Facebook joins Rayban maker smart glasses 2021 launch - Facebook joins the manufacturer of Rayban and Oakley, the French EssilorLuxottica, for its project of smartglasses. This was announced Wednesday by Mark Zuckerberg during the conference on virtual reality and augmented Facebook Connect, in which he explained that the company plans to launch its first model under the RayBan brand in 2021.

"They will be the next step on the road to augmented reality," said Zuckerberg, according to CNBC, although he did not give much more data. The collaboration agreement signed on Wednesday between the two brands, which has a multi-year duration, the companies noted that this gadget will combine "the best of both worlds, innovative technology and avant-garde style", while on the Facebook website it is added that "will help people connect better with friends and family".

"We have a passion for exploring devices that can give people better ways to connect with those who are closest to them, and wearables have the potential to do that," Andrew Bosworth, vice president of Facebook Reality Labs, the company's virtual and augmented reality research division, said in the statement announcing the collaboration.

The company also introduced its new model of virtual reality glasses, the Oculus Quest 2, which will offer more resolution, power and less weight and will cost $ 299. The device is equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 processor, 6GB of RAM and more ergonomic controls. It is expected to go on sale on October 13, although Facebook has already opened reservations.

Facebook joins Rayban maker smart glasses 2021 launch

Starting this September, a hundred Facebook employees and contractors in San Francisco and Seattle will begin using special glasses prepared for the development of tools that track the movement of their eyes and their head, audio algorithms and other elements for the augmented reality program of the company Mark Zuckerberg: project Aria.

This initiative, also revealed on Wednesday, aims to build augmented reality glasses that offer their user information about the environment around them, within the project Live Maps, a virtual map with 3D technology on which Facebook has been working for several years. They will also offer the user a virtual assistant.

Facebook's Facebook employees ' smartglasses are not a prototype of future virtual reality glasses, but a research tool that they will use during their day-to-day lives, at home and on Facebook campuses when they reopen, and that will not be available to the public. All of them will wear a garment that identifies them as participants in the project, so that those who meet them will be able to know what it is.

End of Facebook joins Rayban maker smart glasses 2021 launch


They filter what will be the new Tesla batteries that will multiply by 4 the capacity of the current ones

The next 22 September will be the big day where the electric car company Tesla will present its new model of batteries that aim to be the ones that will give more autonomy to the new green vehicles.

A day for which Elon Musk had prepared many novelties, however, an employee of his has stolen part of the leading role after anticipating to the newspaper Electreck two images where you can observe a new element of the battery.

The employee claims that these are new high-density cells for batteries and have been manufactured and developed internally by Tesla within its program called RoadRunner. This program was unveiled last June and is part of the company's race to mass produce a new battery cell more energy-dense and much cheaper. Specifically, they want to achieve a cost of less than 100 dollars / kWh (85 euros).

The diameter of the new cell is twice as large as the Tesla 2170 cells currently used in Model 3 and Model Y vehicles, and are produced by Panasonic at Gigafactory Nevada.

According to the specialized newspaper Electreck, doubling the diameter of a battery cell gives a capacity four times greater. So if the new volume is used efficiently, you will get a lot of capacity and, at the same time, you will reduce costs with fewer housings and fewer cells per package.

In addition, in the images you can see that it is a table cell. A new battery modality that Elon Musk described as "more important than it seems" and whose patent was registered by Tesla earlier in the years.

This new design helps reduce the internal resistance of the cell for current paths within the cell by improving performance. In addition to improvements in cell capacity, the lack of a tab reduces cost and simplifies manufacturing.

These two advances on Tesla's new cells combined with the potential development in the chemical part and in-car installation modules can lead to a pioneering battery in the electrical market.

For large-scale manufacturing, the electric vehicle company is developing a pilot production line in Fremont, California. At the same time, the company's Automation division is developing and building the machines needed for mass production based on the experience of the pilot line. Once both processes are completed, a new production line will be installed at the Texas Megafactory.

These rumors will be confirmed or disproved next September 22 at Tesla's battery Day where Elon Musk will announce more news about it.

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