Read all about "Google Search Engine YouTube augmented reality" or how Google expands the marketing tools of its Search Engine and YouTube with augmented reality and loyalty programs.

Google wants to recover from the effects that Apple's blocking of tracking of third-party applications on iOS had on its advertising business and has released a series of novelties for companies using its marketing tools.

The American company held its Google Live Marketing event on Tuesday, focused on its news for the advertising sector in Google Ads, its transversal tools for all its products such as the Search Engine or YouTube.

Every day more than 1,000 million purchase processes go through Google in which users search for information before getting a new product, as Google has reported in a statement sent to the source.

Google Search Engine YouTube augmented reality

Google Shopping ads receive new capabilities such as search results with a new, visually more attractive design, although now this will only be available in the United States.

The company has also recalled some of the functions that it already showed at its annual Google I / O developer event a few weeks ago and has launched multiple searches in its Search Engine for nearby businesses with products for sale.

Another of the novelties was also announced at Google I/O, as is the case of ARCore's augmented reality tools.

For advertising, this novelty will allow companies to introduce immersive shopping experiences through the smartphone camera and directly from the Google Search Engine.

Discover Google Search Engine YouTube augmented reality tools

In this way, users will be able to use the Google tool to see, for example, how a piece of furniture looks in their home before buying it, although it can be extended to different product sectors such as cosmetics, as spokespeople for the American company have recognized.

Google's advertising tools are completed with the arrival of customer loyalty programs, which from now on can be integrated into Google Ads, although for now only for users in the United States.

YouTube is the other service that, after the Search Engine, receives more advertising news within the Google ecosystem.

The Google Search Engine YouTube augmented reality expansion revealed

From now on, video and application campaigns will also be automatically uploaded to YouTube Shorts, the vertical short videos for mobile section of the Google-owned video platform, which already has four times more views than a year ago and exceeds 30,000 million daily views on average.

Companies that decide to use Shorts for their marketing campaigns will also be able to connect their product feed with their campaigns to facilitate product purchases by users who receive the ads. This is a feature that is gradually spreading around the world, according to Google.

The announcements of new advertising features are completed with an extension of the automation and statistics data functions, both for peak performance campaigns and for the Google Ads statistics page.

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Google Search Engine YouTube augmented reality

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