Cloud Services Xbox Surface boost Microsoft third quarter: it earns 11.8 billion euros, 30% more than a year ago: Microsoft won in the third quarter of 2020 —first of 2021, according to the accounts of the company, which starts its fiscal year in July— 30% more up 13,893 million dollars of net profit (11.800 million euros) and improved its revenue by 12% to 37.154 million dollars (31.557 million euros) between July and September, according to the accounts presented by the company of Redmond (Washington, united States).

The growth of its tools for companies, which improved by 9% to bring 9.378 million in revenue, driven by the increase in demand for teleworking due to the pandemic —especially the Office 365 software package whose revenues increased by 21%—. The work platform Teams, one of the most used by Le teleworking, reached 115 million active users, when in April it had 75 million.

The company also recorded an increase in revenue in the Consumer Office Automation segment, which grew by 13% to 11,195 million with 45.3 million home users of Office 365, 27% more than a year ago, were the main impulses for Microsoft in this quarter.

"PCs have become critical to sustaining work, learning and home life and maintaining business continuity in companies. Devices with active Windows increase by double digits every year, " said Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella at the conference with analysts to comment on the quarterly results.

Cloud services and servers grew by 22%, with a very significant increase in the Azure platform, which increased revenue by 48%.

Cloud Services Xbox Surface boost Microsoft third quarter

"The demand for our cloud services offer caused a robust start to the fiscal year with the 15.2 billion in revenue generated by our cloud services, a 31% compared to last year," said Microsoft's executive vice president and Chief Financial Officer, Amy Hood, through a statement, in which she stressed that they will continue to invest in this sector, which they consider "a significant opportunity".

The segment of factory-installed OEM Windows operating systems fell by 5%, 22% in commercial ones, impacted by the demand for larger displays and services, as well as the end of technical support for the Windows 7 system.

They also improved data from the gaming business, with 30% revenue growth coming from Xbox, particularly from third-party games and Xbox Game Pass service subscriptions, which exceeded 15 million users.

"Gaming is the fastest growing category in the entertainment industry," said Satya Nadella at the analyst conference, where he was "excited" by the launches of the new Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X consoles, which will be "the most affordable and powerful consoles available."

Surface tablets contributed 37% more to the company's revenue, due to increased demand for teleworking. The LinkedIn platform contributed 16% more revenue, with 722 million professional users and "three hires per minute," according to Satya Nadella.

Even so, the data did not convince investors, who after the market close caused the share price to fall from dólares 213.85 per security to dólares 209.7 in the out-of-hours trading.

Cloud Services Xbox Surface boost Microsoft third quarter

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Sony shoots PlayStation profits by 40% just before PS5 launch

Less than a month before the launch of the PlayStation 5, Sony's futuristic new console, the Japanese multinational does not notice the pause before a new release, but improves its sales data for games and PlayStation Plus subscriptions, as revealed in its quarterly results.

The japanese company reported a sales increase in the segment of game consoles and games 52.2% compared to the same quarter of the previous year until the 506.000 million yen (4.124 billion euros) and a 40% increase in its operating profit in this segment, which reached 104.900 million yen (855.050 million euros), the segment that brings in front of televisions and digital cameras, which we reported 504.700 million yen.

Although this figure is lower than the previous quarter, from April to June, clearly impacted by the pandemic, in which the gaming segment meant more than 600,000 million yen, it represents a great increase compared to the same period of 2019, even more so when it is about to launch a new console to the market.

According to the Japanese company, the "significant" increase in this business area is due to the increase in sales of both games and the PlayStation Plus subscription, which reached 45.9 million subscribers and 107 million active users, somewhat less than those of the previous quarter, still marked by the pandemic, while logically sales of the PS4 have fallen.

That increase in revenue was also marked by the release of the graphic adventure Ghost Of Tsushima, which became the fastest-growing game in digital sales in the history of the Japanese company, with more than 2.4 million copies sold in its first three days.

Following these results, and with the growth expected from the launch of the PS5 —which in Spain is scheduled for November 19, 2020— the company nippon has revised its forecasts for the end of the year to rise 4%, from the 2.5 billion yen that was expected to enter (20.384 million) to 2.6 billion (21.200 million euros), so his benefit would end up located in the region of 300,000 million yen (2.446 million euros), a 26% more than the previous year.

All this before the launch of the new PlayStation 5, with which Sony is already receiving a "very considerable" demand, as the company's CEO Jim Ryan told Reuters on Wednesday.

"The demand that we are detecting for the level of previous bookings is very, very considerable," said Ryan, who cautioned that the early days may not be able to meet the full interest of the players.

"It could happen that not everyone who wants to buy a PS5 on launch day can find one, "said the company's CEO, who claimed that they are working" as hard as they can " to produce the maximum number of consoles.

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