France unites versus Amazon launches petition not to buy on the platform during Christmas: Amazon is not living its best in France, a country in which more and more initiatives are being launched to limit the dominance of the e-commerce giant.

The latest is a petition signed by, among others, former Macron Party member Matthieu Orphelin; former environment minister Delphine Batho; writer Christine Orban; the mayors of Paris, Grenoble and Poitiers, Anne Hidalgo, Eric Piolle and Léonore Moncond'huy; and Greenpeace.

The manifesto, titled Christmas without Amazon, advocates not buying on the platform during the holiday season to encourage local commerce, which has been hit hard by restrictions imposed by the health crisis.

The document ensures that Amazon's expansion destroys jobs and that it sinks third-party sellers with their commissions.

An Amazon spokesman rejects the allegations and values the company's work in a statement to Business Insider Spain: "in France, our activity helps 11,000 entrepreneurs and small French businesses who rely on Amazon to develop their business and create jobs. Amazon has invested more than 9.2 billion euros since the start of our operations in the Gallic country, in 2010. Amazon employs 9, 300 people in France who serve our customers in the country."

"It does not matter if these positions are located in large capital cities or in locations within the country, in all cases they have salaries that are above the sector average, comprehensive benefits and great professional opportunities, in a positive, safe and modern work environment", he concludes.

France unites versus Amazon launches petition

The document also calls for legislative measures to limit the power of the electronic platform in the market, recovering a debate that takes years to occur in France and that has been compounded with the accusation of anti-competitive practices that it has received from the European Union.

The French government could also be considering banning Black Friday now that the confinement measures have been extended until December 1, so that Amazon can not benefit from the discount day, according to xataka.

"It was not entirely appropriate at this time when 200,000 traders will have to close their doors," said LA on Radio Agnès Pannier-Runacher, the Minister of Industry.

Amazon's relationship with the French government has been strained throughout the pandemic. In the first months of confinement, the company ended up closing all its logistics centers after a court found that it did not guarantee the safety of its workers. The court estimated that Amazon could only ship Essential Products in the meantime.

"Amazon attracts critical voices on many different issues and we have become a point of reference for many organizations that want to make their cause known," laments company sources.

In fact, not all political figures in the country agree with the boycott of the company. The Secretary of State for the Digital Agenda, Cédric O, has questioned the criticism against Amazon.

"The French psychosis against Amazon does not make sense," he assured, according to Le Figaro. "E-commerce is 10% of Commerce in France; Amazon accounts for 20% of e-commerce. There is no European country where Amazon's activity is lower than in France. When the French increase their digital purchases, 60% goes into the pockets of French entrepreneurs," he added.

France unites versus Amazon launches petition

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The Buds Air Pro are a fantastic alternative to Apple's AirPods, with noise cancellation and at a very attractive price

Sound is something fundamental in my life.

I have always been a person who spends a good sum of money on high-performance headphones that have an adequate bass and treble balance and features such as active noise cancellation to be able to isolate myself from the outside world or a powerful sound that lets me get into what I am listening to.

I am also in love with headband Helmets, as I have always considered that they offer superior sound quality, surround and with more capacity so that outside noise does not bother you.

During the last few days, I have had in hand the new Buds Air Pro from realme, a true wireless headphones with noise cancellation and although they do not quite fit with my tastes, I have to say that I have quite enjoyed using them these days.

Realme is a company that landed in Spain a couple of years ago and its usual modus operandi is to deliver products with very good performance at very good prices.

It is something that is demonstrated in devices such as the realme 7 Pro or the fantastic X3 Superzoom, to put a couple of examples.

The Chinese company has been regularly linked to smartphones, but as usual in these times has diversified its product portfolio to reach more potential users.

One of the most interesting products that was launched last year was the Buds Air, a very decent headphones, but which lacked something absolutely key: noise cancellation.

Now, realme renews this product with a more refined and elegant design, with more battery and with this feature inside, which manages to take the Buds Air Pro to another level.

One of the reasons I bet on headband Helmets is that they offer me greater support when I wear them. These cordless headphones have always seemed very small to me and I have a feeling that they are going to fall out at some point, but to my surprise, they fit perfectly.

In addition, in the box Come enough pads of different sizes so that, you have the ear that you have is comfortable and adapts well to your shape.

Speaking of design, they bet on an appearance very similar to Apple's AirPods, but this time they differ a little more than those of the previous generation with a somewhat more elongated shape and leaving the gap where the microphone goes more in the corner. In my opinion: good change and more aesthetic.

As for the size, they seem perfect to me. I know there are smaller things and the type of wearer who has these helmets is looking for something that gets the least attention, but their 60.5x56x24mm feel perfect. In addition, they weigh nothing —only 5 grams— and feel very light.

I will start with an anecdote: I do not know how long the battery lasts, since since I received them last week I have not charged them and have been using them all day at full performance, so surely come close to what the brand says: 25 hours of life.

The most interesting thing, very common in True Wireless Headphones, is that they come with a box where you can store the headphones, so they are absorbing life from it when you are not using it. In this sense, it is quite compact and light -35 grams—but large enough not to lose sight of it.

Speaking of numbers, the Buds Air Pro has a 486mah battery capable of giving you more than 3 extra hours with just 10 minutes of going through the box.

Also, to save battery if you take your headphones off, the music stops by itself and automatically starts again when you put them back on.

The only thing I have missed is a symbol on the mobile that would indicate how much battery I was available, something very common in any device that connects via Bluetooth to the mobile, since at no time has made it clear to me how much autonomy I had

One of the things I liked the most is that it does not require a long and tedious process to pair it with the mobile.

You simply press the side button of the case for three seconds until the front light on the front flashes and you will see how the device appears in the list of available connections on your Bluetooth.

Once this is done, ready to go and the best: when you keep them in the box they automatically disconnect and the sound comes out again through the speaker of the smartphone.

And we come to the key point of analysis: sound. I recall again that I am an absolute in love with the quality of music and bridging the gap with products that move in a rather higher price range, the Buds Air Pro have surprised me quite a bit.

The headphones have ACC high audio, an understanding that manages to offer a high fidelity of the music, and a Bass Boost Driver of 10mm that makes the balance between bass and treble sound quite clean, with power and quite compensated, all at an average level of volume.

If you put it to the maximum, of course, the thing changes. It gains a lot of power, but in the end it is only very loud sound and loses a lot of nuances giving more importance to the Treble, which makes the experience not so positive.

It's not that you need an inordinate Sound Power, Plus it already sounds pretty good at the medium level, but if you're worried about outside noise, you have nothing to fear, since the Active Noise Cancellation of the Buds Air Pro is quite good.

To achieve this, it uses two microphones that manage to reduce ambient noise up to a maximum of 35 decibels.

For the record, I have two children at home quite noisy and whenever I was with music, the answer was always the same: silence.

When you put them without music it does suffer a little, since it does not get that feeling of emptiness that isolates you from outside noise, but in the end they are designed so you can listen to music without disturbing what happens around you, so good for realme in this section.

The most interesting thing is that if you want to pay attention to what is happening around you, just press a couple of seconds the two helmets to activate the Transparency Mode and enter sound from the outside.

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