Facebook dating application Spain free arrival and with personalized search as main claims to stand up to Tinder - Dating apps have a new rival to beat: Facebook couples, the bet of the social network to make a hole in a scenario in which Tinder, for the moment, remains the platform with more users.

The service, of course, is not new, since it was released in the United States in 2019 and from the moment of its creation until now accumulate 1.500 million unions through the app.

Now, Facebook Parejas expands throughout Europe and reaches Spain, promising a very different interaction compared to other platforms of this type.

The main key is that the profiles that will be seen on the platform will depend on an algorithm that will select people based on events, tastes or common interests so that it is not all to be decided by a vague description and a couple of photos, but many more connecting elements.

In this way, they promise a deeper initial selection that is not based on the visual aspect, but on the things that can potentially be had in common with that potential partner.

It also highlights that the chats with the possible matches will be in private, as in all apps of this type, but it differs in that you will not be able to send images or video.

Of course, they will include a final option that allows you to have virtual dates through a video call and thus be able to know the other person better before taking the leap to a new date in person that further lays the foundations.

Facebook dating application Spain free arrival

Facebook Dating will not be an external app, but it will be integrated as an extra functionality of the social network, so it will be absolutely essential to have an account to enjoy the service.

Of course, even if it is an obligation to have a profile on Facebook, it will act independently and even no one from your friends —or from your circle of friends— will know that you have an account and there will be no notifications or alerts about your activity in pairs.

Facebook or Instagram friends you're interested in and if that person also includes you, a connection will be created between the two of you.the secret passion feature will let you choose up to nine of your Facebook or Instagram friends that you're interested in.

If you do not create a list or do not include you in it, then no one will know that your name has been entered.

Facebook Instagram profile, share stories, or mirror your Facebook data directly to the profile to complete the profile.

Privacy and security is something that worries all Internet users a lot and seeing the latest news related to the way in which Facebook uses the data of their profiles, leaving your information uncovered adding to any internet service is more risk than ever.

However, from Facebook they point out that couples is alienated with all points of the European Data Protection Law and claim that their only intention is to protect the privacy of their users.

For the only thing they will use the data of the members of the service will be to offer a more personalized experience such as personal tastes, specific information given by the user, tastes or events to which you plan to go.

Of course, you will need the user's location during use.

It should also be noted that you must be 18 years or older and you will never find your profile within the service, as it requires express permission to be inside.

Finally, they assure that it will be especially easy to delete the profile completely, something that is not easy if it is Facebook, but they explain that there are two options:a pause that will only leave the account in suspension and the user will not appear in any search, as well as the complete deletion of the profile, which ensure that everything.

Facebook dating application Spain free arrival

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From plugin to startup: Deeder, the' spinoff ' of ElevenPaths and Telefónica Tech that wants you to sign contracts by WhatsApp, to the assault of the 'legaltech' market

The usual thing in Spain is that new startups and spin-offs are born from the laboratories and research groups of universities. But ElevenPaths, the cybersecurity company of Telefónica Tech, has just marked a milestone with the birth of Deeder, a startup —already participated by Wayra, the hub of the Spanish multinational—.

Deeder is a new company born from a technological development in which it has been working for years within ElevenPaths. With their solution, which they are already offering demonstrations, contracts of all kinds can be closed through a messaging application such as WhatsApp, WeChat or Messenger.

Sergio de los Santos is the coordinator of the laboratory and innovation area of ElevenPaths. He explains, in an interview with Business Insider Spain, that Deeder was born as a technology of its own and has become a startup that "lives alone". "It is a system to close deals by any messaging network, especially WhatsApp," he points out.

De los Santos puts as an example an advertisement of a company offering microcredits. The user who sees the ad makes use of the QR code that appears in it, and scans it. Automatically, a WhatsApp conversation opens in which a bot asks the potential customer how much money he needs and how long he wants to return it. Automatically, the bot will generate a contract, and the user will only need to answer it with a word: "I sign".

Of course, behind the solution there are many elements that ensure the security of the contract and the two parties. The contract is validated using Blockchain technology. However, De Los Santos, who this afternoon will intervene in the last day of the Security Innovation Days, says that the most remarkable thing about this new platform is its ease of use.

The ElevenPaths expert puts several use cases, such as being able to rent a car as soon as you land at an airport, without even having left the plane yet.

Deeder, which is now run by a joint venture, comes to answer a problem that has not yet been X-rayed. Sergio de los Santos, at least, has already heard it on occasion: "young people no longer have email". They only have messaging apps.

Deeder's technological solution is not new: Sergio himself presented it at last year's Security Innovation Days. So, Deeder was little more than a plugin that made it easy to rubric in commercial contracts. Now it is a comprehensive solution that has just been announced to the world. "Unfortunately, the pandemic has come well," acknowledges Sergio de los Santos. Legaltechs are becoming increasingly essential in the digitization processes of multiple companies.

Deeder may imply a new opportunity in the field of digital marketing given the simplicity and agility with which many firms will be able to turn their potential customers into real customers. It is also a demonstration of the work in innovation and development that ElevenPaths is leading in recent years, and the opportunities presented by the cybersecurity industry for a multinational such as Telefónica.

In fact, also within the framework of the Security Innovation Days, ElevenPaths has presented CiberAcademy+ and CloudEX Academy, new cybersecurity academies with which Telefónica Tech assures to bet "on the permanent retraining and adaptation of skills of its professionals", according to a statement.

A bet that was reflected in the recent purchase of iHackLabs, another Spanish firm that has virtual platforms to recreate "real environments of cyber threats" and that ElevenPaths and Telefónica Tech already offers its customers; or with the birth of a new bug bounty platform.

The innovation and laboratory area of ElevenPaths is located since 2013 in Malaga, although it has employees in Madrid, León, Valencia, Galicia and even Buenos Aires or Miami.a

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