply for its refresh rate that has given me the feeling of going more fluid, although in the comparative it comes out winning the screen of its Big Brother.

For everything else, everything shown looks downright good and the experience is very positive, even despite the huge hole on screen located in the upper left corner that houses the selfie camera. Anyway, little to criticize in this section, since it is something that all modern devices suffer and without a doubt is much more effective than a notch, which after all eats much more screen.

This is how they sell it in realme: a device with which fans to play on the Mobile could enjoy the experience without any problem. For the same reason, I think it is essential to stop at this point as it deserves because in the end it is the big difference from the Pro version and one of the main reasons to decide between one or the other.

If you don't feel like stopping at a deeper analysis, I leave you the short answer. Does it meet as a good gaming device? Yes, and in an outstanding way.

To put it to the test I chose to play Genshin Impact, the popular free to play that is being the sensation of the moment both on consoles and mobile and the results have been fantastic. It is a game with a powerful graphic load that demands a demanding processor and the truth is that I have not felt any reduction of frames or slowdown and in addition, the device does not heat up almost anything despite being with gaming sessions of a few hours.

If with this game the results have been so positive, imagine what you can do with some that are not as powerful as Fortnite, Call of Duty: Mobile or whatever you can think of. You will not have any problem and also everything on the screen is presented in a very fluid way.

In addition, everything is supported by a 5.000 mAh battery that will let you enjoy for hours of your favorite games and on the processor MediaTek Helio G95, a SoC developed specifically to enhance the use of games.

Of course, while during gaming sessions the processor performs excellently, during everyday tasks with the device, especially with multitasking, it resents a little, although it is also not noteworthy.

As I have already commented, the realme 7 is accompanied by a battery of 5.000 mAh that if you do not play with the Mobile will give you for two days at full performance without problems. The thing changes, obviously, when you decide to put yourself with a title, since the numbers drop considerably.

It's not a concern either and depends on the power required by the title of the mobile, but it doesn't matter what you put on the screen: it won't leave you lying around all day.

In addition, it comes with a fast charge of 30W, which is not as powerful as the 65W offered by its Big Brother, but that lets you charge the device from 0 to 100 in about an hour.

If you already know realme UI, which is based on Android 10, you already know what you are facing: a very clean and customizable operating system that leaves very interesting details for the user.

There is the option to give the style you want to the apps, its beautiful dark mode, the shortcuts or the various modes that it offers to save battery consumption, to name a few examples.

It also has some gestures, which work great like double tap on the screen to turn it on, draw one or to open the camera or a V for the flashlight.

However, I think it lacks some more customization, especially on the off screen, as it does not show notifications, nor does the clock and the locked screen only allow me to access the camera.

Of course, at a functional level the operating system fulfills so much, everything is very consistent and the apps of the software itself respond in a remarkable way.

In this section, I definitely stay with the Pro version. Not because the device malfunction, in any of its sections —the facial recognition is pretty fast and is able to recognize you without problems, although not with a mask, and the fingerprint reader works well— but because in this realme 7 the finger sensor is located on the button side and the Pro version is located built-in screen.

This is a very personal thing, but having the reader in that area, I always end up giving it the wrong way with the wrong finger or there are certain accidental pulsations that completely break the experience. \

As for the camera, if what you are looking for is a more versatile section it is better to bet on the Pro version, but if it is something that you are going to use on more specific occasions, since you are looking for other features, you will find a photographic section that is not bad and meets remarkable results, especially in conditions with

On the main module, the realme 7 mounts a 48-megapixel main lens, an 8-megapixel wide angle, 2-megapixel macro lens and a 2-megapixel black and white mode.

For its part, the selfie camera houses a 16 megapixel lens that defends itself in an acceptable way.

As for the video section, the rear camera achieves 4K video at 30 fps or the option of HD video at 240 fps and the option of FullHD at 30fps or 120fps with video in normal resolution.

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