BlackBerry resurrects new physical keyboard 5G 2021 smartphone as BlackBerry has returned, renewed but maintaining the essences.

The once dominant mobile brand designed for executives prepares its return for 2021 with a smartphone with integrated physical keyboard, classic franchise, and 5G connectivity developed by Onward Mobility, which has just signed an agreement with the mobile company and FIH Mobile, a subsidiary of Foxconn.

"Our devices will focus on security and productivity, with all the attributes and functions of today's most sophisticated smartphones - and some more— at a competitive price," said Onward Mobility CEO Peter Franklin in a statement collected by Tom's Guide.

Details about the phone itself are still scarce, as Onward Mobility did not want to filter specifications, price, operating system or any other type of information that is normally used to assess the capacity of a smartphone. So far, all that is known is the 5G connectivity and the typical BlackBerry keyboard, and it will be focused on companies that value productivity.

The announcement of this new model represents a revolution for the brand, since last February we thought we had attended its last goodbye when TCL, which had the license to develop and sell the phones, announced that it was ending its rights to the firm. Since then, TCL has focused on developing its own smartphones, while BlackBerry has apparently found a new partner at Onward Mobility.

Historically, BlackBerry phones were a real mobile revolution in the early 2000s, but they failed to adapt their product to the user experience. With the arrival of smartphones, the company did not want to join the cart of ubiquitous touch screens today and struggled to maintain the essence that years ago had made it great, failing in the attempt.

Already in a final bet to the desperate, TCL released BlackBerry KeyOne and Key2 models, which did not finish working on the market and Bode the worst of luck for the Canadian firm.

BlackBerry resurrects new physical keyboard 5G 2021 smartphone

Although it is still a few months away from knowing the ins and outs of this new model, dated for mid-2021, Onward Mobility has left some clues as to why the new device will be focused on a particular user. In its announcement, the company highlighted the large number of employees who have to work at home in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic and who will need to securely access critical data and applications.

Onward's idea, as you can see, is for BlackBerry's security software to focus on this point and the phone's physical keyboard to help people work more productively outside the office.

Of course, everything has changed since the last time we saw a BlackBerry debut in the bestselling Mobile Arena. The iPhone, which replaced the BlackBerry as a reference smartphone, has only strengthened its position in the market thanks, in large part, to its vast App Store and processors such as the A14 chip, which will debut on the iPhone 12 in the coming months.

On the other side of the competition, Android has adapted to the market with giant screens like the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, a feature that offers the opposite of the BlackBerry brand. With these two giants involved, the Canadian firm and its physical keyboards will have a hard time making a gap, but Onward Mobility and its partners have plenty of time to come up with the right key.

End of BlackBerry resurrects new physical keyboard 5G 2021 smartphone


How to know if an app on your Mobile is spying on you with these simple tricks

In a world where we practically use our smartphone for anything and, with so much news about malware or malicious apps that steal information, it's normal for you to worry about whether it might be happening to you and wonder how to know if an app you have on your Mobile might be spying on you.

Every day that passes is more difficult to be completely safe, so the first step you have to take is to be very careful with what you install on your smartphone, making sure that the apps you download always come from reliable sources and developers.

However, it is normal that something escapes you and to know if one of the apps you have on your mobile spy you need to check the permissions granted that have the apps installed.

For an app to expire, it needs to have access to the camera and microphone, so you should pay attention to apps that have these permissions and have no reason to have them. For example, a flashlight application should not have access to either element, so it still has hidden intentions.

To know if an app on your Mobile is spying on you, all you need to make sure is that it does not have access to the microphone or camera, as those are the two most common ways.

On Apple devices it is much easier, since it has a specific section to review the permissions that each app has.

To check, go to Settings > Privacy > Microphone to view applications that have access to this feature and do the same with the camera by following the Settings > Privacy > Camera path.

The best thing is that with the update to iOS 14, this setting will be displayed on the screen, so if you see something strange when using one of your apps, it still has some hidden intention.

To find out if your apps are spying on you on Android, try the Access Dots app that works similar to iPhone so you can get out of doubt.

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