Friends enjoy favorite Disney Plus series Disney Movies online: If there is one thing that is clear is that more than any premiere of our favorite series or movie, what we really like about this type of events is to be able to see it with friends or family and the whole situation with the coronavirus and the new state of alarm, have thrown this classic ritual to the ground.

If you find yourself among this group of people who can not see something without having their best friend next door commenting on the play, you must know that Disney Plus has incorporated a new functionality that allows you to see any of its hundreds of contents of Star Wars, Marvel, Disney classics or much more online, with your friends and without having them next.

What is GroupWatch?

This is a new feature of Disney Plus built into any version of the app that lets you watch movies or series from the platform with friends or family without having to be in the same room.

In this way, no more not being synchronized with that person with whom you watch any series or movie online and that someone goes a few seconds ahead or behind and can wallow in some epic moment for commenting ahead of time.

Where is GroupWatch available?

The new Disney plus functionality is available on all devices available with the app, whether web versions or apps for iOS or Android.

At the moment they have not implemented this feature on PS4, on some specific models of Roku or Amazon Fire TV.

How many users can join GroupWatch?

GroupWatch is a very interesting feature that will let you invite up to 6 friends to a session to see, for example, the premiere of the second season of the Mandalorian, a real gift for Star Wars fans, and comment on everything that happens with different reactions and in real time.

The best thing is that, being integrated into the app itself, you do not have to leave the window to be able to send the reaction at the moment and let it do it through the same account or different accounts.

How does GroupWatch work?

When you open the app from one of the supported devices, you'll see the GroupWatch icon. Just hit it and then tap on the plus symbol to be able to invite someone through an invitation link.

Sadly, it still lacks an integrated chat in the service, but Disney has explained that they are working on implementing this new functionality and will be on the platform in a short period of time.

Considering that the price of Disney Plus is 6,99 euros, if you join 5 friends to see your favorite series, you will only pay a little more than one euro for the service and you will have the feeling of being living the experience together, saving the obvious distances.

What is clear is that enjoying content as interesting as Avengers: endgame to live The "Avengers, meet", the moment of "Luke, I am your father "with the Empire Strikes Back or get excited with Miguel's" remember me " to his great —grandmother in the endearing Coco is much better to do it in company— even online-and Disney Plus lets you do it without having to pay anything else.

Friends enjoy favorite Disney Plus series Disney Movies online

Friends enjoy favorite Disney Plus series Disney Movies online

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Why brilliant minds like Steve Jobs and Elon Musk argue that companies should not be divided into departments

When you build a company, without money or resources, one of the main assets you need is to differentiate yourself from your competitors with intelligence, since in size or possibilities you will be behind.

This is the idea that Elon Musk and Steve Jobs defended when founding Tesla and Apple, respectively, imperiously looking for a way to stand out within their environment without investing resources that they did not have. Their solution: the rule of not Founding departments.

In Musk's words, "we must work hard to make sure that we are not creating spaces or divisions within the company that can be interpreted as a competition of 'us against them' or make communication difficult." According to the CEO, this would be a widespread and settled trend in the business universe that needs to be actively fought.

"How Can Tesla help by erecting barriers between us or perceiving our successes as relative rather than collective? We are all in the same boat: we have to take everything with the perspective that we work for the good of the company, never of our specific department," Musk refers in an internal mail collected by Inc.

Interestingly, Steve Jobs encouraged a similar philosophy at Apple many years earlier, when he returned to a company on the verge of bankruptcy in 1997. Soon after, the bitten apple firm began a breakthrough project that Jobs, years later, would describe as "1,000 songs in your pocket." This project was, of course, the iPod.

The famous line of music players was popularly nicknamed " The Walkman killer (Sony)", in reference to the previous king of market share, and relaunched the company. But how was a failing Apple able to overcome Sony, a giant that dominated the market, that owned its own music company, and that in turn had created the Walkman?

The reason, the greatest connoisseurs of Jobs assure, was the change of organization in the company.

Jobs did not organize Apple into semi-autonomous divisions, but closely controlled all its teams and pushed them to work as a single cohesive and flexible company, with a single end result of profit and loss. Sony, as was customary in the sector, opted more for a cannibal and competitive model.

Isaacson goes on to describe how Sony, like many companies, also cared about boycotting its own music industry, so it couldn't be more against building a new player and service that would encourage people to share digital songs; Jobs, on the other hand, argued that no company should be afraid to "boycott" itself at any given time.

"If you don't cannibalize yourself, someone else will," the Apple founder said.

As these two stories illustrate, the rule of not forming departments was inseparably woven into the company's doctrines that helped lead to the success of Apple and Tesla. It makes sense, since it is based on the principles of emotional intelligence, the ability to make emotions work for you, rather than against you. In the end, the strategy was not taken as a boycott of another unit of the company, but as an evolution of the product in general.

As your company grows, so does the potential for divisive behavior. Consciously or unconsciously, teams often compete with each other, and sometimes work against the interests of others, in an attempt to make a favorable impression on the boss. One way to combat it is that these indivisible teams, directly, do not exist.

For this it is important to encourage the whole company to observe the general picture and work for the good of the firm as a whole. This is achieved through your messages, such as Musk, or through organizational guidelines, such as Jobs, but it all starts from the example of the director and the trust he transmits.

For example, when you organize a team to work on a project, assign members from different departments to work together. If it's a marketing project, include at least one member of your product, design, finance, and operations departments, and vice versa. In addition to avoiding internal competition, you will help each worker to think more critically and perceive the overall spectrum of the product, not just its plot.

Of course, this No-Department rule only works when the workforce as a whole accepts it, so make sure you and other company leaders set the right example.

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