Creepy robotic arm simulating hand-n-hand created and it`s like holding hands with someone while walking: If we had bet on science fiction films to predict the future, we would surely have taken a great disappointment because, in the year 2020, we still do not have robots that roam around our house and help us with tasks.

However, we are getting closer to this robotic future that this type of feature films advanced US and, in Japan, you can already go for a romantic walk with a wearable that simulates the arm of a person, as Gizmodo collects.

Researchers from the University of Gifu in the Japanese country have recently published a paper entitled 'My Girlfriend Walk' where they detail an elaborate robotic equipment that simulates the experience of shaking hands with your partner during a walk.

The' robotic hand ' in question is made of a soft and flexible material that creates the feeling to the touch of human flesh and features articulated animated fingers that allow to detect pressure and squeeze when held tightly.

The device also has a heat mechanism to simulate body temperature and to give the feeling of moisture, so the hand is able to emit sweat through a kind of pores.

Creepy robotic arm simulating hand-n-hand created

Beyond shaking hands, the gadget is able to recreate the complete experience of walking in the park alongside another person for what incorporates a sliding rail mounted perpendicular to the user's arm.

The Rail has the function of simulating the feeling that one person walks faster or slower than the other, for which the robotic hand is able to slide forward or backward.

However, here is not the thing. Researchers have thought of everything and the robotic arm is accompanied by a smartphone application that simulates and reproduces the sound of someone else's steps, as well as the whisper of their moving clothes.

Unfortunately, as the name of the paper indicates, this robot is far from inclusive, since it only simulates the hand of a woman. In fact, according to the same source, the researchers even went so far as to perfume artificial skin with Cologne.

Creepy robotic arm simulating hand-n-hand created

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Telefónica creates Koa Health, a provider of digital services for mental health care that starts with an initial funding of 14 million euros

Telefónica has created Koa Health, a provider of digital services for mental health care as an independent spin-off of its Telefónica Alpha disruptive projects laboratory, the company said in a statement.

After four years of research at Telefónica Alpha, Koa Health is constituted as a new company that will develop a portfolio of digital solutions focused on mental health and emotional well-being.

Its first product, Koa Foundations, is a mental wellness app aimed at companies to better support their teams and is already used by more than 250,000 employees.

Telefónica thus joins the new trends accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic that have driven, among other things, that companies add health platforms to the benefits they offer their employees.

The emotional and mental health impact that the health crisis has had on the population has made companies prioritize this area, according to Telefónica itself, which notes that the World Health Organization has urged to make an important investment to avoid a global crisis in mental health accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

"There has never been a greater need for digital solutions to address people's mental health," says the multinational.

The new company starts with a committed investment by the Ancora Finance Group and Wellington Partners Funds of 14.1 million euros that has been achieved in a series A financing round, whose total value may reach up to 30 million euros.

Telefónica will remain in the shareholding of Koa Health and also as a customer and partner. Ancora Finance Group and Wellington Partners, for their part, will have representation on the board of Directors of the new company.

Koa Health CEO Oliver Harrison has highlighted that with this investment the new company will expand internationally, invest more in clinical trials and continue to develop customized products that meet people's mental health needs.

Currently, the new company collaborates with organizations such as Massachusetts General Hospital, the leading American hospital in both psychiatry and psychology, and the Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust in the UK, to create technology-based mental health products backed by clinical research.

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