Cabify accuses Spanish regulatory landscape VTC sector: The vice president of Public Affairs of Cabify, Mariano Silveyra, has protested this Tuesday for the future that awaits his company in the face of the restrictive regulations that have been implemented in regions of the country and that hinder its activity, in his opinion, as well as the goals of decarbonization of cities.

"Today the entire sector of VTC and Cabify, being the first Spanish unicorn, we have a horizon with a precipice ahead of two years", lamented the manager in his intervention in the debate cities with future: the challenge of mobility, which has organized the employer of digital companies Adigital.

He has also criticized that the " only thing "that has been done over the past few years has been to"put totally ridiculous restrictions". "The 15 minutes and the hour in advance there has been no one who has been able to explain it with some consistency and there it is, implemented in 7 autonomous communities", he said, referring to the regulation that first implemented Barcelona.

Silveyra has assured that in this way in Spain "we are losing opportunities" in terms of climate change.

"If we really want that the implementation of low emission zones in cities or towns of more than 50,000 inhabitants to be effective, be fast and have the impact that we all want to have, we need to encourage the emergence of new mobility alternatives," he noted, insisting that you can't "ban people that don't move with your only available option and not offer anything in return."

The manager has also stated that in London there are more than 10 times more discretionary alternatives available: "I mean taxis and VTC, there are 10 times more than in Madrid when there is practically no difference in population".

Cabify accuses Spanish regulatory landscape VTC sector

In this sense, Silveyra has stressed that it is necessary to promote sustainable mobility proposed by companies such as Cabify through "legal stability", something that he considers "essential".

Platforms that connect passengers with drivers of cars with VTC permits have boasted since their launch of their ability to decrease pollution in cities, while being criticized for the opposite.'

Uber maintains that if all citizens of cities took their vehicles instead of their own cars there would be no traffic jams, less pollution would be generated.

However, many studies have pointed out that Uber and Lyft have moved their users away from buses, metros and walking to their destinations, and that what they pollute adds to the usual US traffic. Others indicate that both Uber and Lyft are hurting traffic in many American cities.

At the same time, Uber has promised to transform its fleet into 100% electric by 2030, in Europe, the US and Canada. Cabify includes in its Sustainability Report a similar commitment, but referred to its fleet in Spain.

Cabify accuses Spanish regulatory landscape VTC sector

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Cabify accuses Spanish regulatory landscape VTC sector

It is one of Lidl's Star Products.

Your Monsieur Cuisine Connect food processor triumphs for its wide functionalities and above all its competitive price.

Reasons why it has become a phenomenon that ravages every time the company puts it up for sale, selling out in a short time.

If you are one of those who has already heard about its goodness in the kitchen but does not yet have it, you have a new opportunity, because Lidl will again sell in stores its Monsieur Cuisine Connect food processor next November 28.

Among the features of this food processor stand out its touch screen, access to online recipes through its Wi-Fi connection and the guided cooking through the cooking Pilot function that will help you prepare each dish explaining each step to follow in detail.

Monsieur Cuisine Connect offers various cooking functionalities and a speed adjustment of up to 10 levels. With it you can knead, steam, sauté everything automatically and regulating the temperature at your leisure. It has 1200 watts of cooking and 800 watts of whipping with a glass capacity of 3 liters.

And of course, another reason why it conquers is its price, which makes this product an economical alternative to other similar products, such as the famous Thermomix.

As the company lets you know through Twitter, from next November 28 you can buy its flagship product for a price of 359 euros and only available in stores. Although from previous experiences it is possible that it will run out that same day.

The children's version Monsieur Cuisine Connect Mini will also be on sale for a price of 29,99 euros.

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