The silent war that will mark the future of streaming: HBOMax joins NetFlix rejected ads subscription model - The cheaper ad version of HBOMax is starting to take shape. Warner Media had already stated its intention to offer a second route of contracting the platform, at a more affordable price with advertising, when it introduced HBOMax, although it clarified that it would arrive in a second phase of expansion, scheduled for 2021.

According to Variety, the company has already begun to poll consumers in the United States, through a survey whose questions offer some clues about the integration of advertising within the content they now offer. According to it, one could expect a lower advertising load than that of its competition (less than two minutes of advertising per hour of programming, a figure much less than the five minutes of Peacock or the nine that Hulu can serve). In addition, there are indications that certain spaces will not feature ads.

Since HBO, as the article explains, has closed agreements that commit cable and satellite operators to keep their programming without ads for a window of time, it is logical to think that the same logic applies. HBOMax Originals would not, in principle, have such a restriction.

The relationship between streaming and advertising has led to different distribution models. Youtube and the catch up platforms of commercial channels are the paradigmatic example of fvod (Free Video On demand), whose monetization is based on advertising. The SVOD model (video on demand in subscription model), with Netflix as its flagship, takes the viewer's rejection of advertising as a basis, and the conviction that success in attracting customers and their retention depends on removing it from the equation.

Many claim that the Netflix model is unsustainable and that, in the medium term, it will need to incorporate ads. But if you consider that the online advertising market is monopolized by three large corporations (Google, Facebook and Amazon) that have spent years collecting and mining data from their users, it is easy to understand why Reed Hastings has always discarded this option flat. “In the long run, there is no easy money there” " he said in a recent interview.

HBOMax joins NetFlix rejected ads subscription model

Hulu was the empirical demonstration that the subscription and advertising tandem (AVOD, acronym for advertising video on demand) could work. It was born as a catch up platform for the American Big Three (CBS, ABC and NBC) in open and with advertising (fvod). In 2010 he turned to the subscription model but, unlike the standard in his environment, decided to keep advertising, with a monthly fee of$ 5.99 and a version without more expensive advertising ($11.99). The firm belief that ads are tolerated and more effective when there is balance has worked well for the platform, which currently has more than 30 million subscribers in the United States (70% of which are from its version with advertising, according to 2019 data).

In a context saturated with competition and economic uncertainty, faith in advertising begins to be seen as one of the possible natural evolutions of over the top television. Not only is it suitable for companies with interests in traditional and digital media, which can offer cross-platform advertising packages and develop more refined models of advanced TV. Advertisers are also interested in having more alternatives to invest the money, especially in a context where linear television is no longer able to concentrate audiences of yesteryear and on demand is growing at an accelerated rate. Suffice it to say: according to MoffetNathanson, AVOD's profits could exceed $ 14 billion in 2024 (compared to $ 3 billion in 2019).

For many companies, the long-term dynamics of streaming will be based on both subscription and advertising. Knowing (and monitoring) user behavior opens the door to innovative, interactive and less uncomfortable advertising. Increasingly relevant and effective advertising. And more benefits.

A naturally integrated advertising within a type of streaming platforms that increasingly resemble the old TV.

End of HBOMax joins NetFlix rejected ads subscription model

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The Canon PIXMA is available in three colors: white, red and black.

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The HP DeskJet series is one of the company's best-known sagas, as far as printers are concerned. The printing speed is very similar to that of Canon, specifically, it is able to print 7 sheets per minute and 5 in color.

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The economical Epson multifunction printer will allow you to print at a resolution of 5,760 x 1,440 pixels, yes, the print speed is 8 sheets per minute in black and white and 4 in color.

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