They denounce Amazon paedophile items sale, items that mimic half-body of girls and adolescents

The e-commerce platform Amazon marketed in Spain torsos silicone masturbators company Wava. Until now it was nothing out of the ordinary, but it is that these sex toys were branded as being intended for paedophiles, since they mimic the lower half of a body of girls and adolescents. After the controversy broke out, the company has removed this product from its catalog.

The Sickstoppers platform, committed to denouncing abuses and images of sexual abuse of minors on social networks, was responsible for denouncing that Amazon has for sale "sex toys intended for paedophiles". After posting the tweet denouncing this commercial practice, Twitter Spain has canceled its account.

Waba sex dolls have several models with height measurements ranging from 56 to 70 centimeters, which makes a clear reference to the bodies of girls or adolescents. Its promotion is based on "adult sex toy", has two openings (anus and vagina) and has a cost of 293 euros. Amazon even offers the option of financing it in installments.

Amazon Spain has referred to its sales policy and has explained to several media that the protection of minors, both children and adolescents, is a priority for Amazon. "All of our business partners must follow our sales guidelines and rules and those who do not will be subject to actions on our part that may include the deletion of their account. We have recently established even stricter measures in the area of erotic products and are implementing them accordingly, " they explain.

Denounce Amazon paedophile items sale

Amazon has a product classification that it considers offensive according to its sales policy. These include articles that depict children and young people in a sexually suggestive manner or that encourages child sexual acts, child nudity or drug use.

Sickstoppers has publicly requested from this social network the Congress of Deputies to ban this type of articles in Spain. "They promote the transition from paedophilia to paedophilia and do not serve as therapy nor would they ever prevent abuse by a paedophile or paedophile, on the contrary," they denounce.

A request that has reached the Senate by The Hand of the senator of compromise, Carles Mulet, who has forwarded to the government a parliamentary question in writing requiring them to clarify "whether they consider acceptable this practice and if within their strict powers intends to take any measure to regulate or prohibit these sales as they have done other countries".

Recently in France there was controversy over the sale through Amazon of another sex toy that imitated a girl. Following the denunciation of several associations, the secretary of State for family and children, Adrien Taquet, encouraged Amazon France to withdraw its product from its catalog.

In the United States, the company was also forced to withdraw several products from its sales channel because of its relationship with paedophilia. However, according to the Child Rescue Coalition, the sale of child sex dolls remains legal in the country, with the exception of the states of Florida, Tennessee and Kentucky.

End of Denounce Amazon paedophile items sale

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The best masks for children and recommendations for use

The masks have not only become a necessary complement in the day to day, also will be an indispensable element of this return to school.

Its use is mandatory at all times from the age of six. This is one of the measures agreed by communities and government to promote a safe return to classrooms.

In this way, all students over the age of six must wear a mask in class, on trips within the school, in the entrances and exits, in the yard or in the school transport.

So knowing how to choose the most suitable mask for children is key when it comes to protecting them and reducing the risk of contagion in class.

Currently on the market there are three types of masks: hygienic, surgical and those considered PPE (personal protective equipment) that can be used by children in classrooms since the standard does not impose a specific type.

They can be reusable or non-reusable, according to indications given by Health.

Non-reusable hygienic mask: should be discarded each use and not used for more than 4 hours. It is advisable to ensure that it complies with UNE 0064-2:2020. According to this standard, the bacterial filtration efficiency (EFB) should be equal to or greater than 95%.

Reusable hygienic masks: reusable masks must comply with UNE 0065:2020 regulations whereby the bacterial filtration efficiency (EFB) should be equal to or greater than 90%. In addition, the manufacturer must indicate the maximum number of washings from which efficacy is not guaranteed. When it gets wet or deteriorates it is recommended to change it. These masks are available in four sizes.

Surgical mask

They are disposable and their use should not extend beyond 4 hours. Its correct placement means that it is tightly clasped over the nose, mouth and chin. It is very important that in the case of children are be of a smaller size to fit properly to their face.

It is advisable to check on the label that the mask meets the UNE en 14683 specification. The CE marking on the label also ensures that the product complies with the legislation.

FFP2 mask

These types of masks are personal protective equipment (PPE). They offer greater protection because they have a higher filtration capacity. Its duration depends on the manufacturer although its use beyond 4 hours is not recommended.

Both the CE marking and the reference to the UNE en-149 standard on its label ensure compliance with a quality standard.

What are the recommendations for using each type of masks in children

According to the recommendations provided by health, healthy children should wear hygienic masks according to each age range. This aspect is important because it must be adjusted correctly to the size of the face to avoid openings and folds through which the virus can enter.

Covid-19-positive minors with symptoms or asymptomatic should preferably use surgical masks as they are designed to filter out exhaled air and prevent viral dispersion when sneezing, coughing, or talking. In children they must be a smaller size and meet all specifications to ensure their function. Although Health indicates that infected minors may also use approved hygienic masks.

FPP2 masks are designed for vulnerable groups and are therefore recommended for children with previous serious conditions.

Since masks or filters must be replaced every 4 hours, it is recommended that children take several to school.

Experts also recommend buying masks in places where you can ensure quality and check on the label that they meet the required quality standards.

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