European Commission accuses Amazon anti-competitive practices against its sellers: The European Commission accuses Amazon of anti-competitive conduct for the use of the data of merchants who use its platform to sell products, which has led the European Commissioner for competition, the Danish Margrethe Vestager, to launch actions against the American digital commerce giant, as confirmed by the body.

"We have reached the preliminary conclusion that Amazon has illegally abused its dominant position as a market service provider in Germany and France," Vestager said at a press conference on Tuesday.

The dossier is based on the dual role that Amazon assumes with sellers who use its platform, since while it is an intermediary for them with customers, it is also a competitor selling its own products.

In addition, the Commission has announced that another investigation into "the possible preferential treatment of Amazon retail offers" and those of market sellers using logistics and delivery services.

"We disagree with the preliminary assertions of the European Commission and will continue to do everything possible to ensure that it has the information necessary to have an accurate understanding of the facts," an Amazon spokesperson explained in a statement.

"Amazon accounts for less than 1% of the global retail market; in all the countries in which we operate we find retailers larger than us. No company cares more about small businesses or has done more to support them over the past two decades than Amazon. There are more than 150,000 European companies selling through our stores, generating tens of billions of euros in revenue annually and employing thousands of people, " the company says

The arguments Brussels makes to act against Jeff Bezos ' company is that it could be abusing its role as an intermediary, using the data it obtains from sellers to act against them. The data collected for this complaint are part of the investigation that the European Union started two years ago against Amazon.

European Commission accuses Amazon anti-competitive practices

That 2018 research was based on whether Amazon was leveraging sales data from the smaller stores it provides hosting to make its own calculations on consumer trends it uses for its own ecommerce actions. In 2019 it was again speculated with the start of a formal investigation and the possibility of a millionaire fine.

Last August, Bezos ' company received the news that Germany's competition authority was investigating the data of its sellers to compete against them and whether their performance influences the prices of these sellers. Amazon already reached an agreement with Berlin in 2019 to revise its terms of service for sellers in exchange for German regulators withdrawing an investigation.

Amazon has pointed out on previous occasions when it has faced anti-competitive conduct proceedings that sellers using its platform have their own mechanisms for making offers, that they can expand their reach across its platform at a very low cost, and that their digital sales are only a small part of the sector.

- The EU has already previously fined Google and Apple

The European Commissioner for competition has already previously promoted actions against the Great American technology companies, which led to fines for Google of 8,000 million euros between the different procedures or the 13,000 million euros that Apple had to pay the Irish government for unpaid taxes between 2003 and 2014.

Google has already appealed these fines for abuse of dominant position, a process that is pending three trials at the Court of Justice of the European Union in Luxembourg. However, Apple went on to win in court the case for taxes claimed by Brussels for the Irish tax office.

This summer Jeff Bezos, along with the top leaders of Apple, Facebook and Alphabet (Google) had to testify before the Antitrust Subcommittee of the US House of Representatives, which is immersed in an investigation into whether these companies abuse their dominant position in the market.

European Commission accuses Amazon anti-competitive practices

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With this WhatsApp functionality you can completely disconnect from the app with a simple gesture

If you love WhatsApp but want to disconnect for a few days from receiving messages of any kind, congratulations.

The company is developing a vacation mode for WhatsApp that manages to archive conversations so that you do not receive any type of alert from them and also does it even if new messages arrive.

At the moment, this is a beta, so it is not known when the holiday mode will arrive in WhatsApp but it will bring important news, as highlighted by the WABetaInfo portal.

The new WhatsApp update, currently in the testing phase, will have changes in the interface, specifically a new section dedicated to these archived conversations, place that can be accessed very easily and the place where those chats that the user Archives will end up.

The most interesting thing is that in the settings a new function will appear in the Notifications section that will let you choose how the alerts will arrive: directly archived without any warning or to the usual panel.

As for which devices the WhatsApp vacation mode will arrive, both Android and iOS users will be able to breathe easy, since it is a feature that when it leaves the beta, it will land equally on both operating systems.

At the moment, the application only allows you to mute notifications without archiving them and for specific periods of time —eight hours, a week, always—, so the arrival of WhatsApp vacation mode is a great addition for those who want to disconnect in a deeper way with technology for a few days.

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