Where and how to Book PlayStation 5 Xbox Series X S next-generation leap - The next generation consoles already have price and release date and surely if you have planned the jump you are wondering where and how to book PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S.

The first thing to keep in mind, though, is that both Sony and Microsoft have announced two models of their consoles quite different.

As for PlayStation 5, there will be a version without a disc player that will be priced at 399 euros and a traditional one that will be priced at 499 euros, but there will be no internal difference between the two. Both models will go on sale next November 19.

For its part, Microsoft's strategy is very different, since the two consoles not only differ by the reader, but their interior is very different. Xbox Series S will be priced at 299 euros and Xbox Series X will start at 499 euros. Both consoles will go on sale on November 10.

The first thing you should know is that PS5 reserves are already open in the vast majority of stores, but in many of these sites it is already fully sold out, both in its digital version and traditional in the vast majority of outlets, but it is assumed that they will replenish stocks for the launch.

As for the Microsoft console, you should know that the Xbox series X or Xbox Series s reservations will open next September 22 at 9 am in different outlets such as Amazon, MediaMarkt, FNAC or the Microsoft Store itself, although for the moment there are no direct links except those of Microsoft itself that already warn of when you can book The Xbox Series X or series S.

Book PlayStation 5 Xbox Series X S next-generation leap

Book PS5 on Amazon

-Digital Edition for 399 euros
-PlayStation 5 with digital reader for 499 euros

Book PS5 in Mediamarkt

-Digital Edition for 399 euros
-PlayStation 5 with digital reader for 499 euros

Book PS5 in Carrefour

-Digital Edition for 399 euros
-PlayStation 5 with digital reader for 499 euros

Reserve PS5 in the English court

-Digital Edition for 399 euros
-PlayStation 5 with digital reader for 499 euros

PS5 booking in FNAC

-Digital Edition for 399 euros
-PlayStation 5 with digital reader for 499 euros

Reserve PS5 in GAME

-Digital Edition for 399 euros
-PlayStation 5 with digital reader for 499 euros

End of Book PlayStation 5 Xbox Series X S next-generation leap


The best cheap webcams you can buy right now

Has your company decided to implement telework recently? Do you have to attend video meetings with the team or video conferences with customers? If you have a laptop you will have the webcam that comes included, but if you are going to work at home with a desktop computer, you probably have to purchase one of these peripherals.

During the months of confinement these accessories were sold out and it was quite difficult to get one at a good price. Many could be purchased, but had very long delivery times due to lack of stock. Much of the obligation was forced to telework and all of it had the same need at the same time, skyrocketing its demand.

Now manufacturers have put on batteries and it is relatively simple to find a good webcam at a decent price. Here we offer a selection that may be interesting to you.

There are several things you should consider before you get a webcam. The main one is whether it is HD or Full HD. This can make a difference in some ways. If you work in an audiovisual environment or where the image is very important, you should make sure you buy one with 1080p and not 720p.

They usually take autofocus to focus on you in relation to the background. In addition, some have built-in microphone, which will make it easier not to have to buy this accessory too, although the theme can be fixed with a cheap headphones with microphone.

Are you going to make use of the webcam from the same site? Some models give ease to move or turn, thinking of those who have more restless needs. As for their fixing mechanism, you have them with a kind of clamp or clip and some come with a small tripod.

Don't forget the security aspect, either. A webcam can be a relatively easy gateway for cybercriminals. That is why it is convenient to have it covered when not in use. In this sense, some webcams already come with a built-in tab to avoid aviesas glances. Do not worry because, if not, this can be easily solved even with a piece of cellophane paper.

The software is another aspect that you will need to take a good look at. Some brands have them very complete, giving the possibility to blur the background, put virtual backgrounds or introduce effects or filters to the figure or figures. They usually carry Plug & Play and are easily installed.
With all these aspects in mind, these are the best cheap webcams you can buy right now:

  • Webcam Kogolike
  • Youkuke Webcam
  • Webcam snowuk
  • Webcam Galapar
  • Webcam Dericam

A full HD webcam that has a very interesting price. It comes with built-in omnidirectional microphone that supposedly filters out external background noise.

The camera has a tab to ensure privacy. It comes with a system that facilitates its rotation and a small gift tripod so you can position it on the table or any other surface.

The webcam can be connected easily without installing any software. Just plug it into the USB port.

One of the cheapest 1080p webcams you can find on Amazon. In fact, it is below 20 euros in price.

It works at 30 fps and one of its advantages is that you can adjust the focus manually. It also has low light auto correction to better illuminate the scene. It even has a facial enhancement technology to make you look better.

Like the previous one, it carries a built-in stereo microphone and eliminates background sounds to focus on the voice. It has a viewing angle of 75 degrees.

Don't let the sober design of this peripheral fool you. This webcam will fulfill your video calls. On Amazon 2 out of 3 buyers rate it with 5 stars rating.

It should be noted that it includes a degree of vision up to 110 degrees, much more than the previous model and interesting for those who need a larger field of view.

Its facial enhancement technology optimizes the image automatically.

It has a rotating clip to move it without difficulty and, like the rest, can be used without installing anything.

This camera has a format quite different from the other models of our selection, holding on to a kind of foot and with the microphone coming out of an independent arm. It is designed primarily for use with laptops.

Another curious aspect is that it has built-in four LED lights that turn on and off via a button located on the reverse. This can illuminate you better if you make nighttime video calls or have to record high-quality video.

It also features manual focus so you can adjust it to your liking.

If we stick to the number of reviews as a measure of confidence, this webcam takes the palm. It has more than a thousand on Amazon and for 52% of its buyers is a non-stick item.

It features Full HD at 30 fps, dual microphone, automatic light correction, Plug & Play connection and a cover that completely covers the camera so your privacy is safe.

According to the manufacturer, it responds quite well to nearby elements, such as a Macro mode of 8 cm.

Its usual price is almost 29 euros, but sometimes it has a 5% discount coupon, leaving it at 1.5 euros cheaper.

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