FIFA 21 inability pass console progress PS5 Xbox Series X: If you are a fan of football and video games surely you are looking forward to the launch of FIFA 21, which will go on sale next Friday 9 October on PS4, Xbox One, Switch and computer.

This edition of the best-known football franchise brings with it important news, for example a completely renewed Ultimate Team mode, such as the possibility of playing in cooperative 2 against 2, a greater number of seasonal objectives and events with all kinds of rewards.

In addition, Ultimate Team mode allows you to transfer all your data from the FIFA 21 you play on the PS4 or Xbox One to their respective next-generation consoles. You can transfer all your equipment without major inconvenience, something important to be the sale of PS5 and Xbox Series X so close.

However, not in all cases there will be the possibility of cross-save. That is, not everything you do in the FIFA 21 of your PS4 will be able to transfer to the edition of the new PS5, and the same will happen with Microsoft consoles.

This is explained by EA Sports on its support page, detailing that everything that has to do with offline content will be deleted when moving from one game console to another. This affects Career Mode, Co-op seasons, or Pro Clubs.

FIFA 21 inability pass console progress PS5 Xbox Series X

"All your progress and all content you get in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team (players, items, coins, FIFA Points, match results and ranking), as well as all progress in VOLTA FOOTBALL will be transferred from PlayStation 4 to PlayStation 5 (and vice versa). It will also be transferred from Xbox One to Xbox Series X (and vice versa), " said the company.

Therefore, if you wanted to start playing offline a career mode and you have in mind to jump to the new generation as soon as possible, it is best to have a little more patience and start the game once you have the PS5 or Xbox Series X in your hands.

FIFA 21 inability pass console progress PS5 Xbox Series X

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This is how fast Games will load on Xbox Series X compared to an Xbox One X

The next November 10 Xbox Series X / s will kick off the new generation of video games while Sony will do the same on November 19.

Two frankly powerful machines that keep in their interior many functionalities to make everything advantages and comforts for the player.

One of the most relevant is the incorporation of SSD disks in the next generation machines, as they promise a load speed of the games that will represent a real evolution with what is currently there.

Recently, many specialized media have had access to Xbox Series X and in addition to the technical data or the possibility to switch between one game and another leaving them in suspension, one of the things they have tested has been the power of its SSD disk and the truth is that it is surprising, something that has also demonstrated PlayStation 5 although while developing the game and not when starting the game.

To check the jump from the previous generation, they have compared the loading times when starting a game between Xbox Series X and Xbox One X and the results speak for themselves: there are titles that go from more than 2 minutes to just over 30 seconds in loading the game.

In addition, it should be noted that they are games that do not enjoy any kind of optimization, since they are not exclusive to Microsoft, so it is expected that in video games like Sea Of Thieves or Gears 5 these times will be reduced even more when updated.

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