Google shows updated flight hotel occupancy information to make you travel safer in coronavirus times - After several weeks of testing, Google has officially launched new flight and travel search features to help those who travel during the pandemic by providing them with clear, up-to-date information.

The search giant is always on the order of the day to perfect its system and offer answers tailored to the needs of the millions of internet users who type every day concerns and questions. It's not Turkey snot if you keep in mind that daily, in a single minute there are 4,497,420 Google searches. Now, they have been updated to help people organize trips based on the coronavirus situation.

” Because COVID-19's impact on destinations can vary, it's important to stay up-to-date with the latest travel-related information for places you might want to visit, " Google said. Therefore, the search engine will show travel trends and listings in specific regions that people are looking for. So, if you search for a hotel in a location, Google will show the percentage of hotels available in that region and the percentage of flights operating to that destination.

Google shows updated flight hotel occupancy information

In addition, as restrictions and warnings begin to disappear, information about resuming trips to a specific destination will be added to Google Search. The data is covered by the available information of flights and hotels from Google last week, as explained by the official statement of the technological.

The update also allows people to filter for cancellations and search for hotels that offer free cancellation, thanks to the filters built into the search.

The travel industry has been badly affected during the pandemic, and Google wants to put its grain of sand in order for users to travel safer and show useful information for hotels and airlines. Hotel chains can notify Google and update information about free cancellations and other interesting data for their potential customers in the wake of the outbreak of the pandemic.

End of Google shows updated flight hotel occupancy information

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Santiago Segura's most famous tweets have nothing to do with cinema: its connection to politics and what they say on Twitter about the actor with the most followers in Spain

The return to cinema after confinement has been slow and difficult, with limitations in theaters, as has happened with other social activities that have had to adapt to the new normal, adding fear of contagion and success on streaming platforms.

But there is something that does not change: the box office of Spanish premieres and more if it is Santiago Segura the protagonist. This time has been Father no more than one 2, which has exceeded 2 million euros at the box office.

Spanish Actor, screenwriter, director and film producer— he has also tried as a presenter and dubbing actor -, Santiago Segura is also the Spanish actor with the most followers on Twitter. It adds 3.3 million fans on the social network.

It joined in January 2010 and, to date, is around 54,000 tweets. In Business Insider Spain we analyze what the mentions of Segura on Twitter say and what their timeline hides.

Given that there is an average of 500 million tweets a day and there are 330 million monthly active users, 145 million a day, we can only stay with a small trace of them most of the time.

But enough to know what topics are addressed by users who mention Santiago Segura on Twitter - with methodological notes and collection of tweets at the foot of the article— and, possibly most relevant, what the actor wants to share with his audience.

If you previously consulted the analysis on the mentions of Pablo Iglesias, Second Vice President of the Government, Minister of Social Rights and Agenda 2030 and the politician with the most followers in the current scenario, you will know that, on Twitter, the connections at first sight could be infinite and extremely strange.

Among the highlights of this collection of tweets with mentions of Santiago Segura are the Spanish sports journalist Josep Pedrerol, the Florentine humorist Fernandez-something closer to the sector— and, of course, the official account of the Goya Awards, which Segura has won on 3 occasions: con Perturado (1994), el día de la bestia (1996) and Torrente, El ARMO tonto de la ley (1999).

However, there are also those from the political and economic world who slip between the connections: the economy and Freedom Account, and José María Figaredo, member of the Congress of Deputies of Spain since 2019 for Vox, party that leads Santiago Abascal.

Meanwhile, the actor's original tweet with more interactions appeals to the naivety of the little ones in the house and the same thing it offers its audience: gratitude and respect.

Although the image that comes to mind when you think about the character is a good memory of some of his films, these are not the protagonists of the themes with which most interact those who quote him on Twitter. Most of these relate to policy, law and the problems arising from the current crisis.

And, of course, the Spanish cinema and the famous premiere of Father no more than one 2, which took place last July 29, reaching to raise more than 2 million euros at the box office-460.000 euros in just one day, according to the world—.

This proves that, in addition to communicating his premieres and commenting on his films, Segura bet on the call to social consciousness-especially after having shown that even effective masks 50% effective, would protect against the rebroadcasts of COVID-19—.

It is inevitable to point out that much of Spain wanted a dose of Spanish cinema while looking for creative ways to hold events while maintaining social distance.

However, many other topics —which you can see in the image above— cover from # Alaska and # MarioVaquerizo, to the famous # Sánchezveteya that went viral in mid-April, in full confinement by the pandemic of COVID-19.

When the magnifying glass is then fixed in the profile of Segura, it is understood why he is the most followed actor in Spain on Twitter. "Thank you", "good night" or "followercetes" are some of his most quoted affectionate words.

However, once again, of the tweets collected in this compilation, the most retweeted of his profile (exceeding 53,900 retweets) is another social positioning without Cinema.

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