Bella Thorne earns million dollars every 24 hours Onlyfans: this is how authentic influencers get fortunes by uploading erotic content - Disney star Bella Thorne is the last known face to open an account on OnlyFans is an online platform where users must subscribe, for a fee, to the channels they want to follow. It is not like other social networks, because, in this space, the content is mostly erotic. Precisely, the one that is forbidden in the rest.

A representative of the platform confessed a few days ago to the publication Page Six that Torne had been the first to make a million dollars in 24 hours. But there are many other stars, less known than Bella Thorne to the general public, who earn that amount or more in a constant way. So Business Insider has researched the platform to find out how they generate those amounts of money.

In recent years, OnlyFans has become an ideal website for those who want to make money from their selfies —specifically, those of the riskiest -. Here, sex workers, who provide these kinds of services, such as intimate photographs or so-called tone ups, upload their content to a pay wall, so their fans have to pay to be able to follow them.

This social network has no restrictions on content. And, the creators, they can upload photos without clothes. They take 80% of what they generate, thanks to the subscriptions they accumulate. OnlyFans has become the ideal site for sex influencers who want to monetize their business.

However, getting there is not easy. Creators face several challenges. First, make yourself known. The content is only accessed here once it has been paid for, so followers must come already loyal. But it is difficult to attract them, because on other websites or networks you can not show the explicit content that they sell. The erotic platform also does not have the classic 'Explore' button, so users do not receive character recommendations.

How can we convince audiences to subscribe without knowing what the account behind the wall is like? This vicious circle hinders, in a way, success. The creators of the platform should turn to other social networks to gain followers and build a fan base that will redirect to their OnlyFans account.

Despite these obstacles, some of these sex workers have succeeded in bringing mass audiences together. In fact, the most popular influencers pocket 6-figure amounts. By the way, during the pandemic, the web has razed.

Bella Thorne earns million dollars every 24 hours Onlyfans

Business Insider has spoken with several of the most famous entrepreneurs of this social network to find out how they have managed to make a gap in this space, making it profitable.

The techniques they use to create their audiences, own content and retain their subscribers can be transferred to any other pay-per-use platform.

Unique content is essential to convince users to pay. If what you upload is so common that you can find on any other website, and for free, you will not have many chances to succeed.

King Noire, one of the top influencers of OnlyFans, has specialized in BDSM, that is, in sexual practices involving role - playing, Domination and submission. Therefore, he believes that consolidating a niche of his own is a priority in this space.

"People follow me because my content is unique," he says. "There may be others who do something similar, but they don't do it with my experience, or with my taste."

Since OnlyFans allows creators to generate revenue, the key is to identify a gap in which to attract the audience, rather than positioning itself as the common denominator. What matters is going into detail, not looking for breadth.

The sex workers of the platform agree: they attract images and videos raised in tone. But being able to connect with the audience is what keeps them loyal. "What other websites like this allow you to chat with your erotic influencers?", poses Erica North, One of the most famous characters of OnlyFans. In 2020, he earned more than 211,873 net euros ($250,000).

North bets on privacy. Instead of using your account to share naked images, use this space as a way to monetize the communication with fans you already have across the US.

"I tell everyone the same thing, that what I like most about OnlyFans is talking to people," he says. "When I tell my followers that I'm there for them, I really think about it. I want to talk to them. It's the best part of my routine."

King Noire agrees. Word of mouth is one of the most useful ways to reach audiences.

"No matter how technological everything is, nothing will boost your profile more than one of your followers feels you're there," says Noire.

Added value is the most critical for a channel to succeed. The creators recommend spending twice as much time promoting what you've uploaded, than recording it. Especially in this network, whose limitations already make it difficult for people to reach your profile. You have to make an extra effort to reach the audience.

OnlyFans erotic entrepreneur Miss Henley is also among the most popular on the network. Your page has provided you with 84,762 euros ($100,000) in the last 12 months. She devotes 70% of her time to promoting herself and the remaining 30 to creating her proposals.

"If you're not your biggest advertiser, then you're doing yourself a disservice," he says.

OnlyFans has created a whole community. Content creators help each other by recommending each other in their profiles. These channel suggestions are made via Telegram, Signal or Discord, other applications.

Influencers have a method-unofficial— to benefit from the recommendations they make, as Amber Killion account, another one that has reached the figure of 84,762 euros (100,000 dollars) this year.

How do they do it? If both accounts have a similar number of followers, promotions are free. But if one has a very large audience, it will charge the other between 30 and 60 euros, according to Killion. Sometimes, some will upload content from other peers simply because they like it.

"Partnering with other explicit content creators is one of the biggest assets you can have, at least when it comes to promoting yourself," Henley says. "I know of no one who has succeeded, who has not collaborated with others."

Bella Thorne earns million dollars every 24 hours Onlyfans

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