Barcelona Santiago Pioneering cities Flying taxis Spain: In just over a year in the skies of Spain will see the first air taxis. It will not be vehicles that are carrying passengers on a regular basis, but test prototypes; but it will mark an important advance in the research of autonomous air transport.

Barcelona and Santiago de Compostela will be the cities that will see the first demonstrations of the aerotaxis, which will be managed by Enaire.

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This body, in charge of air navigation in Spain, provides control services in 21 airports in the country, including those with the highest traffic such as Madrid, Barcelona, Gran Canaria, Palma and Seville.

In addition, this entity is part of several European projects to promote the mobility of people in urban areas, either through air taxis or with the use of drones to transport packages.

Its general director, Ánggel Luis Arias, made the announcement of the EVTOL test schedule (acronym of electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft) in a virtual Congress organized by the official College of aeronautical engineers of Spain.

Barcelona Santiago Pioneering cities Flying taxis Spain

"It is necessary to take urban mobility to the third dimension, to airspace, and do it in a more efficient and sustainable way,” said the head of this control body.

Test flights in Galicia and Catalonia will be part of the projects in which Enaire participates, which are funded by European Union funds.

One of these programs is Corus-Xuam, led by Eurocontrol; and the other is Amu-Led, which is in charge of the technological Everis.

The roadmap “is that both projects have demonstrations of air taxis in 2022, " ENAIRE said in a statement.

In addition to Enaire's, there are other autonomous vehicle initiatives underway. One is the proposal of the Spanish technology Tecnalia, with a model that can carry a person or a load of 150 kilos, and that can travel about 15 km at a height of 100 to 300 meters. This company already conducted its tests in the middle of last year near San Sebastian, reports the country.

Also the State Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has on file the realization of tests of half a dozen prototypes for next year with various Spanish companies.

Barcelona Santiago Pioneering cities Flying taxis Spain

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With the current times art has had to transform and reinvent itself in order to survive.Barcelona Santiago Pioneering cities Flying taxis Spain

The coronavirus pandemic has closed museums and even prevented street artists from exhibiting their works on the streets, with the respective quarantines and bans on mobility.

Technology and social media have played a fundamental role and, although the debate about what can be considered art is more than open, this aesthetic discipline will continue to evolve over the years.

A clear example of this is Anna Zhilyaeva, a Russian woman who has put aside the canvas and the brush to experiment with virtual reality, leading her to have thousands of followers on her social networks.

Both on Youtube and on Instagram you can see videos where the artist shows the process of creating her most impressive works, such as a virtual reality picture of three well-known women: Julie Taymor, Salma Hayek and Frida Kahlo, to reflect the beauty and love that the film "Frida"gives off.

In addition, on his website you can see in more detail and explained his most impressive works, where busts, cities, still lifes and very spectacular three-dimensional landscapes predominate.

But that's not all, because Anna Zhilyaeva also has her own live show where she paints in a dizzying and virtual way while her art is broadcast on a giant screen so that the public can see the process.

And what material do you use to create this unusual and technological art?

A room-scale 3D painting virtual reality application called Tilt Brush initially developed by Skillman & Hackett, but acquired by Google in 2016.

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