The Google Pixel 4A small powerful camera in its segment on a very compact mobile - I have to admit: the Google Pixel 4a has made me reconcile again with the small screens. This device focused on the younger audience stands out, among other things, for having a small size that will make you remember the past with nostalgia - when smartphones that fit in one hand were still trend—.

However, it does not have a second-class technology, although it can see its size and specifications diminished compared to its older brother, the Pixel 4XL. And it is already known that the range 'a' is a line of the company that is more economical than the original, but in return sees blurred some of the great qualities of the brand's flagship.

The device has a spectacular camera capable of dealing with many high-end items such as night or Portrait Mode (and that only has one lens). In addition, the company has solved the problems of autonomy that the generation had last year, so you will not have to recharge the device until the next day.

And it is that this Google 4A is perfect for all those who are looking for a round Android mobile, unpretentious, without exaggerated customization layers and without superfluous ornaments. Yes, it has 2 weak points that can throw some back.

Personally, I like smartphones a little bigger. However, I have to admit that the Google Pixel 4A has perfect dimensions to be able to handle it with just one hand. As you can see in the image, you can reach all sides of the screen with just a couple of moves, which is to be appreciated when you want to manage something fast.

If there is one thing I love about the Pixel are those little details that, as soon as you see you say: I'm in front of a Google mobile. I refer, in particular, to those striking colors of its side button, as well as the matte finishes that are especially pleasant to the touch.

This time it was not going to be less, since —as you can see in the picture-it comes with an on / off switch in mint green. In addition, even though the finish is plastic instead of glass, it still offers a premium and elegant experience. It is slightly noticeable that you are facing a lower category mobile, but it is not 'plastic'.

Google Pixel 4A small powerful camera

The fingerprint sensor is located at the rear of the terminal. This is especially fast and accurate, one of the best I've tried to date. Perhaps I miss the facial recognition offered by his older brother, but for that price little more can be asked.

The Google Pixel 4A includes a 5.81-inch OLED display with a 19.5:9 aspect ratio at FullHD+resolution. This represents an increase in resolution up to 2340×1080 pixels compared to its predecessor, which is certainly good news.

In addition, as a novelty, it has a tiny perforation on the left side (and hides the camera of selfies). This will allow you to take advantage of a greater part of the screen while managing the terminal, although it is true that it does not 100% take advantage of its possibilities when it comes to streaming players (Netflix, HBO and Amazon Prime Video), since a small black strip appears that will make you watch the series and movies as if it had notch.

The technology it uses is especially good, as it offers purer blacks and cheerful and vibrant colors, so the reproduction of the contents has been more than satisfactory. As an extra point, it has a function that I have already seen in its Big Brother that I find very useful and have called 'Always Active screen'. This means that you can see the time and other data in your dashboard, even if it stays off.

It also includes some details that will make your experience more premium, such as playback of HDR content or the ability to change the white balance and color saturation.

The Google Pixel 4A mounts a Snapdragon 730g, Qualcomm's mid-range chip par excellence, accompanied by 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal storage. This configuration, in general, has caused me almost no problems with performance. I note this last point because, sometimes, having several apps open at once or making long use of a particular game have resulted in unexpected closures. Therefore, it will not be a big concern for most users, but if you are a 'heavy user', maybe the same will happen to you.

However, I must say that the heat dissipation is excellent. The company has managed that, even if you spend hours with the phone, it does not get hot.

In addition, it has an extra point in the security section thanks to the security chip Titan m manufactured by Google itself. Specifically, it takes care of protecting the most sensitive data stored on the device, adding an extra layer of extra extra to the lock screen, and reinforcing disk encryption.

On the other hand, thanks to this, the integrity of the device is maintained at startup. This way, when starting the phone it is checked that the version of Android that is being used is the correct one, and in case of attack, it is prevented from running an old version not protected against possible vulnerabilities.

It is wise to recognize the mistakes of the past, or so the saying goes. It seems that Google has learned from the reviews with the 4XL and, in this 4a, has solved all problems related to the battery of the same.

The device has offered me a day of autonomy on all occasions, something I consider more than enough in the mid-range. Specifically, it has 3.140 mAh that allow a quick charge of 18W (you will have your terminal at 50% power in 30 minutes). That's right, it doesn't come with wireless charging —something that would have been something round to complete the experience.

As I commented at the beginning, one of the things I liked most about this Google Pixel 4A is that it does not have superfluous features. By coming with pure Android, the experience it offers is fast, smooth and hassle-free. In other words: it's the hassle-free mobile you've been waiting for in 2020.

One of the things I miss most when testing mobile phones is the headphone jack. However, this device comes with it-plus point -.

In the connectivity section comes with Type C, NFC, bluetooth 5.0 and WiFi a / b/g/n / ac. However, it does not have 5G, although it is not essential today.

The Google Pixel camera is always a delight. Not only do I like it for the results it gives, but for the simplicity of its management: no need to deploy other accessory panels, it's all on the same screen and you can see at a glance everything it offers.

This time it was not going to be less. The Pixel 4A features a simple configuration, but offers snapshots that surpass, in several modes, the high end. And it is that, as I say many times, not everything is megapixels.

These 389 euros that will go to the Google Pixel 4A will be very well invested. Not only will it offer you a mid-range in very good condition that will last you at least 3 years - the company promises updates until then - but it also has a very powerful camera and a fluid and functional system.

It's not perfect at all, as you can see. Maybe I miss a wide angle so that it would have been round, but for that price little more can be asked.

End of Google Pixel 4A small powerful camera

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