Confirmed Android smartphones list receiving Android 11 - After several months in beta phase, Android 11 is now official and has begun to update on compatible devices.

Google's new operating system brings countless new features that make the user experience even better and safer with greater control of privacy and security, chat bubbles, improvements in notifications or the ability to record screen, among many other things.

As usual with a release of these features, Android 11 will gradually arrive at devices that can be upgraded to this version and as always, each company will play with the software to adapt it to their needs.

What is striking about Huawei is that, although some of its devices will receive the update to Android 11 under the name EMUI, as usual, is immersed in the development of its own operating system, HarmonyOS, which will arrive in early 2021.

Confirmed Android smartphones list receiving Android 11

These are all the phones that will receive Android 11


-Huawei P40
-Huawei P40 Pro
-Huawei P40 Pro Plus
-Huawei P40 Lite
-Huawei P30
-Huawei P30 Pro
-Huawei Mate 30 Pro
-Huawei Mate 30 Pro 5G
-Huawei Mate 30
-Huawei Mate 30 5G
-Huawei Mate 30 RS Porsche design

Google Pixel

-Pixel 4
-Pixel 4 XL
-Pixel 4A
-Pixel 3
-Pixel 3A
-Pixel 3 XL
-Pixel 3A XL
-Pixel 2
-Pixel 2 XL


-Galaxy Note 20 Ultra
-Galaxy Note 20
-Galaxy Z Fold 2
-Galaxy Z Flip 5G
-Galaxy S20 Ultra
-Galaxy S20 Plus
-Galaxy S20
-Galaxy S10
-Galaxy S10 Plus
-Galaxy S10E
-Galaxy S10 Lite
-Galaxy Note 10 Plus
-Galaxy Note 10
-Galaxy Fold
-Galaxy Z Flip
-Galaxy A71
-Galaxy A51
-Galaxy Tab S7+ 5G
-Galaxy Tab S7+
-Galaxy Tab S7 5G
-Galaxy Tab S7
-Galaxy Tab S6 5G
-Galaxy Tab S6
-Galaxy Tab S6 Lite


-LG Velvet
-LG V60
-LG G8
-LG V50
-LG V50S


-Motorola One 5G
-Motorola Razr 5G
-Motorola Edge Plus
-Motorola Edge
-Motorola Razr
-Moto G Stylus
-Moto G Power
-Motorola One Fusion Plus
-Motorola One Hyper


-Nokia 9 PureView
-Nokia 8.3
-Nokia 8.1
-Nokia 7.2
-Nokia 6.2
-Nokia 5.3
-Nokia 4.2
-Nokia 2.3
-Nokia 1.3


-OnePlus 8
-OnePlus 8 Pro
-OnePlus North
-OnePlus 7T Pro
-OnePlus 7T
-OnePlus 7T Pro McLaren Edition
-OnePlus 7T Pro 5G
-OnePlus 7
-OnePlus 7 Pro
-OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition
-OnePlus 6T
-OnePlus 6


-Sony Xperia 1 II
-Sony Xperia Pro
-Sony Xperia 10 II


-Xiaomi Mi 10
-Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro
-Xiaomi Mi 10 Youth Edition
-Xiaomi Mi Note 10
-Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Pro
-Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Lite
-Xiaomi Mi 9
-Xiaomi Mi 9 Pro 5G
-Xiaomi Mi 9 SE
-Xiaomi Mi 9 Lite
-Xiaomi Mi 9t
-Xiaomi Mi 9t Pro
-Xiaomi Mi A3
-Redmi K30 Pro
-Redmi K30
-Redmi K30i 5G
-Redmi K30 5G
-Redmi K20 Pro
-Redmi K20
-Redmi Note 9
-Redmi Note 9 Pro
-Redmi Note 9 Pro Max
-Redmi 10X 5G
-Redmi 10X 5G
-Redmi 9
-Redmi 9C
-Redmi 9A
-Little F2 Pro
-Little X2
-Little M2 Pro


-Oppo Find X2
-Oppo Find X2 Pro
-Reno 3
-Reno 3 Pro
-Oppo Reno 4 PRo
-Oppo Ace 2 EVA Limited Edition


-Vivo X50 Pro Plus
-Vivo X50 Pro
-Vivo X50


-Asus ZenFone 6


-ZTE Axon 20 5G

End of Confirmed Android smartphones list receiving Android 11


It's never too late to start: 11 Spanish startups demonstrating the benefits of having an experienced founder

The cliché of the young entrepreneur who launches a revolutionary idea in a garage is seductive, but when launching a startup experience is also a value that brings contacts, market knowledge and other strengths. According to the Mapa del Emprendimiento, a study that develops the organization of the forum of entrepreneurs South Summit with a sample of more than 1,700 startups, a third of Spanish entrepreneurial projects have at least one person 'senior' (over 45 years) in their founding team.

The experienced professionals who are encouraged to start a company are more and more in Spain: from being 10% of the total founders in 2014, according to the South Summit have gone on to account for more than 20% of the founders of emerging companies in 2019, the latest edition of the study.

Spain has, according to this study, a greater tendency to include 'seniors' in the founding teams of startups, since in European startups its presence falls to 18% on average and in Latin American it is 16%. However, the majority of projects initiated by a person aged 45 or over are done alone: 55% of startups led by an experienced professional are single-person ventures.

The sectors in which they usually start their business are very varied: insurance, robotics, big data, culture, biotechnology, home automation, blockchain, security, e-commerce... Below you can find some of the startups launched by 'seniors' that are having an upward trajectory in Spain.

Asier Uribeechebarría devoted two decades of his career to the banking sector, between Banco Guipuzcoano, where he was director of zone and director of digital business, and Banco Sabadell, which bought the Basque entity and with which he made the leap to Mexico to land its business model. After that journey he decided to start and launched Finanbest, an automated investment management company through roboadvisers.

"We launched the company with complete certainty that the average Spanish saver suffers from poor advice, high costs and/or commissions, and strong conflicts of interest in traditional entities", explains Uribeechebarría to Business Insider Spain.

In 2019, they offered annual returns of between 5.8% and 27.1%, multiplied by five their turnover and this year maintained this growth rate until March, when the coronavirus pandemic caused "a significant shutdown of the business" and made them focus on preventive measures. After the summer, they resume their focus on signing new clients.

Under the point of view of this entrepreneur is experienced, having a founder with experience is beneficial to any startup, but even more for those dedicated to the financial world: "In a financial institution, it is imperative to have people with knowledge and experience of long-haul, prudence, and above all, understand the value of money that has been saving with much effort over the years."

The cyber security expert Miguel Rego, with military training and a long career that includes the address of the INCIBE (National Institute of cyber security) and management positions in companies such as Deloitte, EY, and Ono, found that demand for cybersecurity services of the companies I was going to go on the rise —some analysts estimate that only in the European Union will need more than 300,000 workers in this field before 2022— and that there was a lack of specialists, which he founded iHackLabs.

This company creates simulation environments using technologies such as virtualization, orchestration and cloud computing to create "very real and adaptable training camps, both to the evolution of threats and to the digital reality of organizations", explains Miguel Rego to Business Insider Spain.

In a "sweet" moment for the sector, iHackLabs is growing both in turnover and in results due to increased demand for its services. Invested by Wayra, the startup support platform of Telefónica, this same week was announced its purchase by Telefónica Tech, with which Rego has become vice president for Defense and security of Eleven Paths, the cybersecurity area of the Spanish multinational, dependent on Telefónica Tech.

For the founder of this company, " management experience is a great help to launch any company." "In my particular case, I am also fortunate to have accumulated a very complete view of cybersecurity," adds Rego.

The founder of iHackLabs believes that his passage through both private companies and public institutions connected with defense and national security has helped him "to understand well the needs of customers and to propose solutions that solve them in an efficient way."

The growth in the consumption of organic, organic or sustainable products is not always consistent with their packaging, which in many cases continues to use plastic materials. The Barcelona-based company Ivesol has specialized in developing "ecological packaging for the agro-food, textile and pharmaceutical industry", as its founder, Xavier Batlle, explains to Business Insider Spain.

Batlle, entrepreneur of 58 years, he directed for two decades the Editorial Ronsel Barcelona, crossed the pond to collaborate on the beginnings of the University of la Plata Basin in Formosa (Argentina) and, on his return to Barcelona, he decided to embark in the field of sustainability, whose company has developed film reels transparent compostable, and biodegradable, among other products. They have also developed disposable products (glasses, dishes) that have had less impact due to the coronavirus crisis. In a year and a half, its turnover is around two tens of thousands of euros.

"My strength, coming from the publishing world, is communication and my experience helps me to better communicate the product I am offering and the customer understands it, because it is a more expensive product than the one that is polluting. It is said that the devil knows more for Old than for Devil, in some cases I have more ease to talk to some customers", explains this veteran entrepreneur, who is associated with the young engineer Francisco Javier Rubio, in charge of the technical part and international development.

Care for the elderly and dependents is an area little exploited by technology that nevertheless offers many opportunities, such as the proposal of the Cordoba company BePrevent, which introduces bluetooth devices in everyday objects with which you get information about the activities of the person and indicates whether he is performing his usual routine or has occurred strange behavior.

"The aging of the population is transforming our society and, far from being something negative, from the business point of view places us before a great challenge that offers enormous economic opportunities", assures Business Insider Spain Rafael Serrano, one of the founders of this company, which launched after extensive experience in the care sector with adults.

That experience is, in his view, the key to the value of being a senior entrepreneur. "There is the romantic idea of disruption from the outside but it rarely happens. Know the sector, the main players, the characteristics of the customers, the financing, have the right contacts... It offers the company an advantage, without a doubt, over the one coming from outside, " adds Serrano.

BePrevent is one of the startups supported by the public company Enisa with a loan of 104,000 euros with which they were able to introduce their product on the market in 2019, year in which they sold 700 devices and sold out stock. In 2020, despite the crisis of COVID-19, they have multiplied their sales in the first half to reach 2,500 devices sold, have expanded capital by 750,000 euros and have internationalized their business to countries such as Canada, Sweden, Germany, Peru or the Czech Republic.

The technology of connected objects, or Internet of Things, is one of the great trends of the future and improving its connectivity through a satellite network that offers 5G coverage is the goal of Satelio IOT, the company founded in 2018 by serial entrepreneur Jaume Sanpera, founder of the telecommunications company Eurona, which is currently listed on the alternative stock market (MAB).

Sanpera, which founded its first company in 1994 dedicated to video conferencing services, has not stopped creating companies. "When I left Eurona, my interest was to get started again in a global project that would allow me to develop all the experience gained during these years", details Business Insider Spain.

With 3.4 million funding raised, including 200,000 euros from the public company Enisa and 12 workers, IoT satellite plans to invest 4.6 million euros in the launch of nanosatellites, the first, called 3b5gsat, scheduled for next November from Baiknour (Kazakhstan). Their plans are to develop this satellite network until 2022, when they hope to have the "constellation" ready to offer it for service.

For Sanpera, one of the keys that an experienced founder brings is the ability to"face a lot of decisions in an environment of uncertainty."

"The experience accumulated during these years enhances that kind of intelligence called intuition and that allows you to make decisions based not only on the information available at the moment but also on the experience gained during the other initiatives," adds the founder of this startup.

The industrial engineer Juan Carlos Antigüedad made most of his professional career in the telecommunications sector, but after leaving a multinational launched into the world of entrepreneurship. After several projects, his relationship with a group of researchers led him to launch Polimerbio, a non-profit company that investigates the creation of new bioabsorbable materials for the biomedical industry.

Currently, this multidisciplinary team that brings together seven professionals from areas such as engineering, biology or chemistry, is developing its first product: a urological tube for the treatment of urethral stenosis. "Despite the fact that the pandemic has affected us a little, we do not think that we have much delay in bringing our first product to market", says Antigüedad Business Insider Spain.

It has the support of both state entities and Enisa, which granted them a financing of 175,000 euros, as well as the University of Navarra Clinic, Plastigaur or the Public Investment Fund Basque Fund, which are part of the shareholding of the startup.

For its CEO, being a "veteran" entrepreneur generates greater motivation and at the same time favors the growth of the company by putting their experience at the service of its development.

"It is important the experience of someone in a startup because you have to bring products to the market and manage economic needs, market, collaborations... and in these areas we can contribute a lot experienced people, but it is very important also the collaboration of young people with their knowledge and ideas", notes Juan Carlos Antigüedad.

After a career of over 20 years in the scope of the audit and the financial sector, the experience of White Sáenz as a mother of five children, one of them with autism, made him "question the system" and "a rush to promote change" with the creation of Abascool, a training company specializing in the treatment of autism that has the goal of improving the training of professionals and family in the field of the treatment of autism spectrum disorders (ASD).

"The creation of Abascool arose from nonconformity and the need to improve current approaches in the education and intervention of children with ASD," explains Business Insider Spain the Managing Partner of this startup of the education sector founded in 2017. In a sector where services are "overflowing" and specific care teams are "insufficient", adds Saenz.

Their trainings, based on Applied Behavioral Analysis-known by its acronym in English ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis)— include a master's degree in collaboration with the Complutense University and a therapist course. "In 2019 we met the billing expectations and in 2020 we are growing," explains its founder, who has been funded by the public company Enisa, of 175,000 euros. By offering online training, your business has been less affected by the coronavirus crisis.

For the founder of Abascool, being an entrepreneur with previous experience is not a nuance, but the basis. "Being an experienced founder marks the foundation of business aspects but, more than business experience, what makes the difference is the essence of the project, the conviction that the end has a social contribution and the ability to involve professionals," she explains.

After a career in the software world in which he founded two companies —one of ERP applications and another oriented to big data— and managed to sell both, Josep Arroyo decided at the age of 53 that his latest venture should be focused on "helping people in need" and thought of African migrants who come to Europe and the United States to work and send money to their countries, who have to face an average 10% commissions on established operators. "It is the most expensive broker in the world, according to the World Bank," he explains to Business Insider Spain.

Baluwo, as his company is called, helps money-senders ensure that their savings are invested in items that help their families, such as phone cards, payment for the electrical connection, food... To do this, this startup has about twenty delegates in 12 African countries, who are in charge of establishing agreements with local businesses, who receive the funds and give the families what has been bought with them.

Some 50,000 Africans, living in countries such as Spain, the United States, France, England and Italy, use their services in voice mail to send their remittances to their countries of origin —mainly Gambia, Senegal, Nigeria, Mali and Morocco— in a network that moves about 600,000.

Near break even, Baluwo received both public funding (175,000 euros from the public company Enisa) and private funding through a round of 600,000 euros with investors such as Cabiedes & Partners, Seed Rocket and investors linked to IESE. One aspect, that of financing, in which its founder considers experience to be paramount.

"What I bring is contacts and credibility, when you have sold several companies, and you already have some investor who has made money with you, having it helps to attract others... The experience also gives you the ability to attract team, although that also conditions, because they are people your age, " says Josep Arroyo.

For Javier Perea his startup Smart Protection also meant his second experience as an entrepreneur. The first was a pioneer: Anyware, a cybersecurity company founded in 1990, which bought McAfee in 1998. Since then, Perea continued her professional career at the Californian antivirus company acquired by Intel in 2010, although years later she disengaged from it.

"When I turned 50, I decided to turn my career around and go back to my roots (innovation in technology and entrepreneurship) and this is where the opportunity for Smart Protection and the dream of creating a global cybersecurity leader within their specialty arises," Perea tells Business Insider Spain.

Smart Protection, founded in 2015, offers a platform that identifies infringements on copyrighted content and eliminates pirated content. It is a member of a Google program dedicated to copyright protection and can deindex links that lead to illegal content on social networks.

In these five years, the startup has grown at a rate of doubling its revenues year by year, due to the increase in digital content consumption and the increase in piracy and counterfeiting. In 2019, it closed a € 5.2 million financing round, led by Nauta Capital and with Wayra (Telefónica), JME Ventures, Bankinter and Big Sur Ventures among its investors.

From his point of view, his previous experience in the software world has facilitated him to start the company: "having experience as an entrepreneur and executive in consolidated multinationals has provided a vision of both worlds and has helped us to add key people to the team".

Elena Gómez Del Pozuelo is well known in the Spanish entrepreneurship ecosystem, as former president of the employer Adigital and founder of the professional network of women Womenalia, but in turn maintains since 2014 an entrepreneurial project, the ecommerce gifts for newborns baby of Paris, which recently added a leg of services under the name of Baby Friendly Companies.

The business, conceived in 2014 as a web of birth gifts, began to include services in 2018, until this year there has been a "boom" in its portfolio of services and has pivoted towards a platform to which companies adhere, which have to sign an ethical code and can give their employees telepediatrics and coaching services to face the difficulties of parenthood.

"Our business has grown a lot right in the middle of the pandemic, and customers are increasingly asking for more services. It serves companies to retain employees, because it means an emotional salary", details Business Insider España Gómez Del Pozuelo.

With almost 170 companies joining the service and 14 people on staff, Paris baby products remain the largest part of the turnover (70%), which in 2019 reached 700,000 euros and in this 2020 expect to bring to the million. Their next goal is internationalization: they are already selling in France and the UK, and are preparing a round of financing to reach Germany and Italy.

For Gómez de Pozuelo, an aspect that distinguishes the mature entrepreneur is "the responsibility and the need to bring a family forward", which "sharpens the ingenuity", as well as experience. "When I invest I do not invest in young people, but I look for someone with experience in the sector, who knows him and has had success running a company or in other companies," he says.

Herminio Hernandez decided after a career as an image and sound technician in several multinationals to turn his career after hearing about digital currencies on a trip to the United States. From Leon, where he resides, he began in 2013 to create payment gateways and work with cryptocurrencies that then gave rise to Eurocoinpay, a platform that wants to compete with Paypal, Visa or Mastercard bringing cryptocurrencies closer to daily life.

With two dozen workers, they accumulate two years of profits and a turnover of 1.5 million euros in a service that includes both the sale of cryptocurrencies and services so that small businesses and companies can collect with them and their own cryptocurrencies.

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