Google TV service brings Google subscriptions together - Google has introduced Google TV, Google's new service that promises to bring all your services together in one tool.

The platform promises to combine everything you like by simply adding it to your Watchlist, making the contents of any platform stand out in the interface.

As we have seen in the launch night of Google, its operation is as simple as giving a button to save it in the system and it is understood that you will then have to open the corresponding application where that content is hosted.

With this ecosystem, the user will be able to search through hundreds of thousands of movies and series sorted according to their preferences and the best: according to their personal tastes. For the moment, integrated to this service will be Disney plus, Netflix or YouTube, but surely they will be unveiled more slowly.

You can also use your mobile phone to view content, as well as record it for later viewing or use Google Photos as a screen saver. Logically it can also be done through the voice with specific searches on what you want to see and save.

In addition, good news for users with iOS devices, as it will be possible to save your favorite content through any type of devices. Not only through Android, but also with iPhone, iPad or even from your personal computer.

The fun is that it is not restricted to movies or series only, but you can save any item you can think of without any problems and switch the screen of your phone to the TV with Chromecast practically immediately.

Google TV service brings Google subscriptions together

In addition, it will be connected to the digital assistant, as well as to Google Nest, so you can see what happens outside of your home when they knock on the door.

This is all that Google has presented at its launch night in event:

- Google Nest Audio: the company's smart speaker boosts sound quality
- Google presents the logical evolution of its fantastic Pixel 4A giving it 5G and aesthetic and internal renewal
- Google Chromecast: now you can control your TV remotely with voice assistant
- Google shows its bet for the mid-range with the Pixel 5: a 5G at a very modest price

End of Google TV service brings Google subscriptions together

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Thair Airways ' emerging revenue-generating plan: courses to learn how to fly an Airbus or a Boeing in their pilot-only simulators

Between flights to nowhere, planes converted into restaurants and the sale of wines and pajamas, airline managers are squeezing their ideas to scratch revenue from the air lock that caused the coronavirus.

Among these ideas now comes the proposal of Thai Airways, which opens the doors of its flight simulators so that anyone, whether an experienced pilot or a simple amateur, can feel the feeling of being in command of one of the large commercial aircraft of Airbus or Boeing.

According to the Thai airline, the Thai Simulator Experience Program offers the opportunity to fly the largest aircraft on the market.

Thus, one can feel the sensation of taking off, flying and landing on the gigantic A380-800 or B747-400, on the quad-engines A340-500 and -600, on the wide fuselage models A330-300 and -600, B777-200 and -300, and on the single-aisle B737-400.

Of course Thai Airways promotes this experience as a unique opportunity. And surely it is, because never before have these devices been open to the public.

"The A380 simulator is a masterpiece of technology. Its interior perfectly mimics all the systems and controls found in this aircraft, while hydraulic systems create all kinds of movements that recreate the feeling of flying” " the Thai company says on its website.

In other words, here you are not comfortably on the couch with the Playstation: the cockpit of the cabin is reproduced down to the last detail, and the simulator moves as if you were facing a turbulence or cross winds when taking off.

The flights in the simulator are performed with airline coaches, and the options are for all audiences: there are programs adapted for licensed pilots, fans of airplanes or for people who have never touched an airplane control but who do not know what to do in their free time.

The rates to live this experience range from 470 euros for half an hour to 1,380 euros for an hour and a half.

This proposal is one of those that Thai Airways launched to alleviate its large debt, which reaches 6.700 million euros.

A few weeks ago he transformed part of his facilities at Bangkok airport into a restaurant decorated with tourist and business class seats, where the same meals were served on board his flights.

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