Google presents fantastic Pixel 4A logical evolution giving it 5G and aesthetic and internal renewal - Google has presented the Pixel 4A 5G, the logical evolution of its remarkable Pixel 4A, a very interesting mid-range that stood out for its fantastic photographic section.

As its name suggests, the most important distinguishing feature is the incorporation of fifth generation networks, but it also comes with aesthetic and internal renovation to improve it even more.

As for the screen, it increases its size from 5.8 to 6.2 inches, which is accompanied by a resolution of 2340x1080 pixels on an OLED panel.

As for performance, it comes with a Snapdragon 765g, so it will share processor with the newly presented Pixel 5 device that Google -, and 6 GB of RAM. This way, you'll have no problems opening multiple apps at once.

In the photo section you will also share features with the other novelty of Google. That is, it has a dual rear camera with a main lens of 12.2 megapixels and an ultra-angular 16 megapixels. On the front, it will mount an 8 megapixel lens, so your selfies will come out perfect. All this is seasoned with the company's software, which is especially useful in the field of post-processing.

Google presents fantastic Pixel 4A logical evolution

For its part, as for the battery, it stays at 3,800 mAh and will offer a quick charge of 18W, which will give you an autonomy of about a day.

Your price? $ 499, a figure that's pretty good for the features it offers.

The only catch is that the Google Pixel 4A 5G will not arrive in Spain, so do not expect to find it in stores in the coming months.

This was Google presents fantastic Pixel 4A logical evolution

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Google Nest Audio: the company's smart speaker boosts sound quality

Google celebrated this Wednesday its 'launch Night in', an event in which it announced the latest product news, among which are the new Pixel phones and various devices for the home.

In this area, the technologist has presented its latest update of the smart speaker, Nest Audio. One of its main surprises is that it has increased sound quality by 75%, according to the company.

How did he get it? Thanks to an internal configuration that includes several speakers and microphones. In this way, there is a 75-millimeter bass speaker and a 19-millimeter treble speaker. In addition, it houses 3 long-range microphones, so that the device receives orders better. The ability to turn off and not leak the sound also appears in Nest Audio.

In addition, the speaker adapts the reproduction to the room of the home, its size or obstacles that may be in it. If you have more than one Nest, you can connect all of them and listen to your content simultaneously in multiple rooms.

To integrate all these possibilities inside the speaker, Google has expanded the base of the device by 50%. It measures 124 millimeters and the height of the device is 175 millimeters.

The company has detailed that Nest Audio will be available in 2 colors: chalk white and charcoal black. Also, in terms of design, the outer shell is made mostly of recycled materials.

As it could not be otherwise, the Google Assistant comes already integrated into the speaker. In addition, it comes equipped with a 1.8 GHz A53 processor. Moreover, the accessory is compatible with Android and iOS.

Nest Audio costs 99,99 euros. It can now be booked on the Google website, but will go on sale on October 15.


Copper masks that protect more against COVID - 19 and can be reused up to 50 times

A simple mask has become a gold mine for Chilean SME CoureTex, the only company that manufactures copper masks and has seen its business skyrocket with the coronavirus pandemic as orders from the most affected countries have increased.

"We are 15 employees. Before the coronavirus crisis we sold about 20,000 masks a month, " the company explained in a statement. The increase in demand has been so radical that the company is working with its maximum production capacity: half a million masks a month.

"It was not necessary to increase the number of employees, but we did have to buy new machines," they explain.

At a time when markets are short of protective equipment, CoureTex antibacterial fabric allows masks to be washed and reused.

"It can be washed up to 50 times with any chlorine-free detergent, by hand, like any delicate clothing. Being reusable makes it much more convenient, as disposable masks have to be removed after each use, " they explain.

The SME has been running at full throttle since China ordered 6 million masks in January, as copper is a great protector against coronavirus, and admits that it has to offer its customers much lower amounts than they ask for.

In addition to masks, CoureTex also manufactures other items such as insoles, masks or gloves. The products are certified in Chile by Lictex, in America by Senai and in the European community by Intertek.

The SME has a very particular origin. On the one hand, owners Mauricio and Oscar Silva, followed with anguish the case of the 33 miners trapped in the San Jose mine in 2010. The Miners suffered from fungal infections, something common among the profession, and the Silva thought about creating and marketing a fabric that could protect them in the future, explains Efe.

It was also personal for the family. "It arose out of a family need. A relative of mine died from intrahospital infection, so I wanted to make an antibacterial cloth to prevent this from happening to more people," explains the company's founder.

After acquiring a "patent of invention" in 2018, the owners of the Chilean Couretex assure that they are the only company that manufactures this type of product worldwide.

"Masks were one more of the products we had and since coronavirus is the best-selling. I never imagined that they would be so successful", reflect from the company, that I work for many years on the product until I manage to start marketing it.

The main markets of CoureTex are Brazil, Spain, Mexico, Argentina and Chile. Although the company warns that it is not authorized to disclose the names of its customers, it says that it has sent masks to Andalusia, Barcelona and Lleida.

The SME confirms that Spain is its main customer in Europe: "we have sold approximately 1.2 million masks".

The company recognizes that the price of its masks may be higher than a traditional mask, "but its use is long-term and its level of protection is much higher," they note.

CoureTex sells both wholesale and retail, with a base price of about 5.3 euros per unit in small sales, explains Efe.

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