FIFA 21 20 fastest game players list revealed - FIFA 21 is just around the corner, specifically on October 9th on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC-although it is possible to play it with the EA Play subscription on October 1st— and many things are already known about EA's popular football game.

You know what's new in Ultimate Team, The Star mode of the game or the new benefits of Career Mode, but what's clear is that what players want to know is how to win more FIFA 21 games.

One of the keys of the saga for a few years is to use the speed of the players, since the defenses have this very low statistics is very easy to get out of them quickly.

For that reason, the fastest players in FIFA 21 will serve you perfectly for your primary goal of getting more wins, as if you manage to overcome the last line of the opposing team they will no longer be able to hunt you.

The best thing is that there are players who have a crazy speed even though they have a very low average, but thanks to that they will cost you little money, and that assessment is fundamental in the game, you will come great to build a competitive team in Ultimate Team

FIFA 21 20 fastest game players list revealed

Here you will find the 20 FIFA 21 players with the most pace.

-Mbappé: 96 of pace and average rating of 90.
-Adama Traoré: pace of 96, with an average rating of 79.
-Alphonso Davies: pace of 96 and average rating of 81.
-Daniel James: rhythm 95 and 77 of average rating.
-Vinicius: has a 95 rhythm and average rating of 80.
-Nagai: rate of 95 and average rating of 69.
-Anibal Chala: average rating of 69 but a rate of 95.
-Sarr: average rating of 78 but an incredible rate of 94.
-Hakimi: average rating of 83 and a rate of 94.
-Bailey: rate of 94 and an average rating of 80.
-Kim in Seong: average rating of only 71, has a rate of 94.
-Gelson Martins: average rating of 80 and a rate of 94.
-Aurelio Buta: average rating of 76 and a rate of no less than 94.
-Barkhuozen: pace of 94 although an average rating of 72.
-Mileusnic: average rating of only 64 but with a rate of 94.
-Mane: average rating of 90 and above also a high rate of 94.
-Ejuke: average rating of 75 and a high rate of 94.
-Diatta: rate of 94 on an average rating of 77.
-Iñaki Williams: average rating of 81 and a rate of 94.
-Rafa: average rating of 83 but a great rate of 94.

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This is what the Economist edition warns of this Tuesday. Teleco's operation will affect departments that are not closely linked to the operation of your business. Right now there are thousands of people working in administrative, financial, legal, communications, systems, security, or institutional departments. Also in transversal companies of Telefónica SA.

The Economist figures in 1,000 jobs that depend directly on his corporate area, and in another 5,000 those that depend on the cross-cutting firms of the group.

The same newspaper warns that this "efficiency plan" will imply a "labor adjustment" whose execution will be favored because in Telefónica SA there is no collective agreement or trade unions representing workers, something that does happen in Telefónica Spain.

Although it is not yet estimated how much labor impact the implementation of this new plan will have, Telefónica hopes to continue the path of savings that began earlier this year. In the first half of 2020, the multinational company has reduced its corporate spending by 6%.

The trade union centres have had much to say in the process of transformation in which Telefónica has been immersed in the last few months. It was the workers ' representatives who had to approve how more than 600 employees were integrated into the company's new technology division, Telefónica Tech, last June.

Already in September last year it became known that the firm expected to reduce its workforce in Spain by 20% with a plan of voluntary leave for over 53 years with more than 15 years in the company, something that was not accepted willingly among workers.

This efficiency plan reported by The Economist was already taken up by Alvarez-Pallete's own firm in the presentation of financial results last November, when the multinational detailed the five pillars of an action plan to generate more than 2,000 million additional euros in revenue.

The fifth of these pillars was precisely the one that responded to the need to achieve agility by implementing the necessary changes.

"In recent years we have launched various initiatives to capture the benefits of digitalisation, making significant progress to date. Now, to gain agility and accelerate the execution of our strategy, it is time to evolve our operating model," explained Pallete himself.

A few days ago, the company's chief executive warned of the need to "deregulate more" the market so that telecos can compete effectively with new players such as major technology companies.

The Spanish, which expects to have 75% of its 5G coverage in Spain by the end of the year, has made several purchases in recent months (Govertis, iHackLabs...) to boost its new cybersecurity businesses within Telefónica Tech.

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