Google Chrome performance 10 ways overall speed improve - Google Chrome is the most used and popular browser of recent years and the truth is that it deserves it for all its qualities and goodness that keeps inside.

The problem, as with any browser today, can go slower than it should and even affect the performance of the computer itself from which you are browsing.

Luckily, there are many ways to speed up Chrome's performance and all of them are frankly simple to implement: update your browser, control extensions, or even suspend inactive tabs you have open.

1-Update the browser

While it may sound very obvious, one of the key steps to improve Google Chrome's performance is to update your browser. This is as simple as going into Settings, giving Chrome information that's in the side menu and if the browser detects a new version you'll see it appear here.

2-Always keep in mind the task manager

As happens on the computer, Google Chrome also keeps inside a task manager from where you can see having control of absolutely everything that happens in the browser and thus solve any problem.

To access this section simply go to the menu, represented by the three vertical dots in the upper right corner, more tools > Task Manager.

Google Chrome performance 10 ways overall speed improve

3-Leave tabs disabled so they don't spend memory

A common feature while browsing the Internet is to have hundreds of tabs open, each with something specific. The problem is that all of that consumes resources even if you're not inside that page.

Luckily, there's an extension called The Great Suspender that can help you improve Chrome's overall performance by making these tabs you're not on suspended.

This what you get is that it does not consume any type of resource and that when you click on it, load the entire page and activate it itself while in the one you were previously go to the hibernation state.

4-Monitor extensions

One of Chrome's great assets is without a doubt its extensive catalog of extensions that make surfing the Internet even better: instant translators, annoying ad blockers, automatic video downloads or much, much more.

However, having many running or some that are not well optimized can have a negative impact on Chrome's performance.

Luckily, you can easily turn them off or delete them from the Task Manager itself or by logging in from more tools > Extensions.

5-Use Data Saving video settings

If you notice that Google Chrome is going very slowly, you can try to reduce the quality of the videos you see on the Internet. For this, yes, you will need Google Canary, the version of the browser for developers.

However, enabling this feature is very simple: go to chrome: / / flags, find the Enable LiteVideos feature and check the Enabled box. Now search for Force LiteVideos decision and from the drop-down select Enabled.

6-Note the Chrome cleaning tool

At the moment it is an exclusive feature of Windows, but if you go to Settings > Advanced settings > recover settings and delete, you will find the Clean computer option that looks for harmful software that you may have on the PC and that will surely improve the performance of Chrome if it detects any type of problem.

7-Use the hardware accelerator when available

Videos are what most resources are eaten by both the browser and the PC and one of the things you can do to improve Chrome's performance is to enable the hardware accelerator located in Settings > Advanced Settings > System.

By activating this function you will make the task of uploading the videos done by the graphics processor of your computer and not the browser.

8-Delete the cache periodically

This is a basic absolute for improving Chrome's speed, as the cache can be filled with a lot of junk information that slows down all processes.

It's as simple as going to Settings > History > Clear Browsing Data.

9-Try to activate the page prediction service

This Chrome functionality allows the browser to load websites faster and also completes forms and user data automatically. It is usually enabled, but if you want to make sure, simply open Settings > Advanced Settings > Privacy & Security > preload pages for faster browsing and searching

10-If none of this works... reset Google Chrome

If you see that nothing works, one of the most drastic things you can do is reset Chrome so that all the saved settings disappear and stay with the basic settings.

To do this, go to the three vertical dots, go to Settings > Advanced settings > recover settings and delete > restore the original settings defaults and go to Reset Settings.

With these tips you can surely improve the speed of Google Chrome and have it again among your favorites.

Google Chrome performance 10 ways overall speed improve

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