Google Maps adds new detailed colorful maps update and better visualization of natural landscapes, as Google has announced a new update to its map service that is now available worldwide.

The first novelty consists in a new color palettes to represent areas of vegetation and natural landscapes. In this way, the user recognizes more precisely the wooded areas, lakes or beaches.

Another important change introduced by the update of Google Maps is to provide more details in cities, specifically in aspects such as pedestrian information, something really useful for users who use this service in a place they do not know.

Google Maps adds new detailed colorful maps update

One of these improvements is to provide the actual width of streets, sidewalks and pedestrian crossings. Although this feature, for now, is only available in major cities such as New York, San Francisco or London, and will reach other areas over the next few months.

“These details are very useful for people who choose to walk or adopt alternative forms of transport due to the coronavirus pandemic, " the company explains. They can also be of great help to people with mobility problems.

The color changes can be seen in the following image provided by Google.

As can be seen, the details of the natural sites are more precise and are seen more easily than before.

To enjoy these new features you don't have to update the app. It is enough to wait for Google to perform the deployment for all users. The company explains that they are already available in 220 countries.

It's not the only update that Google has carried out in recent weeks. Recently, Google Maps had been updated to add new security measures against coronavirus.

End of Google Maps adds new detailed colorful maps update


Google's 6 commandments to survive telework, based on the experience of 5,000 of its employees

Before the bulk of Google workers had to operate remotely, because of the pandemic, the company was already implementing this modality. Being at home has not been as new for some of its employees as it has been in other companies that, for the first time, were forced to take this measure.

The technology company based in Santa Clara (California, United States), as a result of its habit, already launched last year a guide of recommendations for those who were not in person at their offices. This document now serves to guide those in the same situation.

Perhaps the company's employees —as well as others-will have to take another look at this list of good practices, as they will not return to the office until a year from now, in the summer of 2021, a date that has already been postponed on more than one occasion. Initially, the return was scheduled for July 6.

The firm's recommendations are based on a study they made based on the responses of 5,000 employees, who worked on the same projects, but distributed in different locations.

To begin with, Google recommends integrating all participants in the conversation. Since everyone is at a distance, it can be difficult to maintain a fluid and balanced dialogue. Therefore, those who are more isolated in this virtual meeting should be helped by appealing to them so that they can also give their opinion.

Specifies standards for the entire equipment. Not being in the same place, it does not always coincide in the organization. It is necessary to specify whether to answer the emails and in what cases, the moments of rest, how many times there will be contact between each other and what are the time zones of the different members.

It adapts the channels to the communicative needs. It must be measured on which occasions a more extensive talk and therefore a video call is required; or, on the contrary, sending a message when it is a simple matter. Connections between the computer are key. Therefore, when choosing the first alternative, it is essential to anticipate the meeting dates, recapitulate the progress so far and cover all points of interest.

In addition, it is essential not to leave anything for later. That is, do not wait for the next virtual meeting to move something that you would report if your partner was next door. Do not give up saying it and, again, resort to the most efficient support in every situation.

Finally, you should focus on your personal well-being when you are working at home. Try to occupy a specific space, different from what you sleep or perform other basic routines. Organize your table and your equipment. Get up from the chair every hour and, put on schedules, as if you were in the office.

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