The Chinese government prefers closing TikTok US to a forced sale after Trump's veto to the social network - I'd rather be dead than American.

The technological culebron of the summer has undoubtedly been the ban in the United States of TikTok, the well-known Chinese social network of microvids, unless it is purchased by a company based in the country. In this way the operation, a direct consequence of the new Clean Network that the Donald Trump administration is playing with, would force the sale of the successful application so that it could continue operating in the US.

Now, if a few weeks ago we learned that this business would have to be endorsed by the Chinese government, now everything points to Beijing preferring to leave the US market rather than transfer the company to a competing company, probably Microsoft, Oracle or Twitter. ByteDance, TikTok's Matrix, has no choice but to obey.

The unilateral decision of the Chinese government may not have sat too well in the company, which has been negotiating the transfer of its shares for weeks and planned to close the operation before the end of the month. Thus, according to Reuters, the executive would have decided to abort the sale "so as not to appear weak in the face of pressure from Washington."

Asked about the litigation this Friday, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said the Trump administration-represented mainly by the president and his Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo-was "abusing the concept of national security" to ban Chinese applications such as TikTok and Wechat, in addition to blocking their cloud servers and provoking a schism in global application sales.

Potential buyers of TikTok, however, also have their own plans to go ahead with the transaction and bypass the Chinese authorities. If your legal department gives the go-ahead, the suing company would proceed with the acquisition. But not the app, but its assets without key algorithms.

If this is the path the Americans —and TikTok's picky businessmen-will take to leave the Beijing belt, the Chinese administration itself is also preparing its own legal response: the new technology export regulation passed on August 28, which would delay any deal until October and ruin the sale.

Chinese government prefers closing TikTok US

Thus, in the midst of this power play, ByteDance and its founder, Zhang Yiming, find themselves in a no man's land where, no matter what, they will lose their influence in one of the world's great markets, whatever it may be, and the endorsement of their government.

In early August, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced the introduction of Clean Network, the government's private commercial offensive against Chinese technology companies.

In this framework, and as a fallback to override the executive order, Trump signed two executive orders to ban TikTok and WeChat in app stores in the United States, block its cloud servers and force TikTok's parent company in China, ByteDance, to sell its assets in the country. With the announcement alone, the government secured the acquisition of an emerging company and a winning ballot for next November's elections.

The idea, as put forward by several government officials, was to avoid the influence of the social network on American homes, where it has become tremendously popular in recent times. Trump's argument, in this case, is that TikTok would pose security risks to the population, since their personal data would be controlled by a company "enemy and controlled by the Chinese Communist Party," according to the bill.

Overall, the idea of a Clean Network as proposed by the Trump-Pompeo tandem resonates for more than one as a new Great Firewall in the US similar to that used by China against foreign internet services. To sum it up quickly, it is a system of filters, algorithms and a team of officials that will prevent certain information from being published on the internet that comes to your home.

In a cluster of cross-measures, this clean network would ban U.S. companies from doing business with Chinese applications, but TikTok's initial order also leaves room for a forced sale of TikTok's U.S. arm to a home-based company, probably Microsoft or Twitter. WeChat's order, by contrast, offers less room for manoeuvre, as it focuses on banning all transactions with the app itself, regardless of who owns it.

End of Chinese government prefers closing TikTok US

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