Bill Gates confesses personal Steve Jobs envy: "he was a genius" - Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates has acknowledged in a recent interview that he was "very envious" of his counterpart at Apple, Steve Jobs, mainly for his charisma and his ability to motivate others.

"Jobs was a genius," Gates says in the Armchair Expert podcast, in which he talks about how hard it was to get the company going, the conciliation and the technological career, in which he especially admires his partner and competitor of the iPhone.

"He did a brilliant job founded Apple," he says. And besides, outside the Apple firm, " he also did good things." Although it was not always successful, he points out.

However, for Gates, the highlight of Jobs ' career was when he re-led the company he had raised alongside Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne in 1976.

Less than a decade later, in 1985 Jobs was forced to leave the offices in Cupertino (California, USA), although he returned in 1997. "Apple was going to die. That period [of Jobs] is really excellent, " considers the co-founder of Microsoft.

Bill Gates confesses personal Steve Jobs envy

When Jobs returns he knows what to do, according to his partner and competitor. In fact, "no way" Apple would have survived without it. At that time, there were several exits for the company that "was going to die."

One of his main qualities was his ability to choose the people he worked with. "He didn't know how to write code, but he did know how to pick someone who did it great," he says. He also knew how to find the best manufacturers.

In addition to his success in signing teams, Jobs was good at encouraging his professionals. "He was a magician motivating people," he says.

"He was very jealous," Gates admits.

However, at times, Jobs was a "very difficult" person. In that sense, the co-founder of Technology says that it is something that happens when you have to start a company, deal with problems continuously and prevent everything from ruining. Gates believes that these complicated circumstances are projected onto the people you surround yourself with, in your mood.

In that sense, he also explained how hard it was to work every day, give up vacation and personal life to take Microsoft forward.

End of Bill Gates confesses personal Steve Jobs envy

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These 4 young Spaniards have created a startup to disinfect planes, schools, hotels and offices that has already captivated Iberia

The newly created Spanish startup Loop has designed a disinfection system that now uses Iberia to clean its aircraft.

They are equipment that the airline has started to use this August, in the midst of the coronavirus crisis, for the deepest daily disinfection of the cabins, and that are based on spraying the surfaces with a disinfectant liquid that dries almost instantly, as explained the aviation giant.

But the striking thing about Loop is that it is not a clean —to— use company, but a startup founded in the midst of the pandemic by 4 young people-two engineers, an airplane pilot and a commercial-who have developed this initiative based on their experience in the sector and without leaving their respective jobs.

"It occurred to us that we had to improve the security of the citizenry," explains Loop co-founder Luis Osorio in conversation with Business Insider Spain, also explaining that "designing a system during the pandemic and in full confinement was not easy".

Osorio is an industrial engineer specializing in ventilation and air conditioning systems, and has founded the startup with his partner Juan Cañete, airline pilot and former cabin crew; Antonio Cañete, industrial engineer specializing in the energy sector and pressure equipment products, and Jaime Rodriguez, its commercial director. The first three are the owners of the company.

Thus, the creators of Loop have designed and manufactured in Spain 4 disinfection systems based on spraying with spears that generate droplets with biocides, and that intend to be useful in schools, hotels, offices, residences, universities and airlines, among others.

"We have always had the vision that this is a global solution," explains Loop's engineer and co-founder.

The startup also facilitates training for proper use. Osorio also indicates that they have always had in mind "that it is an environmentally good and efficient solution", of which Iberia highlights its low power consumption, which makes it more sustainable.

For now, Loop is offering its devices under two different sales models: one direct sales to customers and the other through a rental or rental of equipment to companies, since from the startup, Osorio points out, understand that not all companies can make an important investment at this time.

As for prices, from the new company explain that they adjust the devices and services to each of their potential customers, for example, according to whether the customer prefers them with and without battery, stainless steel or aluminum, or with help system for climbing stairs or without it.

Similarly, loop has also begun advising customers on how to improve air quality, although they cannot yet name other companies they are partnering with —but they say they will soon do so.

Finally, Osorio comments how, given the nature of his company, "it might seem" that they want " the virus to move forward." "But on the contrary, of course not," he stresses, insisting that his intention, from the beginning, has been to contribute his experience in this crisis situation. "It's just a solution for the moment we live... possibly last a year, or a year and a half, " recalls the engineer.

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