European researchers team identify recreate past aromas using artificial intelligence: Smells have the power to transport us to times gone by, from the scent of a cigar to the fragrance of roses. Now they can be a reality, literally, according to the Guardian.

Scientists, historians, and experts in artificial intelligence from the Uk and Europe have announced that they have joined in a project under the name of Odeuropa and a budget of 2.8 million euros, with the aim of identifying and even recreate scents between the SIXTEENTH century and the early TWENTIETH century.

"When you start reading printed texts published in Europe since the year 1500, you realize that there are many references to smell, from religious scents, such as the smell of incense, to others such as tobacco," explained William Tullett, member of the Odeuropa team.

The first step of this project, which will last three years and begin in January, will be to apply artificial intelligence to filter historical texts in seven languages for descriptions of odors and their context, as well as to detect aromatic elements within the images.

This information will be used to develop an online encyclopedia on 'European smells', along with information on the emotions and places associated with certain scents.

"It will also include discussions about particular types of noses from the past, the people for whom smell was important and what it meant to them," Tullet explained.

The researcher noted that a key part of the project is to highlight how the meanings and uses of different odors have changed over time, something that is noticeable in the history of tobacco.

European researchers team identify recreate past aromas

This product was introduced to Europe in the sixteenth century and began to be a very exotic type of smell, but then quickly domesticated and becomes part of the normal olfactory landscape of many European cities.

Tullet pointed out that, once we enter the eighteenth century, people begin to complain about the use of tobacco in theaters or cinemas and, currently, its smell is disappearing from our olfactory world because of smoking bans in certain places.

The researchers have explained that they plan to use their findings to work with chemists and perfumers with the aim of recreating the smells of the past and researcher how they can be transmitted, along with information about their importance in improving the experience of museum visitors.

Not the first team to try to involve nostrils in the name of heritage, the Jorvik Viking Centre in York is famous for recreating the stink of the 19th century.

"Thejorvik Viking Center demonstrates that smell can have a real impact on the way people interact with museums,” Tullett noted.

European researchers team identify recreate past aromas

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The winter update arrives at Animal Crossing New Horizons: these are all its news

Nintendo continues to update its fashionable game, since from today the Winter Update Of Animal Crossing New Horizons is available and brings with it a lot of novelties that once again give a twist to the title that does not stop receiving news since it went on sale last March and that has been a real success.

On this occasion, after leaving behind the Halloween events, Nintendo sets its sights on the winter holidays and promises, once again, to give a lot of war and offer players who continue to play a breath of fresh air to the mechanics and those who left it aside a very interesting claim to enjoy the video game simulation and neighborhood management.

The main novelty that comes with the update of Animal Crossing New Horizons is that snow comes to the town and islands you visit to get new resources, but that's not all.

Since Nintendo they have shelled everything that comes to the video game and the truth is that it seems very worked: new items of rewards of Nook Miles, additional recipes, limited items and much more.

The first thing that lands in Animal Crossing New Horizons with the winter update is Turkey Day, a celebration that will take place on November 26 where Franklin will be present, a chef who we will have to help cook festive dishes in exchange for gifts.

A month later, specifically on December 24, the day of toys will take place, where you will have to play Santa Claus to distribute gifts among the neighbors.

There will also be an event to celebrate New Year's Eve with a countdown that will start at 19 in the afternoon and as usual in the saga, promises a very endearing and fun finale.

Leaving aside the events, there are also many other developments in the winter update of Animal Crossing New Horizons as the presence of Renato, we encourage you to distribute gifts, clothing, christmas at the store of The sisters Handyman, toys in Mini Nook, as well as six new emotions, six hairstyles and the possibility of expanding the storage room to 24,000 slots.

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