From AirTags to a new iMac: what Apple will present at its next event on November 10: Apple unveils 10 November AirTags new Mac products - Apple has saved some aces up its sleeve, and will show them next November 10.

The company has held two events in the past two months. One in September, focused on the new Apple Watch Series 6 and the Apple Watch SE, as well as the new iPads. Another in October, just a few weeks ago, in which the new iPhone 12 were finally presented, which for the moment have given the company some displeasure.

Now Apple has announced an event called One more thing, the iconic phrase with which the company revealed its surprises at its conferences.

However, the era of surprises at Apple Park seems to be over. If something has characterized the last two events of the technological has been the absence of novelties with respect to what had previously leaked figures like Jon Prosser. So much so, that even Prosser himself had already been weeks warning that the multinational would announce a new event this month.

In recent months there has been talk to the extent of new products such as AirTags, utensils that will take advantage of ultra-wide band technology-UWB - to help you find lost objects such as your wallet or car keys; or a new AirPods Studio, a new Headband headphones in the style of Beats —The Sound subsidiary of Apple—.

Apple unveils 10 November AirTags new Mac products

While the company continues to boost its services segment, these are the main gadgets that Apple is expected to present at its new event.


Of the Apple AirTags has been writing months in the main technological media. They will be small chips that can be placed inside the purse or a keychain. Its function is very basic: if you lose the object, you can place it inside the same room thanks to UWB technology, ultra-wide band.

The iPhone will be able to tell you where the lost object is inside the same room. The device will be a first approximation of Apple in the use of this technology that, although not New, its implementation will become massive thanks to the fact that the iPhone manufacturer already works with semiconductors lithographed in 5 nanometers.

Other future uses of the UWB in new Apple terminals could be the use of a new range of gestures that do not depend exclusively on the touch screen. Now you can shake your phone, or point directly at a lamp to turn it on, change the TV channel by pointing it with your phone, among many other things. The reason is none other than, thanks to the UWB, the new iPhones will be able to be located geospacially much more accurately.

Up until now, connectivity at home with Apple devices depended mostly on the devices being connected to the same wifi network. Other devices would also take advantage of Bluetooth technology for this same. With the UWB No More menu browsing, now mobile phones take on a new dimension.

AirPods Studio

Although Beats is Apple's sound subsidiary, the Cupertino company would be working on wireless AirPods that would not be mere In-ear headphones: they would be Headband headphones. They had been talked about for several months, but rumors grew when early last month it became known that Apple was stopping selling third-party headsets in its physical Apple Stores as well as on its website.

Media outlets such as Bloomberg have advanced that the new AirPods Studio will include as many customization options as with those already available other devices of the multinational, such as its Apple Watch —you can change and customize its strap, as well as the type of watch face displayed on the screen—. In addition, 9to5Mac also advances that if you take off the helmets from your head and put them on your neck, they will stop playing music.

A new Apple TV

The Last Apple TV launched by the Cupertino firm was presented in 2017 and was already compatible with 4K resolutions. however, the device has become somewhat obsolete, since you still saw Apple's A10X processor, the same one that was assembled in the iPad Pro of that year.

It is a constant within the rumor mill surrounding the iPhone manufacturer. However, Jon Prosser, the filter that has unveiled many of the company's surprises in its recent events, has already warned on social networks that there will be no new Apple TV until next year. What does not mean that, indeed, it can already be presented at the event next November 10.

Specifically, it is speculated with a new Apple TV since in February this year 9to5Mac found files within the source code of tvOS 13.4 —the operating system that runs on these systems— references to a new piece of hardware.

That is why there is speculation with the development of a new device for televisions that can be decorated with an A12 Bionic chip like the one that is assembled in the new iPhones, or with A30 Bionic processors.

In any case, it is assumed that the new Apple TV will also be the basis for UWB technology, as is already the recently presented HomePod Mini. One more proof of the bet that Apple is making for this technology.

New iMacs or new MacBooks

It's not very clear. Apple introduced its new iMacs in August, which featured a revamped webcam reaching resolutions of up to 1080, as well as a new SSD mechanical hard drive. These computers also mounted a tenth-generation Intel chip; possibly for the last time: Apple announced the end of its historic alliance with the semiconductor manufacturer.

Similarly, Bloomberg assured this same year that among Apple's plans stands out a renewal of the iMac environment, and that it would be a "substantial"renewal. It is unclear whether that renewal would be limited only to the improvements that Apple announced in August.

In addition, last June those of Cupertino announced that their next Mac would have their own chips, and warned that their new devices would arrive at the end of 2020. They were abandoning Intel's x86 architecture and embracing the ARM of their new Apple Silicon, as detailed at their annual developer conference, WWDC.

With this, two of the surprises that users could find at Apple's One More thing event are precisely a new iMac and a new 14-inch MacBook Pro.

Apple unveils 10 November AirTags new Mac products

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Lanzadera, Juan Roig's accelerator, will cede its facilities to IBM in exchange for its artificial intelligence technology

Lanzadera, the accelerator and business incubator of Juan Roig, President of Mercadona, has signed an agreement with IBM to technologically boost new startups in the space. Following the rubric, The Marina complex of companies will give space to the American multinational in exchange for its capabilities in artificial intelligence.

Through this collaboration, framed within the Space Shuttle initiative, startups will have access to the IBM Cloud Platform, which includes the benefits of AI, blockchain, security or weather data, among others, through the Startup with IBM Program, which offers a technology loan worth up to 120,000 dollars (just over 100,000 euros) for one year.

As part of the agreement, IBM will also provide shuttle entrepreneurs with the support they need to optimize the use of the IBM Cloud Platform through their technical specialists, as well as providing access to teachers for entrepreneurs, as well as courses and training pills on emerging technologies. For its part, the technology will be able to have shuttle facilities.

In this way, the heading reaffirms the trend of the incubator in recent months to enrich the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Marina de Empresas (Valencia), attracting technological partners (Wayra, GeeksHubs or BIGBAN) in exchange for the use of the enclosure. The Last of them, Wayra (Telefónica), was confirmed just a month ago to extend its business throughout Spain.

"At IBM we have a dedicated and dedicated digital organization to support entrepreneurs with the technology they need to successfully run their business. Agreements like this help us to go further, where our artificial intelligence and blockchain technology is most needed, in the cloud," says Horacio Morell Gálvez, president of IBM Spain, Portugal, Greece and Israel.

In turn, the shuttle environment " will allow startups to receive advice and support from a reference multinational such as IBM, which will bring a lot of value to their solutions [...] and it will have an enormously positive impact on our entrepreneurs and their companies", in the words of Javier Jiménez, general director of the incubator and accelerator.

Lanzadera is part, together with EDEM Escuela de Empresarios and the Angels investment Society, of the Marina de emprendimiento de Empresas pole. It is an initiative of Juan Roig located in the Marina de València that has the mission of training, advising and financing entrepreneurs of today and of the future and that constitutes "a commitment to the creation of wealth, employment and the promotion of the culture of entrepreneurship".

It currently hosts 130 startups, although since its creation in 2013 it has supported more than 500, providing around 15 million euros of financing in loans. Among all, they have managed to generate more than 2,250 direct jobs, as well as external investment of more than 130 million euros.

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