Huawei renews laptops smartwatch headphones catalogue, with a clear alternative to the AirPods Pro - Huawei is celebrating its Developer Conference 2020, an event with multiple sessions and virtual conferences in which the technology firm has announced its latest releases and novelties.

Among those announcements, the company has unveiled that its mobile and devices will integrate its own operating system, HarmonyOS, from next year, in 2021.

In addition, the brand has taken the opportunity to show its product updates: a total of 6 devices that will go on sale between September and October. These are 2 models of wireless headsets, 2 smart watches and 2 laptops. We tell you its features, prices and launch dates.

FreeBuds Pro

Huawei has opted for a cubic design, as the company has called it, since the end of its wireless headsets presents this shape, while, the headset that is placed in the ear has a rounded shape. Also, the FreeBuds Pro comes with 3 silicone gums adaptable to the size of each ear. They are available in 3 colors: black (carbon black), white (ceramic white) or silver (silver frost).

Moreover, these headphones have active sound cancellation and, specifically, an option to isolate wind noise. FreeBuds Pro can connect to 2 devices at once: to switch from one to the other you just have to touch the side of the wireless ones with a finger.

Huawei renews laptops smartwatch headphones catalogue

Its autonomy ranges from 4.5 hours to 30 hours, depending on its use and, above all, if the sound cancellation is enabled, which will consume more battery. Its price is 199 euros and will be available in October, although the specific date has not been detailed.

FreeLace Pro

FreeLace Pro are wireless with a cable that connects both ends. They have sound cancellation and improved technology for calls, with artificial intelligence that recognizes the voice and makes it clearer, as detailed by Huawei. They will come in 3 colors: white, gray and blue.

They have a autonomy of 24 hours and with only 5 minutes of charge are enabled 5 hours of use. Its price is 119 euros and will be available from this month.

Watch GT 2 Pro

Warch GT 2 Pro comes in 2 versions: sporty and classic. This smart watch features 100 Sport modes, Health Options, sleep monitoring and notifications, among other options.

The smartwatch connects to the mobile, bringing quite interesting possibilities. For example, you can send a picture from the terminal screen to the Watch screen with just one gesture or charge the battery of the bracelet with the mobile phone.

The sports version costs 329 euros and the classic 349.

Watch FIT

This smartwatch has a 1.64-inch screen and occupies 70% of the watch surface. It weighs 34 grams.

It comes with 96 sports modes, stress monitoring or pulsations, among other functions. It has an autonomy of 10 days. Its price is 129 euros and will go on sale this month.

MateBook X

The MateBook X has a 13-inch touch screen, which occupies 90% of the laptop body. Its surface is smaller than that of a DIN A4 sheet, according to Huawei. When closed it has a thickness of 16.6 millimeters and weighs 1 kilogram. The power button integrates fingerprint reader.

It comes equipped with the tenth generation of Intel processors. It is also multitasking. In other words, you can take your mobile screen to the far left of your computer screen and interact with each other, share files or share tasks.

It is the first laptop of the brand that has Wi-Fi 6, as the company has detailed. It will be available in 4 colors (white, green, blue and pink) in October at a price of 1,599 or 1,799 euros, depending on its capacity

MateBook 14

The MateBook 14 bears in its name the number of inches of the screen: 14. You will not find the camera on the front, as it is displayed by one of the keys. It is 15.9 millimeters thick and weighs 1.49 kilograms.

Its autonomy is 10 hours. It has multitasking, so it will allow you mobile-computer interaction. Its starting price is 849 euros, up to 1,049, depending on its capacity. It will be available in October.

Huawei renews laptops smartwatch headphones catalogue

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