The Chromecast 2020 controller Google TV great revolution: I have to admit: since I tried the first Chromecast-already 7 years ago—, I have not stopped recommending it to everyone. The first time I heard about this gadget I found a revolutionary device capable of giving a second life to a television, 'the perfect gift for any birthday', and even, a small whim for any user.

This equipment was able to convert any monitor into' smart ' at a time when Smart TVs were nothing more than anecdotal in homes.

However, with the passage of time and with the popularization of the same, together with the little evolution of this small device, the device had become somewhat outdated... so far.

And it is that the Chromecast 2020 has left me pleasantly surprised. It is a great commitment to innovation with respect to previous generations, since it not only brings novelties at the hardware level, but also comes to present a new product: Google TV, a personalized compilation of almost all your streaming services —it has its small exclusions, which I will discuss later—.

If you want to see what the pros and cons of Chromecast 2020 are, keep reading this review.

The Chromecast 2020 has been revamped in terms of design. The device is now a little larger, more flattened, softer and, above all, more pleasant to the touch.

However, unlike previous models, this is connected to the power through a charger-this comes in the box, as well as batteries for the controller—. The others were enough to plug them directly into the TV via a USB.

Chromecast 2020 controller Google TV great revolution

The controller has two volume controls on the side and several very intuitive switches (YouTube, Home, Netflix, Mute, reverse, off/on —eye, Chromecast, not TV—, input, a navigation and selection wheel, as well as a large button more colorful Google Assistant —which I will talk about later).

On a practical level, it has been especially useful for me to explore all the goodies of Google TV. In addition, the color I have tried seems to me current and fun, very in the line of the company.

Of course, I would have preferred that one or two buttons could be customizable. Specifically, some of the streaming services since, for example, in my case, I watch more HBO than Netflix. In fact, in my day to day, I access YouTube Music through Google Nest Hub and not from TV.

Here comes one of the most attractive innovations for all those who like image quality. The Chromecast 2020 now supports 4G at 60 fps and HDR content. It also adds support for Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos.

Of course, having it does not mean that you see with this configuration. You will need a television that has this resolution or, if not, it will not serve you at all. That is, if your TV Les HD, you will see the contents in HD.

As for compatibility with the soundbar as well as my TV, I have not had any problems. I found it a bit tedious process, but once you set everything up via Google, you won't want to go back.

Inside it mounts a quad-core chip that is accompanied by 2 GB of RAM, as well as 8GB of internal storage. The experience is fluid, and I have not had problems of lags, slowdowns or annoyances that have prevented me from enjoying any content.

Google TV is the new bet of the Mountain View company. Specifically, it's a service that adds almost every streaming service you subscribe to. And I say almost, because there are exceptions and some glues, as well as solutions to these 'problems'.

To begin with, it has 3 large areas: home page, apps and collection (in addition to the classic 'Search' button). In the first is where the personalized recommendations appear, in the second the apps you have downloaded, while in the third will include all those contents that you add to your 'Watchlist'.

In this sense, by default, Google TV installs platforms such as Netflix, Disney+, DAZN, Amazon Prime Video or YouTube. However, it leaves others especially relevant in the Inkwell—as is the case with HBO -.

In fact, the former work perfectly with Google Assistant, so you just have to press the button that appears on the controller to do it and say the correct command: "play Emily in Paris on Netflix". Automatically, the service will take you to the exact chapter and minute where you left the series. This offers an excellent experience, since by pressing the button you forget the famous 'Ok, Google' that you have to say before anything you want it to do on other devices of the brand.

Thus, Google's 'virtual butler' does not work on other platforms that are not installed by default. This is the case of HBO, Atresplayer, Mi Tele or RTVE a la carte. At the moment, you can install platform on Google TV and play any content manually, but when trying to use voice commands, on all occasions I missed a warning message that indicated, in the case of HBO —for example— that HBO Max was not available in Spain. Despite this, it displays the cover of the content in question on the screen, but it stays there.

Of course, although it has a very wide catalog, you can not access Apple TV+ or Apple Music. The reason is simple: those of the bitten apple are not compatible, for the moment, with Android TV. In fact, this does not even let you download them on Google TV.

There are other apps a little more extravagant in this case that are recommended by default, as is the case of the VPN Hello! (I see it less useful) and other services such as The Economist (in Spain it has little relevance). But Chromecast doesn't just live off series and Movies, You can also play Asphalt 8 or Badland, among others. Of course, you will need a controller from a console. Personally, I would have liked to be able to play with the controller that comes in the box, so I hope it will be in the next generation.

Among the strengths there are two things that I have especially liked. On the one hand, in the interface, appear personalized content similar to my tastes on the platforms to which Google TV has access. It is similar to what happens in other services, but this time they all appear together, which allows me to select something specific without having to go one by one through all the platforms.

The second thing that I loved —and I emphasize this feeling— is that the scores of different international specialized websites (such as Rotten Tomatoes) of each content appear at the top of the series, film or documentary that you select or recommend. In this regard, you can see if it is well valued or, on the contrary, it is not. And it is that no one wants to waste time with contents that are not good, right? At this point, maybe I miss some local web like Hobby consoles —sweeping For Home—, Sensacine or Filmaffinity.

Another interesting point would be to add several user profiles in the recommendations screen since, despite the fact that in the different services there are still several, in Google TV there is only one. This can result in, for example, mixing sci-fi recommendations and monologues, even though it has been seen by two different people in the family unit.

Rarely will you hear me recommend something so strongly. The Chromecast 2020 will be especially useful for all those looking to give a new life to their 'dumb' TV and want to turn it into Smart TV. It will also serve to give a twist to that smart TV —but little— and are thinking of buying a new one, since for less than 70 euros it will make you endure a few more years.

In case you have a state-of-the-art TV it will bring you above all by the fact that you have all your services and platforms concentrated in one place, but it may not be worth the outlay.

As for Google TV, I would have liked a little more customization in the Spanish market, as well as the possibility of adding several user profiles, but I imagine that everything will come with time. Of course, it seems to me a very positive first step to what could be a content aggregator under a single fee. Now it is not conceived under this approach but, if evolution is that, surely they will succeed.

Chromecast 2020 controller Google TV great revolution

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