Daniel Betancort Kylie Jenner Rubius Chiara Ferragni sensation thanks to her beauty filters on Instagram - Kylie Jenner, El Rubius, Ester Expósito or Chiara Ferragni are some of the best known influencers in the world and they all have something in common: They have used Daniel Betancort's Instagram filters.

From the island of Lanzarote, and without any prior training in graphic design or 3D design, this young canary of 23 years has become the sensation of the most popular content creators of Instagram thanks to its beauty filters.

Daniel has been able to get the most out of the social network, as he knows that those with butterflies, flowers, vintage style, longer eyelashes, lip augmentation or tanning, are the ones that are razing right now among users.

It all started with a YouTube video tutorial, which explained the process to create Instagram filters. After seeing that it was not very complicated, he decided to launch and try to make his own.

"I had a stalled time not knowing very well what to do with my life and this was like a motivation to say,' Hey Dani, look how far your ideas can go,' " he says.

But how to achieve success in the universe of Instagram? Just make your content go viral.

Daniel created a filter that told you what animal you looked like called "reasonable likings" last December and, within 2 days, achieved unimaginable success.

Daniel Betancort Kylie Jenner Rubius Chiara Ferragni sensation

It has been used by between 30 and 60 million people, about 300 million times and all thanks to the "word of mouth" of Instagram. His followers on the social network also increased, went on to have 140,000 followers in just two weeks, 15,000 daily followers during the first week.

"I felt like Cristiano Ronaldo watching Instagram for 2 days, smoking," he adds. "The best ideas come suddenly, without expecting them."

The filter eventually went viral in countries outside of Spain, such as Brazil or Russia, despite the differences in languages, as the key to its success has been its simple dynamics.

It does not require any effort when it comes to understanding its operation and, moreover, the images are quite funny and funny, alternating "beautiful" results with more funny ones.

"A lot of people thought that there really was a system that analyzed their faces, for the effect, but the truth is that they're all random," explains Daniel.

In addition, this young filter creator was able to take advantage of the pull he had with this effect of "reasonable likeness" and make himself known in other areas such as beauty for influencers.

"When I started were the beginnings of filters on Instagram. Only a select group of creators could make them," says Daniel.

Since September 2019, the creators decided to share their knowledge with the rest of the world, so there began to be more tutorials explaining the process on platforms like Youtube, giving the opportunity to many people to learn.

However, making things one is not always the best option, so Daniel decided to ask for help from a Facebook worker, one of the biggest experts in the use of the program, who had also been involved in its development.

The program in question is Spark AR Studio, a free software specialized in creating filters provided by Facebook accessible to everyone.

However, to turn this hobby into a business, there has to be an investment in material, because in many occasions spending some money on ready-made effects, saves you time and, in the long run, money.

"Sometimes it's better for me to spend my money on ready-made effects, to save time and have it for myself, for future projects," adds Daniel.

Although usually the process of creating filters, once you master the technique, takes a few hours (1 or 2 days if it is something more complex), the work requires being connected 24 hours a day, contacting customers and retouching them to improve them to the taste of the consumer.

Daniel is now dedicated exclusively to creating beauty filters for celebrities. She has found a niche in the vast world of Instagram that seems to be booming.

"I had to learn a lot about makeup, before I didn't even know what an eyeliner was," says the young man. "Now I have a very extensive library of all sorts of things, like 30 kinds of ready-made tabs, for example. Now I'm an expert in makeup."

Although his filters at first were not the most favorable, some customers called them exaggerated, with the practice and confidence acquired, Daniel has managed to be one of the highest references in this sector.

His initial idea was to make free filters for influencers in exchange for advertising, to make himself known, but eventually he realized that he could turn it into his job and charge for it.

"I wasn't so confident before, so I told my customers to pay me only if they liked the filter. He was very insecure, " confesses The Canary. "However, now that I'm an expert, you have to pay me in advance."

The price of the filters varies depending on the complexity and hours it takes to create, but also depending on the influencer's followers.

The filter is in the name of the celebrities, so this can generate more followers if it gets a lot of reach. Generally, prices range between 70 and 300 euros.

"I can't charge the same to a person with 1,000 followers as to a person with 200,000, because in the end a filter is advertising," he explains.

In addition, Daniel notes that it is not as easy as it seems to be creating different custom things every day, because finding originality is sometimes complicated.

"I need to invest in looking for more new ideas, because everyone asks me for the same filters. In the end, you can't make 20 equals," he adds.

However, the young man explains that copying is the Order of the day on Instagram, and not only in terms of photos, but filters.

"Instagram Facebook content is no longer yours, but it is Facebook's, so you can't put your own copyright. It is very easy to plagiarize and not be able to do anything," explains Daniel.

At the moment for Daniel This is nothing more than a passing job, because his intention is to be able to save and study something related to graphic design.

"I'm earning a name with this, so I'd like to continue to train professionally," he adds.

Instagram Instagram filters also face a doubtful future, because in the world of social networks what is now a trend, not tomorrow, as happened with the Snapchat app, which also had an aesthetic very similar to that of Instagram.

"It's a somewhat uncertain job. Some months you earn brutally well and others you earn very little. That's why at the moment I do not plan to create a startup and take the business to the next level. I don't have a stable salary," explains the filter maker.

However, a world is emerging where virtual testers are beginning to gain more and more relevance. Many companies of glasses and accessories already offer the possibility to try their products through a filter on their websites, so that you do not have to go to the store.

At the moment, it is not known whether this will be part of a near future on a larger scale, but the series years and years of HBO gives clues that Instagram filters are far from over, they will simply reinvent, as always does technology.

Can you imagine trying on the famous dog filter as if it were a hologram and going out on the street with it? Would they become an alternative to makeup?'

Daniel Betancort Kylie Jenner Rubius Chiara Ferragni sensation

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