Beyond iPhone 12 lists new Apple planned products launch this year - If there is something that characterizes Apple is the expectation it creates in the launch of its new products every September. And although its ecosystem is becoming wider, there is one device that focuses all eyes, the iPhone.

This year, the model that plays is the iPhone 12 and it is expected that among other innovations, it is adapted to operate with 5G connectivity, although this entails a sacrifice on the battery.

Last year was a great time for Apple's product launches.

The company not only kept its release schedule with up to 3 new models and a new Apple Watch, but 2019 also had some surprises like a new iPod touch and two new pairs of AirPods.

And although in this year 2020 the company led by Tim Cook has already delighted the staff with a new iPhone SE or a new iMac with SSD and Intel processors, if we listen to rumors and reports, Apple has much more in its portfolio for 2020.

And all while fighting Epic Games over Fortnite's in-app payment rights and supply issues and weakened demand stemming from the coronavirus pandemic, which has led Apple to temporarily close most of its global retail stores and switch to remote work arrangements.

Beyond iPhone 12 lists new Apple planned products launch

iPhone 12 series

Already entering more into the matter, we must talk about probably, the most anticipated launch of the year.

The new iPhone 12, which will probably be composed of three models as has happened in the current generation formed by the normal version, the Pro, and the Pro Max.

This year is really important because the iPhone 12 would be the first generation of Apple smartphones that integrate 5G connectivity, although sacrificing some battery.

It is true that it is not known whether it will eventually delay the launch or marketing of the new smartphone, because this year is being atypical due to the pandemic that have affected all kinds of events.

The funny thing is that by now it is usually known everything about iPhones, but not this year or at least not in so much detail. A curious thing since it is not even known when the event will be held, although Apple missed a test on its own YouTube channel in which it was said that it would happen next September 10.


The best-known tablets on the market are the iPads. Although they were renewed only a few months ago, some news indicates that the cheaper versions of them could be renewed and even be cheaper.

Specifically would be the iPad and iPad Mini those that could have a price of 329 and 400 euros respectively, although without too much news on the previous generation.


The new Macbooks would have an Apple's own processor, saying goodbye to the Intel chips they were mounting so far. The rest of the features are hardly talked about, and is that Apple is quite continuous in this type of devices and whose main novelty among models are the inches of its screen.

The 14-inch Macbook would be the laptop to release Apple's processors later this year.

As for the iMac is concerned, Apple pulled out a" renewal " without any substantial change beyond the inches just a few weeks ago, so it is not to be expected that the American of surprise with such equipment.

Cheap Apple Watch

The Apple Smart Watch is an item that many users use. Although it is still unknown if this year there would be a new Apple Watch, there are some news that would have leaked according to some rumors about improvements in water resistance, sleep analysis and the possibility of measuring blood oxygen.

On the other hand, some sources point out that an Apple Watch could become a reality this year, although little detail is known about it.

Do not forget that WatchOS 7 brings with it a lot of news.

Apple TV

Apple TV is a way to make your TV smart. Although the functionalities would be the same, but it would undergo a renovation at the hardware level. Specifically and according to what is currently discussed, could have the A12 Bionic as a processor, although not much is known about it, but it could be a possibility.

A cheaper HomePod

Apple wants to compete in the market of smart speakers. Until now, the HomePod corresponded with a very premium speaker, expensive and the only option with which to enjoy Siri at home.

Both Google and Amazon have had a greater success than Apple, although logically, that device that launches Apple is always sold as churros.

It is still not very well known what this new device will consist of, although it is most likely a cropped version of the HomePod, predictably in the auditory section, despite the fact that it is very difficult to start competing with the competition it currently has.

It is also true that since its launch in 2017 for 350 euros, it is a device that has not undergone any renovation.


The signature Apple is not really popular for its accessories. Although, this time they would have a certain prominence because they would be very curious. Specifically, AirTags would be small devices to locate objects such as keys.

Its price is still unknown, but if they are really effective they would be a gadget that would make life easier when it comes to finding and locating objects.

You may also see a possible wireless charging base light after canceling AirPower.

The Apple Glasees are another of the projects that are on the air and that of course could fit perfectly into Apple's plans for this year.

Apple One

A few days ago, Apple announced a new service that would be presented in September, taking advantage of the launch of the iPhone. Apple One would be a new subscription service through which paying a certain amount of money per month, you could enjoy several services in a more economical way than if you hired them separately.

The aim of this measure is for users to test and stay using new services.

Beyond iPhone 12 lists new Apple planned products launch

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